Chapter Nine~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey guys, pretty great part here. At least I think so. Anyway, prepare for a cliffhanger because it’s coming. And also I’m sorry for not posting Saturday, I was out of town, unable to post.

When Chase blindfolds me I get ready to kill him. He insists that the blindfold will help with the pain. I don’t understand but I can tell he’s telling the truth, or the most part. I lay on my stomach and I hear the clink of metal against metal. I flinch when he tears the hole in my pants slightly larger so he can get to the bullet wound. The sound alone is terrifying.

“Just pretend your somewhere else.” Chase says, then mutters, “Hopefully you’ll pass out from the pain.”

I clench my teeth, waiting for the pain. You would think I was prepared for the pain or that I would at least have an idea but… When he starts doing what ever his doing, my while body starts screaming at me. I scream back at it. It’s the most overwhemling pain I have ever felt. I try to jerk away but Chase holds me down. I scream and scream until something slaps me hard on the face. A hand. It yanks the blindfold off and for a split second I think someone is saving me. Then I see Chase’s green eyes staring at me with a stern look and a touch of pity. He’s not going to ‘save’ me.

“You need to control yourself. You’re acting like a wild animal.” His voice isn’t as soft anymore. It’s gruffer.

“You wouldn’t know what it feels like, you’re cutting into my flesh!” I yell, my voice breaking and higher than usual.

“No, I do know what it’s like because something like this happened to me.” He’s practically growling at me. “So stop screaming and hold still.” I nod and bite my lip. He slides the blindfold back on and I tense every muscle in my body. He goes back to working the bullet out while I suck in deep breaths and pretend I’m somewhere else. When that doesn’t work, I focus on passing out. It takes every ouch of will power that I’v ever had and a little more to not flail and scream. I find myself thinking of Chase, I find myself trying to impress him. I start to tremble from the effort of not fighting back. I’m sweating and black spots take over my vision. But I can still feel the pain. Finally I feel my self start to pass out, the pain lessens until it’s almost nothing. I pass out to the sound of Chase’s muttering and the sound of clinking metal.

When I wake Chase is gone. I start panicking. Then I suck in a few deep breaths and study the wound. The pain is surprisingly less. I don’t know if that’s just mental pain that I’ve been creating or if it’s the fact that the bullet’s gone. Or at least I assume it is. There are a couple rows of neat stitches swen with black thred. Blood covers my whole entire leg and most everything else. I look for Chase, maybe he’s nearby and I can’t see him.

“Chase!” I yell, I hear a rustle next to me. A dog’s nose peeks through the bushes, Tesla. “Tesla? Come here girl.” The dog wags her tail, getting her thick fur caught in the branches, she doesn’t seem to mind. She prances over and sniffs my leg. I haven’t really moved yet, just craned my neck so I could see the wound but everything feels sore and my leg is starting to throb. I look for Chase’s horse, or any sign that he’s still there. Nothing. Strange. Maybe he always does this, charms and saves a damsel in distress and then runs off while they’re sleeping. Maybe not. I don’t know, all I know is I need to get moving, to find Livy. I’ve stop thinking of Koda completely. I grab Tesla’s collar and I notice something. There’s blood coating her muzzle, a thick layer of blood. And another thing, it’s fresh, still wet. That’s when I see a figure stumble out of the bush, his face mangled and bloody. The second I see his green eyes I realize who it is. It’s Chase. And his blood is covering Tesla.


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