~Chapter Six~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

So for those who have been reading this from the start you know that I post irregularly so I’ve decided to post every saturday. I might post more often than that but I’m not really sure if I can… I do have a life besides this.

The blackness that I had sunk into was only a little bit better than being awake. There wasn’t pain, which was good but there was this suffocating guilt that was surrounding me. I don’t know why I feel so guilty, maybe because I’m lying in people’s blood but that doesn’t explain why it feels like it’s killing me. Soon I can barely stand how suffocating it is and I force my eyes open. It’s the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. Not the fact that I’m opening my eyes, it’s the fact the sun is staring me right in the face and the other fact that the pain comes rushing to me all at once. I find myself lying face down in bloody mud. I realize I’m not breathing, I wrench my head up, causing immeanse pain that lances from my neck to my leg. I realize that this was why the darkness was suffocating me, I was practicly breathing mud. I wonder how long I was out for, it couldn’t have been that long, otherwise I would died from lack of air. But there is no sign of my company except the dead that lay here, I’m the only sign of life. Therefore time has past, I can only guess how much has past. I force myself to roll over and I instantly regret it. I had rolled over onto my back which is where my bullet wound is, leaving me lying on it. I let out a scream that scares a few birds out of a tree. There is no way I’m ever getting back to my company alive. Unless some strange miracle happens. Which probably will never happen. So I’m on my own. Even though I know I’m going to die I decide to at least try to get back to Koda and Livy and the rest of the company. It’s funny how Koda comes first in my mind, as if he’s more important. I know that he is not any different than the rest, at least that’s what I keep telling myself. Some part of my brain refuses to believe he’s not special in some way. I check my pockets to see if I have any food or anything in my pockets and find a wrinkled peice of paper. I pull it out and unfold it. It’s the map, that one I was so mad at Koda about for. I bet he needs it, I hope he has it memeorized because then we can meet up at the Fox base. I feel a surge of hope inside of my and I smile. It’s a strange thing, to smile, something I haven’t done in a long time. But it also feels good, like a weight I has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s also an ugly smile, I can tell without a refelction, I can feel my lips split and start bleeding and my teeth are probably gross. I stop smiling when I see someone laying face down in the dirt. It’s the mother of those four children, I take a deep intake of breath as a tear trails down my face. Without their mother, those kids won’t survive, the tear trails into my mouth and I realize how thristy I am. I know I need to get to some water and food. And I need to find a way to the Fox camp. I roll back onto my stomach with a couple more groans and gasps of pain, then I start crawling, very slow crawling. I put my arm out as far as I can, then I pull myself forward. I go about four inches every thirty seconds. Each time I move it’s like I’m being shot all over again and soon black spots are dancing in front of my eyes. I take a break after a couple minutes and check my progress, I’ve moved about a foot. I realize I’ll need to plan this out, and clean this wound. Which I’ll be able to do when I get water. For now I need to get thicker clothes on, I know where to get them but… I really don’t want to do this. I crawl over to the first body and start gagging almost the second I saw the face. I had seen this man before but I didn’t know him all that well, this was a good thing. I try to hold down the small amount of food I still had in my sromach as I take the man’s hat off. My hand shake as I pull off his muddy coat too. Then I put the hat on my matted hair and the coat over my skinny frame as much as I can without causing any pain to errupt. I realize the amount of burises and cuts I have, as if someone had stepped all over me. I bet the Dogs trampled me once they had shot me down, getting ready to kill the others. I take a couple other articles of clothing off the other corpses and soon I’m bundled up to the point where I’m going to start sweating. But I’m going to need these during the night if it gets cold. I start crawling again, north again, with a sense of purpose this time. I feel like screaming everytime my body moves but I only scream every few minutes, I do grunt and groan a lot. Soon the sun starts to set and I feel the tempature quickly dropping. I shiver as I pull my self through the mud, inch by inch. I finally stop and let myself rest. I try to prop myself to sitting poisition but it’s still too painful. I lay down and close my eyes, letting them close for only a second. Then a sounds makes them pop right back open. It’s a rustling noise, like someone walking through the bushes. My mind immeaditly goes to Koda, he came back for me! Then I curse myself for such a thought, it’s probably a snake I’ll have to kill. But I’m wrong, I’m very wrong. A figure steps out of the bushes, not a human figure. Maybe a dog or something like that. It has to be a wild dog because it starts gowling and it looks mangy in the dim light. It starts coming towards me and I start panicing. The dog-like creature is going to rip me to shreds.


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