Chapter 11~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

I lose count of all the sitches that I’ve sewn, each time I perice through Chase’s skin. He winces and I apologize.

“Stop saying sorry.” He mutters, his lips drawn tight in pain.

“Sorry.”I say out of habit. Then I blush a little. I sew and sew until the wounds are closed with sloppy black thread. It was hard to do since I wasn’t able to sit up fully and my hands were shaking really bad.

“Thanks, I’m gonna go look for water and for my horse.” The last part he said with bitterness and it hurt. I think he might still blame me for what Tesla did.

“Ok, bring me back some water to drink?” I ask quietly. He nods. I just sitting there, looking at the map that’ll lead me to Livy. And Koda. All of a sudden that pain comes back, this time more intense, more painful. My heart seems to seize up and I hate it. I shove the map back into my pocket and sit there in silence. I start to fall asleep because Chase is taking so long. A sharp barking wakes me from my dozing. I sit up and look around. Tesla comes bursting through a thicket, a rabbit dangling from her mouth. My hopes rise so high I think they start to fly. Food. On que, my sromach growls. “Come here girl.”

Tesla bounds over and drops the rabbit next to me. My wound is healing, I can almost feel it. It’s still extremely painful to move my leg but it’s a tiny bit better. When Chase returns I’m trying to skin the rabbit with my fingers, it’s not working. He smirks a little. Then winces. It must still be painful to move his face. Now that the blood’s gone, the sitches are more visible. Still just as ugly. He has a cateen full of water and he hands me a knife. He’s full of surviving supplies.

“Where’d you get all this stuff?” I ask, skinning the rabbit as he gathers kindling for a fire. 

“Well, unlike you, I planeed my escape very carefully. And I didn’t rely on dogs to help me out.”

“Look, I probably would be dead if Tesla hadn’t help me so shut up.” I stifle a groan and I shift to a comfrontable position.

“And you would be dead if I hadn’t come along so you can shut up too.” He purses his lips then brightens. “I did find my horse.”

“Where is it?” I ask, that horse could be extremely helpful.

“Didn’t want to bring it anywhere near that dog but if you insist that she’s not evil then I’ll bring my horse over.” He looks at me, waiting for a response.

“Tesla won’t hurt your horse.” I confirm. He gets up and whistles. The white horse comes trotting in, casting a wary eye at Tesla. The horse is tall and it’s saddle is small. I wonder how Chase gets on it.

“Meet my buddy Chamion of Troy, or Champ for short.” He looks so proud for the horse and rightly so. The horse is handsome, just like Chase. Chase takes off the saddle and ties Champ’s reigns to a tree branch. “Now let’s work on this rabbit, I’m straving.” Suddenly I have hope that this will work. All because Chase came and helped.



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