Chapter 12~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

When Chase gets me up on his horse it’s amazing. I feel like I’m flying. Chase makes the horse kneel and helps me get on. His so strong but he’s gentle and I feel safe when he’s steading me on Champ. The horse is so powful yet so careful, like Chase. The saddle is a little small for the both of us but we manage to fit, Chase in front and me in the back. I squeeze in middle and he turns his head.

“Scared?” He says with that small smile that makes him look like he thinks that everything’s funny.

“A little,” I whisper with a shrug. “The only experience that I’ve had with a horse is when the Dogs were chasing me down.”

“Well then you have a perfectly good reason.” He urges Champ on with a squeeze of his legs and the horse starts walking. I take a sharp intake of breath then call Tesla to start walking. We’ve eaten the rabbit and it tasted wonderful, then Chase covered up our tracks just in case and we started off. I washed the blood off Tesla’s mouth and she looks less threatning without.

“How did Tesla attack you Chase?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I kinda was just getting water to clean off my hands of your blood and stuff and she jumped out of the bushes and attacked me. She chased off Champ and went straight for me face,” He gives Tesla a small glare then shakes his head as if clearing his mind of it. I can’t help but feeling a pang of pity for Chase’s face, it’s ruined. Because of Tesla and I. I hope it doesn’t scar too bad, but I know it will. “So how did you get here?”
“What?” I shake myself out of my thoughts.

“Where did you come from? Why are you out here, by yourself?”

“Turn a little to the right,” I instruct him with another glance at the map. Chase has agreed to take me to the Fox’s camp and then he’ll be on his way. I’m slightly depressed that he’ll be leaving but at least that’s a little ways away. I tell Chase about how I was drafted to fight and I told him about Koda’s group but I don’t mention Koda. And I tell him about getting shot. I even tell him about Zellie. As we’re talking I tune everything out, not letting my voice waver. I don’t want him to think me weak, even if he already does. Suddenly I feel something wet on my nose. I look up and fear races through me, snow. There’s snow! “Oh no…”

“What?” He turns to look at me and I’m about to jump of Champ but then a sharp pain reminds me of my leg, I grit my teeth and I come close to crying.

“There’s snow, we’re gonna freeze.” I shrink under his confused gaze. He doesn’t understand the dangers of snow.

“Hey,” He turns almost fully around and lifts my chin with a finger. “It’ll be fine. We can work it out together.”

“Ok, but snow.” I shake my head and wipe my tears. “Snow is awful.”

“I promise it’ll be fine.” I nod and cling to him as we start moving again. I feel each snowflake and my heart sinks with each one. As we plod one I start to fall asleep and it gets dark. Chase keeps urging Champ one and I fall asleep feeling Chase’s warmth against mine.



Missing Piece~

We are all half solved puzzles

looking for our missing piece.

We lie to ourselves that we have already found it.

But really,

We are still looking.

Looking for that piece.

The piece that will complete us.

And until we see what is

right under our noses,

We will never find that piece.

And what is right in front of our noses is the one who will complete us.


The Everlasting Father.

Chapter 11~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

I lose count of all the sitches that I’ve sewn, each time I perice through Chase’s skin. He winces and I apologize.

“Stop saying sorry.” He mutters, his lips drawn tight in pain.

“Sorry.”I say out of habit. Then I blush a little. I sew and sew until the wounds are closed with sloppy black thread. It was hard to do since I wasn’t able to sit up fully and my hands were shaking really bad.

“Thanks, I’m gonna go look for water and for my horse.” The last part he said with bitterness and it hurt. I think he might still blame me for what Tesla did.

“Ok, bring me back some water to drink?” I ask quietly. He nods. I just sitting there, looking at the map that’ll lead me to Livy. And Koda. All of a sudden that pain comes back, this time more intense, more painful. My heart seems to seize up and I hate it. I shove the map back into my pocket and sit there in silence. I start to fall asleep because Chase is taking so long. A sharp barking wakes me from my dozing. I sit up and look around. Tesla comes bursting through a thicket, a rabbit dangling from her mouth. My hopes rise so high I think they start to fly. Food. On que, my sromach growls. “Come here girl.”

