Christmas; The Weridest Part of the Year~ Part Two

Yay! Part two! Hope you guys like it and if you have a suggestions for anything comment below! 

When I wake I realize I’m late. Usually I’m woken up by Josie- who wakes up at four- but not today. It doesn’t really matter, it’s the last day of school. They can’t do much to me. Unless they want to give me more homework. I sigh and lanch myself out of bed. I put on a cleaner hoodie, a black one with Captain America’s shield on it. And slip on a pair of jeans, then I throw my black hair up into a messy bun and grab my backpack. As I run out the door I slip on my shoes.

“Have a good last day of school Holly!” Marissa calls out. I don’t think she realizes I forgot to eat breakfast and I forgot to pack a lunch otherwise she would’ve made me pack one.

“Kay.” I shout. Then I sprint to school. I end up being only 20 minutes late, it could be definitly worse. When I slide into my seat my teacher gives me a pointed back and I give her an innocent smile. Luckily I have all of my homework otherwise I would be in trouble. My teacher give a long lecture on math and whatever and I make it a point to not listen, I hate Math. It sucks. A lot. Anyway by the time class is over, I’m almost asleep so when I get to history I make sure that I do listen. At first it’s just my teacher talking about Christmas and stuff but someone interupts. It’s a girl, she looks about 12, and she looks super nervous.

“Um hi, I’m supposed to be in this class for the second semester. But uh… I wanted to check out the class before the second semester started. Can I join for today? I checked with the principle and stuff.” The girl’s face throws me off. Her blue eyes and black hair and clear skin look really similar to mine. She wears a purple long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans, her hair in a dutch braid.

“Ah yes. I heard you were coming. Everyone say hi to Lily.” I almost start choking when my history teacher says this. Only the guy sitting next to me notices, he smirks at me. Lily is placed right in front of me and I can barely breathe. It’s her I just know it. It’s her. I almost pass out because I’m holding my breath. I let go and it’s really loud. She turns and looks at me with a worried looks. I almost start crying. She really here. I smile a little, to tell her I’m ok and she turns back around. A tears drips onto to my cheek and I curse it and wipe it away. How do I tell her? Do I tell her? No, I can just watch from a distance. I don’t want to freak her out. For a second I wonder why she’s in my class but I don’t really care. SHE’S HERE! When class ends I go to English and then to lunch. At lunch I sit by myself. As usual. But then something different happens. Someone comes to talk to me. It’s that guy, Jason.

“Hey Rupuzel.” He smiles as if we’re sharing an inside joke. I’m not sure if we are or not. I want him to leave me alone. I need to think. Because she’s here.

“Hmm hi.” I try to look busy bit I don’t even have any food to eat while he talks, “Can I help you?”

“Uh no. You just looked lonely,” He shrugs and runs his hair through his tidal wave hair. Not sure how he keeps it that way.

“I don’t get lonely,” I say matter of factly, “I was born to be a loner. So you can leave.”

“Man. You are really rude you know that?” He trys for a smile, I don’t return it, “Anyway I’m going to sit with whether you like it or not because I don’t want to look like a bad friend.”

“We are not friends,” I’m done with this, I start to get up when he grabs my hand.

“How ’bout I buy you lunch and we can be friends?” He looks slightly fustrated.

“Oh yea, cafeteria food, sounds real good.” I start to walk away again and he stops me. Yet again.

“My gosh Rupuzel, I’m trying to be nice to you!” He shakes his head. I try not to smile when calls me Rupuzel again, “Nevermind.”

Then he walks away and I sigh in relief. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Espically him. I search for Lily in the crowd of students and find her sitting with the whole cheer squad. Our school is kinda like those movies where the cheer captain has her army of rich brats and they go around tomenting people. Except you can’t tell any adult because she so nice to them. I watch Lily carefully, averting my eyes when she looks at me, I’m worried what the cheer captain will do to her. I think the cheer captain’s name is Alex or something like that. I’m pulled out my thoughts when something clatters on the table. I whip my head around to see Jason with a tray of food.

“Really? Why?” I twists my features into a scowl.

“I’m not going to tell you but you can thank me by telling my why that girl interests you so much.” He gets a look in his eyes that tells me that there’s something more to this bargain. My stomach growls.

“Fine. Hand over the meatloaf,” I pick through the meat loaf, trying to avoid the ketchup. I hate ketchup. I try to eat slowly but I’m practicly starving. I finish it and look up. I glance at Lily, checking on her, it doesn’t look like Alex has done any harm yet.

“So?” Jason looks at me.

“Um, the girl’s my look alike that’s why I’m so interested.” I nod and try to look convicing.

“When are you going to stop lying?” And there is the feared answer of all liars.

“Ok look. I’m a foster kid and I had a sister but I thought died and that might be her.” I say this quickly and my voice doesn’t crack the whole time. I’m slightly proud of this.

“Wow. Good job. Wanna tell me your real name?” He’s pushing it and he knows it, “And why don’t you say hi?”

