Chapter 8~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

Hey guys! Can you believe we’re almost at part 10? Anyway, I hope you like it!

By morning I was in brighter spirits, Tesla was good company and she helped me find a stream. It felt good to clean my face and I know I needed to clean my gun wound but I’m worried about the pain, it would not be good to pass out in water. But I start to undress so I can get to the wound. I grit my teeth everytime I move, the bullet needs to come out, I just don’t know how to get it out. I massage the area around the wound, washing away the dried blood. Even touching it brings stars dancing before my eyes. After I wash it I redress and wonder what to do next. I’m going to need food soon, my stomach has been growling all night and it keeps cramping. I’m stroking Tesla’s furry ears, wondering what to do, when she bolts off into a thicket.

“Tesla!” I yell, I can’t go after her and I don’t want her to leave. As I wait I jingle her collar in my hand, I look down and read the label on the tag. It reads;

 Number; Dog 134  

Job;Corpse Clearer

 Breed; German shepard\coyote\unknown

Tesla comes bounding up, tail wagging and a rabbit dangling out of her mouth.

“I thought you ran off and you weren’t coming back!” I laugh at her, a bit relieved. I ponder her tag. If she’s a corpse clearer that explains why she can pull me with ease. But if she works for the Dogs, does that mean they’ll be looking for her? I hope not. I slip her collar back on and she stands in front of me and her tails wags expectantly. I grab her collar and she starts to drag me again. It still hurts but it’s not a as painful as dragging myself. Tesla dosen’t seem to get tried quickly and soon it’s afternoon. The sun is getting weaker and weaker with each day and wind starts to picks up. I shiver, even with all my coats on. I talk to Tesla and my mind tells me I’m crazy. I just need someone to talk to or I’ll go mad. And the only living thing here is Tesla. I start to slip into sleep and I shake myself awake. I take a break and prop myself against a rock. I let myself dose while Tesla does whatever she does. Then I hear something that rises terror in my mind. Horses hooves, Army men. I look around with Tesla, she’s not here. I start dragging myself and I let out yelps of pain as I try to slither away. I’m going too slow, I’m going to be found by the Dogs. I glance behind me and see a large gray horse galloping towards me, the rider has spotted me. I try to see the rider but they’re  crounching low to the horse and I can only see a ratty coat. I furrow my brow as I struggle to keep moving. Why would one of the Dogs’ horsemen be in rags? Usually they were treated with armidration and respect. They always has nice clothes and good food. Sometimes even good living quaters. I shake it out of my thoughts and I realize I’ve only moved a few feet from the rock. I feel tears dam behind my eyes and the try to blink them away. Soon the horse and the rider is practically on top of me. To my suprise the rider doesn’t shoot. I don’t understand why not? I’m obviously not a soldier. Why doesn’t he shoot. Instead the rider stops his horse and slides off. My breath catches as the rider walks toward me. The second I see his face I feel a surge of guilt. Why am I guilty? I push the feeling away, it’s not important. He is the most handsome thing I’ve ever seen. His greens eyes are so intense it takes my breath away and his blonde hair is short and every hair is in place but it doesn’t look like he put anything on it. His skin is fair and clean. His lips are in an almost smile as if something’s funny. He approaches me carefully, taking in my awful sight. I must be the ugliest thing he’s ever seen. Something like a troll.

“Who are you?” He asks. His voice is soft and nice to hear. I instantly want him to talk more.

“Poppy. My name is Poppy.” My voice is hoarse and ugly. I feel self conscious.

“That’s a nice name.” Then he cocks his head, with that funny smile, “I won’t hurt you don’t worry. Although it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to do much if I tried to…”

“What is your name?” I ask quickly, I don’t like him pointing out how vulerable I am.

“Ah, I guess that’s an improtant detail, my name is, Chase.” His werid little smaller grows a bit larger.

“Chase?” I murmur.

“Yes Chase. It means huntsman you know?” He sits down nest to me and plays with some dead leaves on the floor. I wonder where Tesla is, maybe she’s hunting? But she’s been gone for a long time… I silently send a message for her to come back.

“I didn’t,” My mind suddenly shakes itself out of it’s thoughts of his beauty and I suddenly became wary of this boy.

“I’m sorry, how rude.” His smile dissappears and he shakes his head, “There are much more important things to attend to. What happened to you?”

“I was shot by…” I pause, should I tell him? “The Dogs as they are commonly known.”

“Ah of course.” His little smile is starting to bug me. “Well then I guess I better help you. Right?”

“That would be helpful, yes.” I pause, “Do you by any chance, know how to remove a bullet from flesh?”

“Why yes, I’m an expert in removing bullets.” He winks and that terrifies me.

“Nevermind,” I shake my head and give a very fake smile. “I’ll figure it out.”

“Don’t worry I know what I’m doing.” He gives me a reassuirng look. “I’ve done it before.”

“Do you need supplies for it?” I ask, my terror slowly dipersing. Why is it so easy to trust him?

“I have everything I need but thank you.” His smile grows genunine and I suddenly feel comfrontable. I trust him. “Ok lay down on your stomach and don’t move otherwise you will feel the worst pain you’ve ever felt in your life. Well, even if you don’t move, this is going to hurt. A lot”


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