Chapter 19~ As the Peeks Through the Trees~


Hey guys. I hate to say it but this post is especially bad today. although you may not like me by the end of this post you’re welcome for two posts a week. Anyway, almost to 20 chapters so thanks to you guys who have read it all the way through. 

Champ. I have memories of running through the dark, falling off this horse. A vague face, green eyes staring at me. Arms wrapping around me. Always the horse has something to do with the memory. There are no memories without it. I growl in frustration. Why can’t I remember. I stand up slowly and lean on the stall door.

“No! Don’t get close, he’s been…” Annie trails off. The horse walks up to me and faces me, blowing in my face. He looks so calm, his eyes aren’t wide anymore and his notrils have stop flaring. “He’s been dangerous.”

“He’s not so bad right now,” I whisper. Pain arrouses in my leg and I sit back down, careful not to sit on it. The horse leans his head over the stall and puts his head in my lap. “Can we take off his saddle?”

“No one’s been able to get to close to him but you can have a go at it.” I get up and hobble over the the stall door and open it. Then I walk in and loosen the girth on Champ’s saddle, I set on the door and wiggle the bridle off. He lets out a paticular large huff.

“You know he made me remember a few things.” I rub Champ’s velvety nose and he lips my fingers a few times.

“Really?” Annie gives Champ a wary look while she smiles at me. “That’s great, I’m sure the rest are soon to follow. Does the horse have a name?”

“Mhmm, his name is Champion of Troy. But we call him Champ for short. Don’t we boy?” I pat his neck and comb my fingers through the horse’s mane.

“Whose we?” The old woman cocks her head.

“I- I don’t know,” I pinch my eyebrows together, “Maybe Koda and me did. I don’t know.”

“Well, like I said, I’m sure it’ll all come back.” Then with a final look at the white horse she pats my shoulder. I jump, startled by her touch. I still can’t get used to people touching me. “I have another surprise for you.”

“Really?” I suddenly feel tried, but I don’t want to bum her out.

“Now, since we are underground, we don’t get to see the sun much but…” She pushes me through the hallways and leads me to a room with a low ceiling. She presses a button and a panel opens on the roof. A small window appears above me. And through it I see the sun peeking through. black and blue sunset

“It’s beautiful.” I whisper. A least now I know that I’m underground now. That’s a helpful peice of information. But the veiw takes my breath away and I just stare at it until the sky grows dark and you an see only stars.

“Ok. Time to get back.” Annie pushes me out and back into the hallway. I hear shuffling and it sounds like a fights going on. I stand but suddenly when I hear someone yell something. That voice. I know that voice. I run. Koda. I heard Koda. I follow the screams. They are screams of pain, I have to help him. I feel pain errupt in my lep and it makes me want to pass out every time my leg hits the ground. Then I turn the ground and find a door. I yank it open and find a man on the floor. Bloody. Battered. Barely alive. Chocalate brown eyes staring up at me. Two other men whipping him. They’re bloody too but not with their own. Koda’s. I watch as the two men start to whip the brown eyed man and I throw myself in front of him. Tears run down my face, how could they do this to him? Whips bear down on me and the pain that hits me is ridiculous. I don’t scream, I just cover Koda’s body as much as I can, his bloody, wounded body. Annie comes through the door and tells the whiipping men to stop. They do, reluctently. Annie grabs me roughly and pulls me back to the wheelchair. I try to fight her but she’s strong for an old lady. Koda’s eyes follow me out but he’s too weak to do anything else. I cry and cry, begging Annie to help him.

“They’re going to kill him.” I sob, “They’re going to kill him.”


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