Part Three~ Christmas; The Weridest Part of the Year

OK guys, here’s part three. Sorry I’ve been a bit busy but I hope you enjoy!

Lily just stands there, awkwardly. And I don’t really do anything about it. I know what she’s expecting me to say, something along the lines, “I’m not your sister!” But I am so this just might get a little more awkward. How did she find my house anyway?

“Come with me, to my room.” I say softly, then I grab her hand and lead her to my room. Josie is off tutoring someone at school or something so we have the room to ourselves, “Why do you think I’m your sister?”

“Well, I’m a foster kid and I had a sister and we look really alike and we have the same last name,” She’s been practicing this speech ever since I beat up Alex.

“I’ve been waiting for you to figure this out since History,” I sigh, “How’s your life been?”

“Well this summer I skipped two grades, that’s why I’m in your class,” Her smile is so big, “And I’ve only had one foster home and I thank God for that everyday.”

“Wait, what?” I lick my lips, “Lily, are you a Christan?”

“Yea, why?” She srcunches her brow. I give an epic sigh and flop on my bed. Why does this happen to me? Couldn’t it have been someone else? don’t I have enough problems? “What’s wrong Holly?”

“You seriously believe someone or something is watching over you?” I scoff, I don’t try to hide my distain. “Really?”

“And you believe the world came into being from nothing?” Her eyes flash and her jaw clenches.

“Yes, because I don’t think someone who is loving and kind would let a little girl be left on the road!” My voice cracks and she notices.

“God was just trying show you something! Then he brought us together and we can share our story so we can bring others to him!” She looks so committed it’s ridiculous. I lived with a foster family once and they were christans. It didn’t end well. I was so against the idea that I offended them. A lot. Enough so that they kicked me out. Ever since then I haven’t been a fan of religion.

“You really think that don’t you?”I want to just curl up and cry. I finally found my long lost sister and she’s so blind that she can’t see the truth.

“Yes I do. And you know what? I don’t care if you don’t!” She pinches the brigde of her nose and starts to walk away, “See you after break.”

“Lily- Wait!” I start to get up but she’s already gone, “Holly, you are the biggest idiot in the world.” I mutter. I feel tears sting my eyes as I struggle to keep myself together.

“Your right. You are an idiot,” Josie picks the worst times to come home, “Who was that?”

“No one,” I sigh one again, “No one you need to worry about.”

The rest of the day goes pretty uneventfully until I get a call. It’s from Jason. Marissa is a very techy person, therefore I get a phone. But since she’s over protected I’m only supposed to use it in emerency. I’m really bugged, how do these people keep finding me? I pick it up.

“Who is this?” I ask with a monotone voice, “And how did you get my number?”

“Hey it’s Jason.” He voice sounds really werid on the phone, kinda like a girl’s, “I’m magical, that’s how I got your number. And there’s this thing called a phone book.”

“What do you want?” I try to make my voice sound really scary, I have no clue if it’s working.

“Uh wondering if you wanted to come over. I invited a bunch of people and thought you might want to come?” I can almost see him smiling and it’s looks pretty goofey in my mind, “Did you know your voice sounds like a guy’s on the phone?”

“Why would you want me to come? I think that would make you instantly unpopular,” I continue to draw Lily’s face. I’m such a creep, drawing people who hate me, “Thanks for letting me know what my voice sounds like. Your’s sounds like a girl’s.”

“I want you to come. Please.” He sounds really desperate and it’s creeping me out, “Alex will be there. You can beat her up if you want, I’ll even help.”

“Fine. What time?” I glance at the clock that sits on Josie’s yellow desk, it reads 5:30.

“How bout 6:00?” I lick my lips, do I really want to do this?

“Kay.” I’m about to hang up whem Jason adds,

“Where something other than a hoodie.” I twist my lips into a scowl. Do I own anything besides a hoodie? I hang up then walk to my closet. I find a ton of stuff piled everywhere, mostly hooddies. I manage to find a gray, long sleeve cardigan. It reaches past my knee and doesn’t look horrible. And it doesn’t stink. Which is a plus. I find a black tank top to wear under it. It has some words on it but I don’t bother to read it. I don’t even know where  I got these clothes. I find some tan lace up boots and a pair of ripped jeans that actually look cute. Then I brush through my thick black hair and rearrange the ebony cruls a certain way. Then I use a bit of gold eye shadow and mascara and I’m not dissapointed by the end product. I glance at the clock, I have twenty minutes to walk down to Jason’s house. I look up his address and start to walk out the door.

“Dang. You dressed up? Where you going?” Josie asks with a smirk, “Hey mom come here.” I start to protest, Marissa’s going to have a ton of questions, but Marissa already here and she takes my appearence in.

“You look great Holly, where you going?”

