Chapter 23~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

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We wait in silence. Well, more like I  wait in silence. Koda’s still asleep. If you can call it sleeping. I would call it a drug induced haze. His eyelids occasinally flutter open but they always seem to stare into distance. Foucused on nothing. I still hold Koda’s hand but that alone does not keep the fear out. I whisper things to fill the silence, anything to keep the darkness at bay. Thoughts, dreams, anything. I wait and wait for what seems like an enternity. Finally the door clangs open. Jethen walks in, carrying a couple plates.

“Ok flower. That was your name right?” He’s still smiling, the corners of his mouth upturned in amusment. “How is your bethored?”

“Excuse me?” I’m starting to be done with this boy, he’s so immature and it’s getting to me.

“Geez. I’m only kidding. Lighten up a bit.” He opens the cell door and sets the plates down. “Eat up because I’m not going to be here tomorrow.”

“Why not?” I ask a little too quickly. I start eating, realizing how hungry I am. It’s not much and I save half of it for Koda.

“Super cool stuff.” He raises his eyebrows and I scowl, “Kidding. Again. I’m just busy. You do remember I’m a soldier right?”

“Yes. My memory is not half as bad as yours.” I try not to let it bug me, I need to show him I’m comfrontable. “What was your name again? Julie?”

“I’m so much better at these things than you are. Anyway, I won’t be here tomorrow so do the oniment yourself and I won’t be able to bring food.”

“Why are you helping us?” I ask. “what do you get out of it?”

“Well, while I’d love to tell you my super amazing escape plan but, I can’t tell you. In case you ruin it.” He hands me a couple more capsules of oniment and I hide in a corner. Hopefully out of sight. “But I can tell you this, you will help me escape.”

“Really?” He nods and I ask another question, “Where are you getting all this stuff?”

“You have no idea how easy it is to steal things. A apple here, a steak there and medicine somewhere else.” He closes the cell door and walks to the door. “Now I’m posted right outside the door so if you need anything start whisting ot someting normal.” He smirks again slides out the door. I’m left alone in the dark. I shiver and pace, as much as I can. Finally I sit next to Koda, holding his hand. I stroke his hair and feel the tears come, this time I let them fall. The spatter on the floor. I just let them fall and fall until there’s no more tears to cry. I turn towards Koda and find him staring at me. His big brown eyes so soft and sweet.

“I love you.” He mumbles. His voice usused and rough but still his voice, still caring and quiet.

“Oh gosh.” I say. The tears coming back as I siffle and wipe them away. “I love you too.”

“You know I missed you? I even went abck and looked for but you weren’t there and I thought you died. It was the most apinful thing I’ve ever felt. Even more painful than watching my sister be sent to war. You know that right? You know I love you?”

“I do now.” I smile and continue to cry. Bu these tears are different these are not tears of fear or tears of sadness. They’re tears of happiness, tears of joy.


Chapter 22~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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Jethen. Chase. Brothers? I guess it makes sense but… They are literally the same age… from my guess at least. Koda’s face suddenly turns into distaste. I have a feeling that he’s not so eager to trust Jethen now. Now that he’s realted to Chase. Jethen just stands there, in his slouchy, not caring stance. I wonder how he’s a soldier, soldiers are supposed to be at attention, not sloppy. I back up from the cell door and almost trip over Koda. This cell is too small for pacing… It bugs me. I bite my lip. Koda’s starting to fade out. His face is etched with pain and he keeps blinking as if he can’t see. I need to help him.

“Ok, maybe I’ll trust you but only after you help Koda to get better.” I walk back to the bars and feel the rust. “But you have to help Koda. Ok?”

“Perfect. I went through some medicial training so I know what to do with the cuts but you’re going to have help me since I can’t be here all the time.” He runs his hands through his hair, spiking it perfectly.

“One more question about your brother.” The pain comes back, that haunting pain returns to his face. He doesn’t even try to hide it this time. Then he shurgs.

“Sure, what?”

“Do you know where Chase is?” My voice is firm, solid. I fChase is still out there. I’m in trouble.

“Let me tell something about this army, family doesn’t matter. In any way, shape or form. Last I heard from Chase was when he was six and was sent to war.”

“Right, sorry.” I start to pace again, still doesn’t work. Still not enough room. “What do I need to do?”

“Mmk, I have pain killer that I’ll inject and you pretty much get to do the rest. Ok not really. But you can pretend you saved him. Wait. No, I’m changing my mind. I want all the credit.” He walks over to the cell and with a couple quick movments, he has it open.

“How did you do that?” I ask aloud. I really shoudn’t have, the look on his face tells me. This guy likes attention, I just gave him some.

“This super cool thing called a key.” His grin grows bigger as he shows me a key and slides it into his pocket. I roll my eyes. “Ok, mister. What’s his name again?”

