~As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~Chapter Five~

I continue to scowl at Koda as we walk in a direction I assume is towards our destination. How could he do this to his company? How can he follow a scribble on a peice of paper? It’s putting everyone in danger! He looks so embarressed that I amost feel bad. Almost being the key word. I stare at the map more intensly with each step that soon my eyes hurt from looking so hard. Koda places a hand on my shoulder. I whip around.

“What?” I ask almost too harshly. He winces and again I almost feel bad. Almost.

“Look. I know you think I’m an idiot-” I cut him off.

“I don’t think your an idiot but I do think that your naive and slightly desperate but…” I trail off.

“Ok but please don’t be mad, we need to work together.” He pauses and licks his chapped lips, “I think you know that.”

“I’m not mad either,” He gives me a look that tells me that I’m not convicing. “I’m just trying to figure things out.”

“Can I help?” He licks his lips again.

“Fine, and stop licking you lips it just makes them more chapped.” I give him the map and he traces his finger along one of the lines.

“I think we need to go in this direction.” He points North, I nod. We change our direction and soon stop to rest. I know that since we will be walking through the night that we will be needing to take frequet stops.

“What are we even trying to find?” I ask Koda. He looks at me with his dark eyes and his lips almost go into a smile. It makes me itch with curiostiy.

“It’s a rebel camp, for the Foxes.” His eyes almost dance and I don’t understand why. “They have food and clothes for refugees and then we can help take down the government.”

“Oh.” I realize why his eyes dance. He’s excited to take down the government and to be some sort of a hero. I’ve seen this is almost every boy at the training camp when I was preparing for war. I guess Koda isn’t much different from all those other boys. But something whispers in the back of my mind, telling me that Koda is very different from all those other boys. “Well I can see why we’re trying to move so fast.” This is all I can come up with. And I know he’s starting to realize what my problem is with our plan is.

“Why can’t you just trust me?” He mumbles, his eyes no longer dancing.

“Because I’m not a blind hopeful dog begging for srcaps!” I glare at him with furstation.

“Well neither am I.” I huff in disagreement, he looks hurt, “I just have a little bit of hope let in me.”

“Right. Why don’t we just always say the recklessness you are showing is hope.” He buries his head in his hands and then freezes.

“Do you hear that?” I arch my eyebrows.

“Right because I’m going to believe there’s a no-” He claps his hand over my mouth and I stop to listen. He signals everyone to be quiet and finally I hear it. It the sounds of an army. I pull his hand off my mouth. “We need to move.”

“LET’S GO!” Koda screams, his voice shaking. The fears in his dark eyes is overwhelming. I lick my lips and wait as everyone runs past us. I know I have to wait for them, Koda does too. It’s kinda of like a way of saying ‘We will wait for you because you are more vulnerable than us.’ Or maybe it’s just a thing leaders always do. He stares at the horizon and I notice how quiet it is. Except for the racing of my heart, the quiet tromping of our company and the pounding of the army in the backround. There are no other sounds. Everyone runs, but keeps their mouths shut, they know not to scream, even the children. You can see the pure terror in their eyes. I see Livy pass, she’s holding one of the babies, trying to keep it from crying. After everyone has past me and Koda start running, we stay at the back and I keep tripping over things, I just so scared I can barely see straight. Koda grabs my arm as I stumble for the millioth time.

“Just take a couple of deep breaths. You’ll be ok, just breathe.” I take a couple of deep breaths but he doesn’t let go on my hand. He’s squeezing tight and I know he’s just as scared as I am. We run as fast as our swollen feet can carry us but I can hear the army gaining on us. We start to run into the tees and we split up. We stay in small groups of 10 or 15, then the army won’t be able take us out in one blow. But soon we are all in a group again, Koda lets go of my hand so I can run faster. But I stay in the back, making sure the children don’t fall behind. Then I hear the shots. Gun shots. I feel a scream of terror rise in my throat but I shallow it back and keep running. Many other screams rise up throughout the camp. We find a new burst of speed and soon we have no formation whatsoever. We push and shove, trying to out run the men on horse back, but the men still gain. Soon people around me drop, shot by the bullets. The ground is covered with blood because the group is moving so slow. I see people I know drop dead or scream in pain as they fall. The almost puke at the sight of how much blood there is and I look for Livy or Koda who I lost in the horde of people. Then I feel a sharp pain my my leg and I find myself falling amoung the dead and dying. I feel the bullet firmly lodge itself in my thigh. I gasped I realize I’ve been hit too. The pain is overpowering and spots dance before my eyes. I feel something wet under me. Thinking its water I splash some in my mouth. I choke when I feel the thickness of it. It’s blood. I puke right there, all over myself. I’m laying in people’s blood! I want to die, just lay down and die. Running from the goverment is too too much, it’s so exhausting. I know that this is what the government wants me to think this but I don’t care. I quit, I just want to dieSoon the pain is too much and I fee l it takin over my mind. I can’t think about anything else except the bloody hole in my leg. I lay there moaning and screaming until I become unconscious. And I let the blackness overtake me.


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