Chapter 16~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

I tap the horse’s sides with my left foot, my right is in too much pain to move. The horse starts quickening and I give him a pat on the neck.

“Keep going Champ.” I whisper, “Keep going boy.”

Suddenly a branch cracks, I jump, so does the horse. And he jumps way more than I do. Right into a gallop. I hold my breath as I grab on to Champion of Troy’s mane and lean as far down as I can. I try to squeeze with my legs but the pain is dizzing, I can’t be dizzy right now. The darkness seems to reach out for me, branches claw at my face and snow that have settled on the trees, falls on top of us.  The horse runs and runs until we’re in a clearing. Then he stops suddenly and I’m thrown forward, gasping for air. But I don’t fall off, thanks to whatever miracle is preformed. When I can breathe again I urge Champ forward. He speeds into a smooth trot, I still hold on for my life. We walk on until the sun comes up. The snow starts to fall again. I reach into the saddle bag that was left on Champ’s saddle and fine some jerky, I eat it hungerly. Then we walk and walk and walk. I check the map evey six seconds and I hope I’m going in the right direction. Darkness starts to fall. I feel my eyes droop and I realize how tried I am. All adreniline that I had is now gone. All of a sudden I can’t stay awake any more and I start to slide. My eyes shut and I feel my body hit the ground. I let out a moan. Then my mind shuts off.

My eyes flicker open, there’s only one word to explain what I’m feeling right now. Infection. I feel feverish and I feel a sweat break out on my forehead, but I’m so cold. So, so cold. I’m about to close my eyes when I see something. A light. A little light in the darkness. I smile and then close my eyes. Hoping it’s not a illusion.snow-preview

I wake up with a gasp. My eyes snap open and I try to sit up. It cause a wave of pain washing over me. My brain’s foggy and as I look around I can’t figure out where I am. It’s brightly light and there’s whispers all around me. I hear a whirring of what sounds like machinery and the bulb hanging right over me flickers every now and then. Suddenly a word balences on my lips. A sweet word that brings a plaesant feeling to my head. I whisper it to myself,

“Koda.” I say it louder, maybe the word will cut through the fog that surrounds my mind. “Koda.” I repeat it frantically. Panic starts to surround me. I try to remember what “Koda” is. I can’t. It’s just a word. I groan and whimper. Then I just repaet that word over and over again, until I sink into a feverish sleep.


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