Chapter 15~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

Hai Guys! How you doing? Having a nice weekend, I sure am? Anyway, make yourself at home and enjoy part number 15! Coffee or tea anyone? 

When we stop it’s dark once again and much colder. Chase slides off the horse and grabs my hand with a glint in his eye. I try to yank my hand away but he grabs my wrist. Then he helps me get off the horse. I wish he would at least treat me as a prisoner, not his prize.

“M’lady,” He bows and kisses my hand. I slap him. Hard. Right on his sitches. He’s not expecting it and it catches him off guard. He grunts, his smile disappears, then comes back. It makes my temper roar. I was expecting more of a reaction than this.  “Now, now this is no way to treat a gentleman.”

“You’re right. This is how you treat a gentleman.” I use the same mocking tone he is and I throw my fist at his stomach. He’s expecting it this time and blocks my hand. Then he roughly grabs my face and walks me over to a tree. He throws me against it and my face hits the rough bark. My leg gives way and as I crumble to the floor my face starts to bleed from the bark scratching my face. I need to find a way to escape that doesn’t include using my leg, if one exsists. Chase ties my hands loosley to a tree branch and ties Champ next to me. He doesn’t realize his mistake. Then builds himself a fire and gives me a smile. I sit amidst the snow and shiver as he warms his hands next to the fire. I want to pull out my map to the rebel camp but I know that Chase will try to take it from me. I’m suprised he hasn’t yet.

It takes him a couple hourse but Chase finally falls asleep. I instantly get to work. I work at the ropes that bind my hands, they loosen enough that I can get my hands out. Then I hobble over to Champ.

“C’mon, just kneel, do it for me,” I whisper into the horse’s ears. He doesn’t react, just flicks his ears. “Please?” I glance at Chase who mumbles something in his sleep. I tap the horses flank, hoping maybe that will get him to kneel. He doesn’t. I curse. Then give another look at Chase, still asleep. I give up. I lean on the horse and untie his reigns, once done I hobble along, leading Champ with me. He follows. I lead him until we get to an old stump and I climb on top. Then I struggle on to Champ and sit up, I’m free. I’m out of Chase’s reach. I tap the horse lightly on the sides and he starts walking. Then I check my direction and look for any water Chase has in his saddle bag. I take a sip from the cateen and urge Champ to go faster, Chase will wake up when morning comes and I’ll have to be ready for him. I’m going to outrun him, he doesn’t have a horse any more and he won’t be able to keep up with me since I have a horse. And he won’t be able to find my tracks in the snow.



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