Tesla bounds over and drops the rabbit next to me. My wound is healing, I can almost feel it. It’s still extremely painful to move my leg but it’s a tiny bit better. When Chase returns I’m trying to skin the rabbit with my fingers, it’s not working. He smirks a little. Then winces. It must still be painful to move his face. Now that the blood’s gone, the sitches are more visible. Still just as ugly. He has a cateen full of water and he hands me a knife. He’s full of surviving supplies.

“Where’d you get all this stuff?” I ask, skinning the rabbit as he gathers kindling for a fire. 

“Well, unlike you, I planeed my escape very carefully. And I didn’t rely on dogs to help me out.”

“Look, I probably would be dead if Tesla hadn’t help me so shut up.” I stifle a groan and I shift to a comfrontable position.

“And you would be dead if I hadn’t come along so you can shut up too.” He purses his lips then brightens. “I did find my horse.”

“Where is it?” I ask, that horse could be extremely helpful.

“Didn’t want to bring it anywhere near that dog but if you insist that she’s not evil then I’ll bring my horse over.” He looks at me, waiting for a response.

“Tesla won’t hurt your horse.” I confirm. He gets up and whistles. The white horse comes trotting in, casting a wary eye at Tesla. The horse is tall and it’s saddle is small. I wonder how Chase gets on it.

“Meet my buddy Chamion of Troy, or Champ for short.” He looks so proud for the horse and rightly so. The horse is handsome, just like Chase. Chase takes off the saddle and ties Champ’s reigns to a tree branch. “Now let’s work on this rabbit, I’m straving.” Suddenly I have hope that this will work. All because Chase came and helped.


Chapter 10~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

When I see Chase, I freeze with fear. Then I melt with relief, it’s not as bad as I thought. It’s a bunch of breakage of skin but his mouth and nose aren’t permently damaged. It looks like something attacked him and the pieces to make a clear puzzle when I study Tesla’s bloddy mouth and Chase’s bloody face. She attacked him. She must’ve thought he was dangerous and she attacked his face. Chase keeps wiping the blood from his eyes and he wavers on his feet. Then he slowly sinks to his knees, a look of anger on his face.

“Chase?” I call out, his ears still look intact so I assume he can hear me. His eyes don’t look damaged either, just blood from other wounds trickling into it.

“Poppy?” He pauses, wiping his eyes again, “Is that you? I really can’t see with all this blood pouring into my face.”

“It’s me. What happened, did Tesla attack you?” He feels the floor around him and sits.

“Who? If you mean that bloody dog,” His face contorts with rage, “You named it? What? Did you send it to attack me? Right after I saved your life?”

“What? No! Look I found Tesla yesterday,” Was it really yesterday? It feels like longer, “She’s been helping me get to the Fox camp. I didn’t send her to attack you.”

“The fox camp? Ah great!” He runs his hands through his hair, for some reason he doesn’t seem to be as bothered by blood as I am. “The first pretty girl I see and guess what? She’s a rebel. Just my luck. And the girl’s dog CHASED my horse AWAY!”

“Chase calm down.” I beg, he’s over reaccting. Well he’s not but, I need him to be calm, then we can get through this. Hopefully alive. “Look, let’s get the blood off your face and we’ll close up the wounds and then we’ll talk. I can’t talk to someone who is spurting blood everywhere. Are you working for the Dogs?”

“I’m more like a loner. Make your dog go away and then I’ll take care of this,” He gestures to his face. “I didn’t realize you were so squimish.”

“Ok, Tesla go away.” Tesla doeosn’t really listen she just starts sniffing some bushes then she prances off into a thicket. “Come here Chase.”

“Just keep talking ’cause I still can’t see.” He’s stop trying to wipe the blood away so it’s starting to harden and it’s really gross.

“OK walk like three steps forward and then your’re gonna be right in front of me.” He stumbles a couple times and lands right in front of me, his face almost touching mine.

“Sorry too close,” He does something like a smirk and then flinches. It must hurt when he moves his face. “How we gonna fix me up? You know how to sew?”

“Uh sure?” I pause, “I’m not sewing up your face!”

“You most likely will have to. Don’t worry, I won’t blame you if you can’t fix this handsome face back to what it was. But at least try?” Then he gives me the most handsome smile and my heart skips a beat, then he adds, “At least try? For me?”

