Chapter 14~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

Chase keeps me on the horse but I want to walk. Even if it would be the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. He moved me to the front and keeps smiling at me. I hate him so much, so, so much! He lied to me. I feel so angry I want to kill him. And I would but I don’t have anything to kill him with. All I can do is stare at Captain Madden’s back and wish I hadn’t been so stupid. I start to shake with anger.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep you warm.” Chase says mockingly as he wraps his arms around me. I shake him off and almost fall off the horse. I clench my teeth and wonder if the horse is evil. Probably not, he’s just a horse. Tesla has obidently walked beside Captain Madden as if he’s her master. It makes me mad.

“Come on Tesla do something.” I mutter under my breath. As if she hears me she looks back at me with a panting mouth. Then, quick as lighting she’s on the back of the Captain’s black horse. She balences with and then attacks. She’s gets on top of the man and grabs his neck in her teeth. He reacts quickly by grabbing her scruff and pulls her off and throws her to the ground. But she manages to do some damage by tearing into his neck as she falls. Blood spills out of his necks as she hits the ground with a thud. She yelps.

“Tesla!” I yell. Chase mutters a couple curse words as he dismounts and rushes to the Captain. Then, as best as I can, I slip off the horse and crawl over to Tesla. She’s gasping for air and starts coughing blood. Her back is twisted in a sickening position and I can almost see the life seeping out of her. Chase is yelling at me and he kicks her. “Stop it!”

“Stop what? This dog just killed my Captain so you can shut you’re pretty little mouth and get back on the horse!” He screams at me and grabs me as if I’m a doll. I commands the horse to kneel and throws me on. I feel tears coming from my eyes. Tesla’s dead or almost dead. And she killed the Captain for me, if only I could figure out how to kill Chase too. “I swear I’m going to find that rebel camp and I’m going to destroy everyone of your filthy friends. But not you, I’m gonna keep you alive. Just barely, just enough to watch all you friends die.”

“What if I kill myself first?” I mutter, tears dripping down my face. “What are you going to do then?”

“Don’t worry. You won’t kill youself. Now come let’s get going darling, we have a date with the some Foxes.” And I know that I will have to sit and watch everyone I’ve every know die. And then Chase will find a way to torture me in a way worse that death.


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