Chapter 10~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

When I see Chase, I freeze with fear. Then I melt with relief, it’s not as bad as I thought. It’s a bunch of breakage of skin but his mouth and nose aren’t permently damaged. It looks like something attacked him and the pieces to make a clear puzzle when I study Tesla’s bloddy mouth and Chase’s bloody face. She attacked him. She must’ve thought he was dangerous and she attacked his face. Chase keeps wiping the blood from his eyes and he wavers on his feet. Then he slowly sinks to his knees, a look of anger on his face.

“Chase?” I call out, his ears still look intact so I assume he can hear me. His eyes don’t look damaged either, just blood from other wounds trickling into it.

“Poppy?” He pauses, wiping his eyes again, “Is that you? I really can’t see with all this blood pouring into my face.”

“It’s me. What happened, did Tesla attack you?” He feels the floor around him and sits.

“Who? If you mean that bloody dog,” His face contorts with rage, “You named it? What? Did you send it to attack me? Right after I saved your life?”

“What? No! Look I found Tesla yesterday,” Was it really yesterday? It feels like longer, “She’s been helping me get to the Fox camp. I didn’t send her to attack you.”

“The fox camp? Ah great!” He runs his hands through his hair, for some reason he doesn’t seem to be as bothered by blood as I am. “The first pretty girl I see and guess what? She’s a rebel. Just my luck. And the girl’s dog CHASED my horse AWAY!”

“Chase calm down.” I beg, he’s over reaccting. Well he’s not but, I need him to be calm, then we can get through this. Hopefully alive. “Look, let’s get the blood off your face and we’ll close up the wounds and then we’ll talk. I can’t talk to someone who is spurting blood everywhere. Are you working for the Dogs?”

“I’m more like a loner. Make your dog go away and then I’ll take care of this,” He gestures to his face. “I didn’t realize you were so squimish.”

“Ok, Tesla go away.” Tesla doeosn’t really listen she just starts sniffing some bushes then she prances off into a thicket. “Come here Chase.”

“Just keep talking ’cause I still can’t see.” He’s stop trying to wipe the blood away so it’s starting to harden and it’s really gross.

“OK walk like three steps forward and then your’re gonna be right in front of me.” He stumbles a couple times and lands right in front of me, his face almost touching mine.

“Sorry too close,” He does something like a smirk and then flinches. It must hurt when he moves his face. “How we gonna fix me up? You know how to sew?”

“Uh sure?” I pause, “I’m not sewing up your face!”

“You most likely will have to. Don’t worry, I won’t blame you if you can’t fix this handsome face back to what it was. But at least try?” Then he gives me the most handsome smile and my heart skips a beat, then he adds, “At least try? For me?”

“Fine.” I force the words out, even with the blood everywhere, I still can’t believe how handsome he is. Then he fumbles around his pockets until he find what he’s looking for. A black thread and a silver needle. He places them in my shaking hands and gives my hands a gentle squeeze. I take a deep breath and start to sew up Chase’s face.


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