Chapter Seven~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

For a second I just sit and stare at the dog. It’s so big and it’s teeth glint in the faint moonlight. It snarls again and that snaps me out of my thoughts. I shift myself back into a sitting position, pain shooting up my leg making my grit my teeth. I scream at the dog, it doesn’t back down. I throw things at it, whatever I can get my hands on. Rocks, sticks, mud. A couple times they hit their mark and the dog yelps. It’s a sad pitiful sound, almost how I sounded when I let out a cry of pain. I harden my resolve and throw again, it hits the dog square in the middle of the eyes. It lets out another yelp, this one more pathetic, I stop thowing. The dog comes closer and I watch it wairily, rock in hand. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness and I can see the dog’s fur. It’s a brownish color with black spots and white discolorings, well that’s what it looks like underneath all the mud.  It’s eyes are brown, a milky brown. Not as pretty as Koda’s though. I stiffen, Koda… The second I think that name, a dreadful feeling surges through my whole body. It’s worse than the pain from my bullet wound. I look at the dog as the feeling hits me. I need a friend. The dog slowly steps towards me and when I don’t try to strike it, it walks closer.

“Hey pretty thing…” I whisper, I’m such a liar, this dog is pretty ugly. It whines in response. I reach to stroke it’s pointed ears, it whimpers. I feel the soft fur under my fingers, it’s strangly soothing. The dog creeps closer and nuzzles it’s head against my hand. It wags it’s huge tail. I reach to stroke it’s neck and find a thick rope tied to it. It’s a collar. I work to pull it’s of it’s head. It looks uncomfrontable. When it’s finally off I look at it in the faint moon light, I can’t read anything on it but I keep it, in case I need it. I start to crawl again, I don’t feel like sleeping. And besides, if the Dogs (the soldiers that shot me not real dogs) are looking for anyone, they most likely won’t find me in the dark. I start crawling again, I realize it’s a mistake. I let out a blood crudling scream, the wound has gotten worse. The dog prances over to me. It’s tongue lolling out it’s mouth. It doesn’t see the pain I’m in. But it sits paitently as I suck in ragged breaths. This will be so much harder than I thought. The dog walks in front of me, I reach out my hand, it backs up a little so that my hand is on it’s neck. An idea strikes me. I slip the collar back on and wrap my fingers around it. The dog starts walking, dragging me with it. It acts as if this is what it was bred to do. It has a strong neck and a strong back, it pulls me through the mud and while it does hurt, it’s better than dragging myself and the dog seems to scare away the darkness for a little.

“You need a name…” I mumble, the dog doesn’t respond, it just keeps pulling. “How bout Zellie?”

Terribly creative, I know. It’s just Zellie was my first friend so in a way it fits, because the dog is my friend. The dog doesn’t seem to like it because she just ignores me and keeps walking.

“Fine.” I pause, “How ’bout Tesla?”

I have no clue where that came from but it sounds pretty cool. It tickles the back of my mind with a memory but I can’t seem to catch it and see what memory it is. The dog turns and cocks her head.

“Tesla?” I murmur again, the dog wags her tail faster. This dog must have been trained be someone to do something and maybe she was a mmilitary dog, one that has killed but… She’s gonna help me to get to Livy and Koda… The same feeling hits me and tears form it my eyes. I curse and wipe them away. “Let’s go Tesla, let’s go find Livy.”

I purposely don’t say Koda, I pretty sure that would be too much for me to bare. I need to start pushing him away, it’s too painful to even think about him. wolf


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