Chapter 17~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

Hai guys! I’m super sorry, I know you probably all hate me, I didn’t post on Saturday because I was super busy, anyway… I hope you enjoy this next post and I’ll try to post two chapters on Saturday, maybe… 🙂

My eyes blink open once again, the bulb above me continues to flicker and the ceiling above it is covered with chipped paint. I groan as I try to sit up. When I finally do, black spots and starts and maybe even a few birds cloud my vision. So I think I’m hallucinating when I see 10 people crowding in the small room, staring at me. Eyes wide, nervousness lacing their faces. Thier faces fill with relief when I sit up. My mind seems… What’s the word?… Drugged, I feel drugged. My mind is foggy and slow, like a mist has fallen into it and I can’t get it out. I try to say something but my mouth feels heavy, so does everything else. Finally someone moves.

“Hello honey,” The woman that approaches has a voice like sugar. She looks as if she was once pretty but stress stole her beauty.  She’s old, old enough to be my grandmother her face is kind and gentle. “Do you think you could answer a few questions for me?”

“Umm, maybe,” I croak. Something tells me not to trust anyone, I feel like someone’s betrayed me recently. I just can’t remember who… “I’ll try.”

“Ok, first. What’s your name?” She stands next to the little cot I’m on, she’s too close and it makes me nervous.

“My name’s…” I pause, it feels like my mind hit a wall, a mental barrier. “I- I don’t know… Why don’t I know? Why don’t I know?” I bite my lip, horrifed.

“It’s ok, maybe you hit your head on something, it’s most likely tempory. We’ll get it fixed. Don’t worry. My name’s Anjelica but you can just call me Annie.” I nod. I want to break down and cry. I can’t remember anything. Not even my own name. Then I pause.

“Wait! I remember something!” The crowd of people is starting to disperse but gathers again. “I remember something, it’s a name. Not mine, at least I don’t think so. It’s Koda.”

“Koda? I don’t recongize that name. I’m sorry.” Annie turns towards the other people, “If you hear of someone named Koda, notify me quickly. Can you remember anything else?”

“No… Er yes. A horse, white, big… That’s it.” I feel dissapointed but then remind myself, it could be tempory. Hopfully. Annie smiles, I don’t know why.

“I know what you’re talking about. The horse you were riding. When you get stronger, you can see him.” She’s nodding with enthusiasim. I just feel more hopless, I have nothing to go on except for a name and a horse. Almost nothing. But not. And I guess everything is better than nothing. I look around the room, other people lie in cot’s. Injured people, I must be in a hospital. A nagging pain in my leg makes me turn slightly onto my back. A new headache errupts and I take a couple ragged breaths. I lay back down and feel better. A little. I whisper that name again to myself.

“Koda.” It chases the pain away, but my leg still throbs. I close my eyes and try to remember, anything. Anything to hold on to.


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