“Koda.” I say, the name now more of a stab in the stomach than a comfornt. What if he dies? Then I’ll be alone. With Jethen. I shudder. I look at Koda, he looks dead. Or nearly dead, blood everywhere, his eyes closed. The only sign of him being alive is the swallow rise and fall of his bloody chest and they way his body stays rigid and tense. Jethen walks into the cell and shoos me away. I take Koda’s hand again as I watch Jethen tear off Koda’s shirt and look at each whip mark.

“Ok, so what I’m gonna do is, give him pain killer, a ton of it, so he won’t feel a thing. And then, I’ll put this fancy oniment that the army has on all the cuts. They only thing you’ll have to do is, reapply. Simple and easy. For you at least.” He takes a couple things out of his pockets, a bottle, syrigne and a bottle of oniment. “Oh and I’m sorry but the cuts will scar. Because we wouldn’t want anyone being prettier than me.” He winks and goes to work. He’s really starting to bug me. I don’t care about the scars, I just want Koda to heal. Jethen inserts the injection and when Koda seems to relax he shows me how to apply the oniment. It’s hard work. And gross. I have to make sure every part is covered and it’s hard to focus when Jethen is talking non-stop. “So I’ll see you two lovers tonight and if I don’t show up, two things probably happened, I either got couaght and hav been killed or I forgot. The second option is probably most likely, so count on it. “

Chapter 24~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I reach down and kiss Koda. My lips touching his. He kisses me back. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment until I hear a noise. The door is opening. I jerk upwards and open my eyes. I scowl when I see who it is.

“Hey, guys. Am I interuppting anything?.” Jethen. Amused even more than now.

“Yes, very much leave.” Koda says. Then he frowns. “I know you.”

“Oh yes and I know the president who started this whole war.” He slups against the wall, looking uncomfrontable. The president, the man who started the whole war, he started abusing his citizens and then he started a war against them. This is why the dumb war is going on.

“No. I swear I do. What did you say your name was again. Julie?” I snort. Jethen frowns. Koda must have overheard me when he was drugged, he must’ve not realized I was joking.

“No,  it’s Jethen.” His blue eyes are narrowed and his hands are running through his blonde hair.

“Wait…” Koda groans, “What was it? Where do I know you from?”

“I don’t know. And I I don’t care.” He starts to leave.

“Solstice.” Koda whispers. Jethen whips around, fury in his eyes. The way Koda says Soltice’s name makes me squirm. He sounds like… Like he loves her.”You were that boy. The one who watched over Solstice for me.”

“Yea, ok I was. Now leave me alone.” Jethen starts to leave again.

“Have you heard from her. I haven’t seen her in so long.” The pain in Koda’s voice makes me mad. Who is this Solsitce girl?

“If I had heard from her do you think I would still be here? No, of course you would, you always thought no one else could care for her. You always thought that I was just being nice. You never thought for a second that I would take care of her. That I loved her. that she was my friend.” The Jethen said these things are as if he was spitting poison. Then he looks at his wrist even though there is no watch there. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Then he’s gone. The door banging behind him.

“Who’s Solstice?” I ask, right after the door slams closed.

“My sister.” Even though Koda’s voice is filled with sadness. I’m relived. Happy almost. “My sister who most likely died.”

I sit in one of the corners of the cell. Sipping on the water that Jethen had brought earlier. I need to figure out an escape plan. Jethen probably knows the insides of this camp but Koda probably knows the way to the camp. I look over at Koda, whose eyes are closed again, his face still filled with pain. I need to figure out why he’s here and if the rest of his group is here. I need to find a way out.

Chapter 21~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

I try to clean Koda’s wounds with water but the screams he lets out make my phiscally ill. He looks at me with pleading eyes. I nod. I take his hand and massage it over and over again, trying to calm him and myself at the same time. I don’t know how to help him, I feel useless. I try to will the tears away, trying not to think. Trying to not give up at the same time.

“Tell me a story.” Koda’s hoarse voice makes me jump, it’s the first noise in a long time.

“About what?” I shake my head. My voice is higher pitched than usual.

“Tell me how you got here.” Then he groans before he bites his tougue to stop.

“Um… Well.” Then I tell him everything, about Tesla, about Chase and Champ and every little thing I can think about. I even tell him about my life before I joined his group, he just closed his eyes and listened. His breaths becoming sharper by the minute, the pain’s getting worse. I don’t know what to do. My own wounds still sting but it’s dull and I can ignore it. My eyes have adjusted to the dark, I can make out most shapes, I can see the awful marks from the whips. I shudder, massaging his hand faster and faster. I haven’t heard anyone else in the other cells so I’m assuming we’re alone. I sit and try not to cry, trying not to give into despair. I rock myself and grip Koda’s hand, tighter and tighter.

A loud sound resounds through the cell. I let out a yelp and turn toward the sound. The door has been opened and someone is stepping through. I recongize him as the male my age, Jethen. I think that’s what his name was. His long reddish blonde hair hangs in his blue eyes. His upper lip is twisted into a smirk, he reminds me of Chase. Same smirk, similar features.