“Fine.” I force the words out, even with the blood everywhere, I still can’t believe how handsome he is. Then he fumbles around his pockets until he find what he’s looking for. A black thread and a silver needle. He places them in my shaking hands and gives my hands a gentle squeeze. I take a deep breath and start to sew up Chase’s face.

Chapter Nine~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey guys, pretty great part here. At least I think so. Anyway, prepare for a cliffhanger because it’s coming. And also I’m sorry for not posting Saturday, I was out of town, unable to post.

When Chase blindfolds me I get ready to kill him. He insists that the blindfold will help with the pain. I don’t understand but I can tell he’s telling the truth, or the most part. I lay on my stomach and I hear the clink of metal against metal. I flinch when he tears the hole in my pants slightly larger so he can get to the bullet wound. The sound alone is terrifying.

“Just pretend your somewhere else.” Chase says, then mutters, “Hopefully you’ll pass out from the pain.”

I clench my teeth, waiting for the pain. You would think I was prepared for the pain or that I would at least have an idea but… When he starts doing what ever his doing, my while body starts screaming at me. I scream back at it. It’s the most overwhemling pain I have ever felt. I try to jerk away but Chase holds me down. I scream and scream until something slaps me hard on the face. A hand. It yanks the blindfold off and for a split second I think someone is saving me. Then I see Chase’s green eyes staring at me with a stern look and a touch of pity. He’s not going to ‘save’ me.

“You need to control yourself. You’re acting like a wild animal.” His voice isn’t as soft anymore. It’s gruffer.

“You wouldn’t know what it feels like, you’re cutting into my flesh!” I yell, my voice breaking and higher than usual.

“No, I do know what it’s like because something like this happened to me.” He’s practically growling at me. “So stop screaming and hold still.” I nod and bite my lip. He slides the blindfold back on and I tense every muscle in my body. He goes back to working the bullet out while I suck in deep breaths and pretend I’m somewhere else. When that doesn’t work, I focus on passing out. It takes every ouch of will power that I’v ever had and a little more to not flail and scream. I find myself thinking of Chase, I find myself trying to impress him. I start to tremble from the effort of not fighting back. I’m sweating and black spots take over my vision. But I can still feel the pain. Finally I feel my self start to pass out, the pain lessens until it’s almost nothing. I pass out to the sound of Chase’s muttering and the sound of clinking metal.

When I wake Chase is gone. I start panicking. Then I suck in a few deep breaths and study the wound. The pain is surprisingly less. I don’t know if that’s just mental pain that I’ve been creating or if it’s the fact that the bullet’s gone. Or at least I assume it is. There are a couple rows of neat stitches swen with black thred. Blood covers my whole entire leg and most everything else. I look for Chase, maybe he’s nearby and I can’t see him.

“Chase!” I yell, I hear a rustle next to me. A dog’s nose peeks through the bushes, Tesla. “Tesla? Come here girl.” The dog wags her tail, getting her thick fur caught in the branches, she doesn’t seem to mind. She prances over and sniffs my leg. I haven’t really moved yet, just craned my neck so I could see the wound but everything feels sore and my leg is starting to throb. I look for Chase’s horse, or any sign that he’s still there. Nothing. Strange. Maybe he always does this, charms and saves a damsel in distress and then runs off while they’re sleeping. Maybe not. I don’t know, all I know is I need to get moving, to find Livy. I’ve stop thinking of Koda completely. I grab Tesla’s collar and I notice something. There’s blood coating her muzzle, a thick layer of blood. And another thing, it’s fresh, still wet. That’s when I see a figure stumble out of the bush, his face mangled and bloody. The second I see his green eyes I realize who it is. It’s Chase. And his blood is covering Tesla.

The Finale~ Christmas; The Weridest Holiday of the Year

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I lick my lips as Lily glances at me with an expectant look. I’m sitting in her church, she drove me here, and I’m trying to keep an open mind but it’s not really working. Everytime I actually listen to the Pastor’s sermon, I start accepting the ideas. Not something I want to do. I need to just tune it out. Except I promised Lily and I don’t want to break her trust. So I listen. It’s a sermon on the birth of Jesus, I kinda like the idea of a God who would care as much as to give his only son but, I highly doubt that a God like that would let my parents leave Lily on the side of the road.

