Chapter 12~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

When Chase gets me up on his horse it’s amazing. I feel like I’m flying. Chase makes the horse kneel and helps me get on. His so strong but he’s gentle and I feel safe when he’s steading me on Champ. The horse is so powful yet so careful, like Chase. The saddle is a little small for the both of us but we manage to fit, Chase in front and me in the back. I squeeze in middle and he turns his head.

“Scared?” He says with that small smile that makes him look like he thinks that everything’s funny.

“A little,” I whisper with a shrug. “The only experience that I’ve had with a horse is when the Dogs were chasing me down.”

“Well then you have a perfectly good reason.” He urges Champ on with a squeeze of his legs and the horse starts walking. I take a sharp intake of breath then call Tesla to start walking. We’ve eaten the rabbit and it tasted wonderful, then Chase covered up our tracks just in case and we started off. I washed the blood off Tesla’s mouth and she looks less threatning without.

“How did Tesla attack you Chase?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I kinda was just getting water to clean off my hands of your blood and stuff and she jumped out of the bushes and attacked me. She chased off Champ and went straight for me face,” He gives Tesla a small glare then shakes his head as if clearing his mind of it. I can’t help but feeling a pang of pity for Chase’s face, it’s ruined. Because of Tesla and I. I hope it doesn’t scar too bad, but I know it will. “So how did you get here?”
“What?” I shake myself out of my thoughts.

“Where did you come from? Why are you out here, by yourself?”

“Turn a little to the right,” I instruct him with another glance at the map. Chase has agreed to take me to the Fox’s camp and then he’ll be on his way. I’m slightly depressed that he’ll be leaving but at least that’s a little ways away. I tell Chase about how I was drafted to fight and I told him about Koda’s group but I don’t mention Koda. And I tell him about getting shot. I even tell him about Zellie. As we’re talking I tune everything out, not letting my voice waver. I don’t want him to think me weak, even if he already does. Suddenly I feel something wet on my nose. I look up and fear races through me, snow. There’s snow! “Oh no…”

“What?” He turns to look at me and I’m about to jump of Champ but then a sharp pain reminds me of my leg, I grit my teeth and I come close to crying.

“There’s snow, we’re gonna freeze.” I shrink under his confused gaze. He doesn’t understand the dangers of snow.

“Hey,” He turns almost fully around and lifts my chin with a finger. “It’ll be fine. We can work it out together.”

“Ok, but snow.” I shake my head and wipe my tears. “Snow is awful.”

“I promise it’ll be fine.” I nod and cling to him as we start moving again. I feel each snowflake and my heart sinks with each one. As we plod one I start to fall asleep and it gets dark. Chase keeps urging Champ one and I fall asleep feeling Chase’s warmth against mine.



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