“Geez, are all you guys this stupid?” He says, “You really need to stay quiet if I’m gonna help you out.”

“Help us out?” Koda voice is so raspy, so pain filled.

“Get out.” I mumur. “Get out now!”

“Hey, girly. I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s that same voice. Same mocking voice. Chase’s voice. I hate it.

“We don’t need your help. Get out!” I growl as I stand up and lean on the cell bars. My amber eyes flashing. “Just leave. Please.”

“Poppy,” I turn back to Koda. “We need his help, we can’t do this on our own.”

“He’s right.” Jethen nods, still smirking and I still hate it.

“Shut up…” A sudden realization hits me. “Wait. Do you happen to know someone named Chase? Blonde hair, green eyes, kinda looks like you?”

A flicker of pain crosses Jethen’s face.

“Maybe. Why?” The smirk returns as if nothing happens.

“Tell me and I’ll let you help us.” I grip the rusty bars tighter and tighter. My knuckles turn white.

“Fine. Chase is my brother.” And with those four words he sends me into utter confusion.



Thinking is tricky.

Like one of those riddles that you can’t wrap your head around. 

Thinking is good but…

It is also dangerous

Like a rich creamy chocolate you can’t stop eating.

Thinking is powerful and yet…

It tricks you sometimes. 

Like someone running for president. 

I’m not very good at thinking

But it’s still enjoyable

It’s one of those things that you always seems to do

But seems to stop at random times.

It seems you stop thinking at the most important times. 

So I work on making sure I have  my brain on.

Ready for thinking. 


Sometimes I feel stupid…

Stupid for liking you.

Stupid for thinking about you.

Stupid for thinking you would think about me.

I have made a decision.

A decision that’ll save me time.

A decision that I’ll forget about you.

But still…

I break my resolve and feel like I should go back to you

I feel like it wouldn’t be so bad to be stupid.

I wonder if you were actually think about me,

Then maybe I wouldn’t feel stupid.

Maybe I would feel good

Feel better.

But I know that won’t happen.

It just won’t

And I think everyone knows that.

~ Winter Woods

Chapter 20~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey guys, so I know you all hate me for the cliff hanger but I hope this chapter will help you forgive me. Anyway, Chapter 20! That’s a mile stone. Hope you enjoy this post.

Annie just dumps me into my cot back in the hospital and tells a few people to hold me down. I continue to cry, to struggle. My mind is still confused, still without memory. I struggle until they insert something in my arm and I feel my eye lids grow heavy. I sink into a sleep.

My dreams are not dreams, they are memories. Memories of Koda, memeories of running, memories of Zellie, of Livy, of my whole life. Of everything. And Chase. It all comes back and by the time I’m awake, I realize why I love Koda so much. I love his carelessnes and the way he looks at me. I’ve never nocticed all these little signs, the way he seems disrtacted around me, but now that I do. I love him all the more. My mind isn’t as groggy as the last time I was drugged but there is still a sort of mist that clouds me. I almost smile when I realize something else, my name. I know my name; Poppy. Then I realize, Koda’s still in pain, he’s still in trouble and I have to save him. I start to think of a plan.

“Move her quickly.” Someone says, a male voice.  “And be careful, someone said she’s dangerous.”

“Yea, sure.” Another voice, also male bur quieter. I struggle as hands grab me roughly but I’m still groggy and slow so they pick me up no problem. My eyes finally adjust and I see everything that’s going on. Four men are carrying me through another hallway  and another man leading them through the hall ways. I reconize the man, one of the men whipping Koda. I feel a growl build up in my throat like a dog. I want to kill him, just like he tried to kill Koda. They carry, correction, they drag me further down the hall. Two men hold my arms and two stand on the sides. Soon we come to our apparent destination. A door that leads to a flight of stairs. They lead me down them and into the dark that meets us. The area is filled with cells, most of them empty. The same male voice that had spoken before whispers in my ear, “We’ll put you right with your boyfriend, don’t want you to be lonely.”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to talk to the prisoners Jethen?” The commander barks. The man rolls his eyes. Jethen is younger than most of the poeple I’ve seen here, maybe slightly older than me, maybe younger? I file this away in my mind. We stop in front of a cell and they unlock and throw me in. I wait till they leave to call out quietly.

“Koda?” I whisper, feeling around the hard floor. I hear a groan, a weak groan. I feel arond until, in the back of the cell. I find a body. I find Koda. My eyes are starting to adjust and I can see how messed up his body is. I feel like crying but I steel myself and try to think of something to do. “Do you know if there is water anyway?”

“Over there.” He rasps, “Use it to clean your wounds.”

“Mine? No, I need to take care of you.” I feel around my pockets and find a paper. The map. But I also find something else, a needle and thread. And I know what I have to do.