It’s Planted There~ Avenger Fanfic

Ok guys, I have a few words of advice for you. DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE WATCHED BOTH AVENGERS! Otherwise you’ll be really mad at me because there are spoilers. & there will only be one part to this. Enjoy!


The girl rocks herself back and forth. She can’t wrap her mind around everything. Everyone dead. Everyone hurt. Everyone scarred. Everyone ruined. Images flashed through her brain as she rocks. She can’t handle it. It hurts her head. It tears at her mind as if something was eating her from the inside.

“Stabbed. Killed. Burned. Drowned. Crushed. Hung.” She mumbles. She didn’t even know where she was. Too many images going through her brain. Too many ruined lives flashing through her skull. She noctices she was in a plane or something and that maybe someone else is in here. She huddles in a corner mumbling, rocking and unable to deal with it all. “Fell to death. Bleed to death. Shot. Choked. Dead, Dead, DEAD.”

The girl starts screaming, not words anymore, just screams. It was too much to bear. She can’t do it. It is too much.

“Quicksilver.” Then it was sobs and studders. Someone was shaking her. Someone strong. She couldn’t look up. He had died. And she hadn’t done anything about it. “Quicksilver.”

“Hey.” A voice lurched her out of her thoughts. She looked up and almost screamed. A large green man stood awkwardly in front of her, his hand on her shoulder. The voice has sympathy in it. She doesn’t trust him though. She will NEVER trust anyone again. “You ok?”

“No, no, no, no,” She sobs. “Never again. Never again. I’m done with it. I can’t do it!”

“Do what?” The green man looks so uncomfrontable around her. She licks her lips as she struggles to speak, to speak real words, something this green man would understand.

“I- I- I’m done with the horrors of everything… All because Quicksilver is gone… and so many others dead. So many. So many.” She starts rocking again and the green man goes back to the front of the plane. He seems to not know what to say. She recongizes him as the Hulk or by his real name, Bruce Banner. She racks her memories for him. Her voice breacks as she quietly says, “You reacently killed.”

“What?” The Hulk turns from the cockpit, “What do you mean?”

“You killed people. You killed those innocent people in Africa.” Fear races through her and she trys to find more details on him. Her heart rate goes up and sweat breaks out across her skin. “Innocent people!”

“Oh…” He groans and covers his head wuth his hands, “That. I know, I know, I killed innocents. And if I could change that I would. I promise.”

“Promises can be broken.” She scoots back and presses herself against the wall as much as she can. “I know because I’ve broken them.”

“Look. I swear on my team’s life. I would change if I could but.. But I have no control over this monster.” His eyes soften as she looks into them. “What’s your name girl?”

“Leandra.” She whispers. He coccks his head and repeats the name. As he does this she gets up and grabs his neck. He starts to fight back then under her breath she whispers, a few words.

Then she steps back and shrinks back in the corner. At first the Hulk goes to attack her but then he starts to shrink and his skin turns to it’s normal colour.

“What did you do?” Instead of Hulk there is a man. Leandra’s heart stops racing.

“I figured out your scecret.”She nods, “No more killing.”

“How did you know?” He shakes his head as he finds a blanket in the emerency pack and wrap it around himself.

“Talents. That’s all I’m going to say.” Bruce sighs and lays down and he sleeps. Leandra wants to sleep herself but another image flashes through her mind. Quicksilver, lying on the floor, bloody holes all over him. Tears fill her eyes and they fall. She cruls up and crys as she shivers on the metal floor of the jet. After a couple hours she can’t help herself, she falls asleep.

At first her dreams are just repeats of th moment Quicksilver died but soon it was other things. Mostly just memories. The first one wass when they met. She had been six, her blonde hair was a bob and her green eyes still had that light in them. Quicksilver had bumped into her and they had stopped to talk. And then he told her about this experiment he was doing. And she had asked if she could do it to. And he said yes. She was so excited, Leandra went to the place where Quicksilve and the accepted her. Appartenly only Quicksilver, his sister and Leandra had volenteered. It was painful but they said she would be special when she was done. It mostly invovled needles and injections but it was worth it because she felt wanted, something she hadn’t felt since her parents died. SHe and Quicksilver became friends quickly, almost like family, but his sister always kept her distance. They never really got along. The experiment made her able to change forms. She could be any creature she wanted. She still could but she tried not to use her power anymore. When Quicksilver joined Ultron, she didn’t support him but she didn’t protest. He was entitled to his own opinions and that was final. Then he joined the Avengers. She was happy about it and she helped in the backround with those robots. Then Leandra had to watch her almost brother die. Then her dreaming self got stuck on that scene and it replayed in her mind. She jerked awake. Bruce still wasn’t green which was a good sign but he stares at her like she’s mutant. Which she kinda is.

“What?” She asks. He shakes his head as if he’s going crazy.

“You can change into other animals…” He peers at her.

“Um… I guess so… How can you tell?” She didn’t want her screat to be revealed to this stranger but since she knows his deactivation word then she guesses it’s fair.

“You changed in your sleep. You changed into a snake.” He nods. “I guess we both know our eachothers secrets.”

“So I guess we have to trust eachother…” Lenadra is only fourteen yet she has seen too much horror and too much death. SHe pushes the thoughts out of her head and her long blonde hair out of her face. She needed to be brave and she needed to trust the man.

So guys, how did you like it? Good, bad, not all that entertaining? Comment below if you have thoughts on it. What if the Hulk was in that jet with another person? Someone who knew his lulaby? Would he land and kick her out and risk getting tracked by Black Widow or would he keep the person in the plane? 


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