“I don’t wanna look like a creep.” I give him my best ‘duh’ voice, “And my real name’s Holly.”

“You won’t look like a creep. Go say hi!” He looks slightly bugged, “Cool name.”

“No. She probably doesn’t need to know she’s related to me. I know I wouldn’t want to know.” Then there’s this awkward silence and I go back to eating the pudding that came with the meatloaf. It’s vanilla, I’d rather it be choclate. I watch Lily, she’s talking, smiling and making friends. Something I was pretty much unable to do ever, much less the first day of school. Suddenly there’s a group of guys at the table, that’s not what bugs me. It’s the way they’re acting, a way I’ve seen this acted out before. I slowly get up from the table and walk in that direction. I try to look casual but I watch their every move. They talking to Lily, not very nicely. She looks confused. Then they start making fun of her or something and ALex joins in. Lily looks like she’s gonna cry and I have no clue what they did to her. I approach the table and Alex cocks her head at me.

“Can I help you Rupuzel?” I wonder how she’s knows that name, maybe I used that lie with her before.

“Yea, leave the kid alone,” I nod to Lily. I don’t think she’s ready for all the crap she gonna get at a high school. I’m trying to act like I really don’t care but my blood is boiling, even after all these years I’m still over protective.

“Why do you care?” She smirk, her blonde hair has brown tips and it almost looks like her hair is decaying, “Last I checked you didn’t care about anything.”

“Well you might want to go check again because your acting like a lot of things that I’m not going to say because I would probably get expelled or something and it bugs the heck out of me.” Jason has followed up behind (not sure why) and he looks at me funny, I ignore it.

“Just mind your own business. You can’t do anything bout anyway so just go away.”

“Well I can.” I don’t know what I’m doing, my mind has pretty much turned off and I’m going off insict or something like that.

“What can you do?” She looks so snooty I want to punch her, which I probably will but she needs to make the first move so that if a teacher sees us then I can say it’s her fault and that I was defending myself.

“Well come here and I’ll tell you,” She walks up and looks at me, her gray eyes flashing. I start to whisper something in her ear when I throw a punch. Right in the stomach, sadly she was expecting it and blocked it. Alex threw one and I barely dodged it. Then as I was scrambling away she punches me again on the face. Crap. I was not thinking this would get into a huge fist fight. I was thinking more like me slapping her and she submits, like a disney movie. I throw my fist and lands on her shoulder and she yelps. My face is throbbing, that girl knows how to throw a punch.

“A teacher’s coming!” A voice calls out. Everyone stops and I hit Alex one more time, her lip. It should burise very nicely. Lily was the one who called the teacher but I realize there is no teacher coming. Jason had just stood there the whole time and when I turn to him he goves me an apoligetic look.

“Didn’t want to help?” I ask I panting slightly and my face hurts. A lot.

“I can’t hit my ex girlfriend Holly,” He shrugs, “It looked like you have it covered.”

“Ugh, thanks.” I turn to Lily, she looks so childish and stuff that it makes me mad again and I know it was totally worth getting a black eye, “You ok kid?”

“Um yeah… You have a burise on your eye.” Her blue eyes still have that light, the one that I lost so many years ago. I nod, I’m very aware of that but thanks for reminding me again.

“Ok we got two more classes to survive. Let’s do this.” I try to sound confident but I’m starting to go back into my little shell. She nods and I start to walk away.

“Um thanks… what’s your name?” She asks, for once I don’t lie.

“Holly, Holly Bush,” She furrows her brow but I’m long gone, onto the next class.

By the end of the day, I’m so glad that winter break is here. I’m done with all that crap. School is for smart people who are… well smart and responsible and who don’t hate school… I guess?  I open the front door and find Marissa making Christmas cookies. They smell really really really good. I start to grab one and she swats at my hand.

“What happened to your eye, tell me and I’ll give you a cookie.” Why is everything a bargain for food? Her red hair is in some complicated braid which is neat and tidy. No shocker there.

“I bumped into a pole,” I shrug then grab a cookie before she can stop me.

“Well if I get any calls from school I’ll know they’re for you,” The cookie is choclate frosting and vanilla cookie and it has a ton of sprinkles. It tastes better than it smells. I go back to my to my room and plop on the bed and spend sometime doing nothing, it’s wonderful. I get out a pencil and paper and start drawing. It’s a different scene this time. It’s Lily’s face, just her face but she’s 12 this time and she’s wearing her hair down. She looks like a little clone of my. I smile when I finish and I lay on my bed thinking about her and about how much my face hurts. I go to the bathroom and look at it. It’s pretty ugly and no amount of makeup will cover it up. It’s all purple and blue and it make me look pretty creepy. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door and I hear Marissa open it.

“Holly, it’s for you.” I have no idea who it is but if it’s Jason I’m going to punch him. He’s such a stalker. When I get to the door I find someone completely different. It’s Lily.

“Hey Holly, this might sound werid but I think we are siblings…”


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