“A friend invited me over. It only be for a little.” I almost add that there will be a lot of people there but that detail doesn’t really matter except for the fact that I’m more of a one on one person. Josie has this look that tells me she will grill me with questions later but I ignore her.

“Ok have fun.” She walks back into the kitchen and Josie goes into her room. I burst out the door. Then on foot in front of the other, I start walking to Jason’s house. When I get there it’s way chiller than I thought it would be. I knock on the door and Jason answers.

“Hey.” He’s talking to someone else as he opens the door but when he looks at me he pauses, “Wow.”

“What?” I instantly wonder if the mascara smeared. Probably did, even if I used the water proof kind that’s like cement.

“You look better without a hoodie,” He nods, “Come on in. Alex’s in the living room, in case you care.” Then he winks and it’s weird. I exhale loudly and walk in. There are a lot people here. I want to go into the bathroom and never emerge but… Something compells me to try to be apart of this party. Nothing exciting is really going on. A lot of people dancing. A lot of people laughing and that’s about it. To my surprise I don’t see or smell any alcohol. Jason walks with me, he’s like an annoying little dog looking for scraps.

“You know anyone here?” He aks.

“Nope. Well… Not really.” I shrug, “I know of them.”

“Well it’s time you get to know them.” He links his arm in mine and before I can protest, he’s introducing me to people. There goes any chance of laying low and waiting this out. First he introduces me to this couple. They look slightly cute together, except they look similar enough that they could siblings. That’s kinda werid. Their names are Noel and Charlie. Noel is perky and Charlie loud. They both have dark brown hair that is the same length (short) and they both have brown eyes.

“Nice to meet you Holly!” Noel calls as I walk away.

“That was rude.” Jason mutters, I didn’t really talk to them, just waved. And walked away.

“Was Lily invited?” I mumble. Even if she hates me, it would be nice to see her.

“Um yeah she should be coming, I invited her for you,” He smiles at me, expecting me to smile back. I don’t.

“Is she here?” I absent mindedly play with my hair. It probably starts to get frizzy, I don’t really care. He shakes his head and I sigh. I really should not have come. Then there is a knock on the door. My hopes rise past where I usually let them. It could be Lily. Jason goes up to the door and Lily face appears when he opens it. She looks amazing, wears a white dress and her hair is down and frames her perfect little face. She smiles at Jason and gives me a look. It hurts. A lot. “Hi Lily.”

“Hello Holly.” Her voice is cold.

“Can we talk?” I whisper in her ear.

“Why not?” Her sounds so mad that I want to forgive and move on. But I have talk to her first. We find a corner that’s quiet enough and we stand there for a bit. Just as awkward as eralier today.

“I’m sorry.” I feel tears coming to my eyes and hate myself for it.

“Do you want to make it up to me?” She crosses her arms and I know she’s serious. She gets this look that reminds me of Josie.

“Yes. I really do.” I nod.

“Then you will come to the Christmas service on Christmas at my church and you will keep an open mind about it. I already forgive you but… I need to know you mean it.” It’s a fair trade. But I don’t know if I can afford it. I can try to keep open mind but we’ll see.

“I’ll come.” I nod, “Then we can spend the rest of break getting to know eachother?”

“Ok. Thanks Holly. Please keep an open mind.” She smiles and her eyes shine. I don’t know why but I know my eye shine the same way. Lily goes off to make friends and I’m back to standing by myself. Jason spots me and beckons to his friends to follow him. I do my best to scowl but I’m so happy that it probably looks like I’m constipated.

“Hey you must be Holly. Jason talks about you a lot.” One of guys, a older one who looks like a football player, elbows Jason and Jason rolls his eyes.

“I really don’t talk about you that much.” He bites his lips and it makes me wonder… I push the thought away, it’s a stupid thought. “Anyway, this is Chris, Hunter and Aron.”

“Hi, I think I’m gonna go Jason,” I search for an excuse, “I have a lot to do at home.” Not a good one I know, my mind’s racing from Lily’s talk and I’m really tried.

“Oh, are you sure?” Jason looks more than slightly dissapointed and I don’t know why, he has other friends. “Stay just a little longer?”

“No. I have to go.” I wave goodbye to the other guys and walk to the door.

“I’ll see ya later Holly.” He waves and I nod. Then I walk home. It’s a quiet walk and I get a little chilly. I’m definitly going to keep to my hoodies. I walk in quietly and find Josie already asleep in my room. It’s only 8:30. I smirk to myself and open my notebook. Then I groan. I need to figure out Lily’s number so I can asked her which church she goes to. And I doubt Marissa will be excited that I’m skipping apart of Christmas to be with my friends (that’s what it’ll look like to her). I basically just sketch random things until I’m going to collapse. It’s now 1:30. Not sure how that happened but whatever. I pass out of my bed and I’m ready to enjoy my winter break.


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