Chapter 18~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey people, so as I promised, I will do two posts but as I didn’t say. I will be doing an interveiw. It’s a surprise who it’ll be but I think you might like who it is. Anyway, have a nice read.

I wish I could get up, walk around. Pacing sounds heavenly, but instead. I’m stuck here. Not pacing. Instead I work on my people skills. Sounds werid, it’s probably not normal either. But I still do it. Mostly in my head. I work on my sarcasam, humor, that kind of thing. I mean, I have nothing else to do, no memories to think back on, no people to fantisize about nothing. Nothing at all. Usually I just choose one of the people I seen in the hospital to use as test subjects for my sarcasam but recently. One face keeps popping up. Brown hair, tan skin and these eyes that I can’t help but wonder about. They’re so brown so captivating that if they were real then I would have to stare into them forever. A boy’s face that seems to remind me of choclate. I don’t know where I’ve seen this face, not in the hospital but where else would I have it him? Yet, it seems so real, like have seen him, somewhere, I just don’t know where. I try to think of a name for him. My mind always seems to go to Koda. But for some reason I’m not totally sure it’s right. I just don’t know and it’s slowly killing me. Annie vists me once a day, sometimes twice, to give me food and stuff like that. She tells me food is tight, I ask her everyday where I am. She always tells me I shouldn’t worry about those things. But that makes me worry all the more. I’m keep thinking of that face. That one face, the ghost face.

“Honey?” Annie’s kind voice brings me out of my thoughts, “Are you Hungry?”

“Um, not really, “I shrug, I’m still sore but I’m ready to run miles and miles, I’ve been so,so bored.

“Oh but have to eat, I have a surprise for you today and I want you to be strong for it.” She’s so happy all the time, it confuses me but she’s nice enough so I trust her. Most of the time. I sit up and grab the plate from her. Just a peice of toast and shriveled silced apples. I eat quickly and  let her show me my surprise. “You have to follow me! I’ll go get you a wheel chair.”

I huff, I really don’t want a wheel chair but.. Oh well. As long as I can get out of this dingy place. She brings a wheel chair and helps me into it, me tensing at her touch. I really do not like people touching me. She pushes me through a maze of halls. Then turns a sharp corner and we go into one of the many doors that line the hallways. None of them have numbers or indications of what they hold anything. When she opens the door a smell hits me, musty, slightly fimilar. Then she leads me a line of stalls, horse stalls. I see the different horses, black, brown, gray. Then we stop, at a stall with a huge white horse. It’s eyes wide, nostils flaring, it keeps kicking and I jump every time. Then I recongize who it is.

“Hey Champ, remember me?” And with that memories come flooding back.



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