Marissa wasn’t super excited for me to go but she gave in after some bribing. (Just more promises not money.) Josie was very well, how do I put it, judgmental? Yeah that sounds right. Anyway she gave me a lot of looks that implied questions that would be asked later on. The two twins didn’t even look at me when I left.

“Holly?” Lily whispers. I turn and give her a quizzical look. “You’re falling asleep.”

“Um… yes I kinda am.” I don’t even try to deny it, I’m tried and I’m trying to tune everything out. (Changed my mind about listening) Therefore I’m falling asleep.

“Don’t be so rude!” She hisses and I sit up straighter in my chair. I watch as the preacher talks, he seems so passionate. It’s werid. Kinda… I wish I could be passionate like that about something. But I’m not soooo yea. I shuffle my feet and tap my fingers on the seat. Why can’t this service end?

When it does end, I feel a little different. As if somethings stirring inside me, I’m starving, I haven’t eaten in a long time. I look at Lily, should I ask about food? Her parents are already bugged with me (they really don’t like my sarcasam) but maybe Lily can sweet talk them or something.

“Are you hungry?” I ask Lily.

“A little, are you?” She answers.

“Starving.” I say matter a factly.

“Ok we’re gonna go home and have Christmas food. You wanna come with?” She waits for answer, I blink. Home cooked food? Of course! Espically if it’s free.

“Yes, free food always tastes amazing.” I give a smile. I feel like it’s fake. 

“Are you sure it’s ok? With your mom and all?” Lily’s foster dad asks. His black mustace wiggles up and down as he talks and it’s rather entertaining.

“Oh yeah, Marissa is fine with anything and everything. She evens lets me bring me thug friends into the house. And the amount of weed that we’ve smoked there has made the house smell like it.” I kinda want to take back the words when I see Lily’s foster mom’s face. She looks like she wants to lock Lily in a closet and not let anyone in, “I’m kidding,” I add quickly.

“Right, of course. Let’s go have lunch.” She looks so nervous I feel slightly bad. Lily just shakes her head at me with the slightest bit of a smile tugging at her lips. When we get to their house I almost let out a surprised gasp. Lily’s house has so many Christmas decorations on it I do even know if thier is a real house under there. When we go inside, it’s not any better. They must’ve raided the walmart of all of their Christmas decorations, Costo also.

“Wow, we only have one Santa blowup and a christmas tree at my place.” I nod as an awkward silence falls into place. “Kay, who’s hungry? Cause I know I am!” I try to break it, we’re still standing in the doorway and the wind blows through the open door. Lily’s mom goes into the kitchen to prepare the food and Lily’s dad goes somewhere up the stairs. Lily leads me to her room. It’s decked out in Christmas stuff too.

“So?” Lily promts.

“So what?” I press a button on one of the snowglobe and a sign pops that reads: Hello from Santa’s Workshop. “Please tell me you don’t believe in Santa!”

“What, no I don’t. Did you like the sermon?” She sighs.

“Um sure?” I shrug, “It was long.”

“Nevermind. Let’s go to the kitchen.” She huffs and I shrug again.

As we sit down at the table the smell hits me. The smell of food. Usually Marissa leaves me to fend for myself for food. She gives me money and I buy food. Not a bad deal but this meal will probably be the best I’ve had in a long time. A turkey is laid in front of me and my mouth starts watering. It’s truly wonderful. There’s a ton of other stuff and I pile my plate as much as I can and thank Lily’s mom like 8,000 times. After I’ve stuffed myself to the point of explosion, I have some more. But that feeling doesn’t go away, it scares me. It’s a feeling of change, big change. It’s also a feeling of contentment and something like a calling. A calling to accept this life that’s whispering to me. Lily’s life. The life of a Christan. Suddenly my defenses drop, as if something broke them down. I start to accept this idea, of a savior. My mind starts to realize how blessed I am. How I have a home, maybe not a dream home but a home. And I’m having a chance at a friend, Jason. And Lily. I’ve found her and she the most amazing sister I could ever have. Maybe a God is watching over me, maybe there is some kind of guardian angel is watching over me. I don’t really know for sure but maybe, maybe if there is. I will accept it. Because my mind is willing to realize it.