Chapter 20~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~


Hey guys, so I know you all hate me for the cliff hanger but I hope this chapter will help you forgive me. Anyway, Chapter 20! That’s a mile stone. Hope you enjoy this post.

Annie just dumps me into my cot back in the hospital and tells a few people to hold me down. I continue to cry, to struggle. My mind is still confused, still without memory. I struggle until they insert something in my arm and I feel my eye lids grow heavy. I sink into a sleep.

My dreams are not dreams, they are memories. Memories of Koda, memeories of running, memories of Zellie, of Livy, of my whole life. Of everything. And Chase. It all comes back and by the time I’m awake, I realize why I love Koda so much. I love his carelessnes and the way he looks at me. I’ve never nocticed all these little signs, the way he seems disrtacted around me, but now that I do. I love him all the more. My mind isn’t as groggy as the last time I was drugged but there is still a sort of mist that clouds me. I almost smile when I realize something else, my name. I know my name; Poppy. Then I realize, Koda’s still in pain, he’s still in trouble and I have to save him. I start to think of a plan.

“Move her quickly.” Someone says, a male voice.  “And be careful, someone said she’s dangerous.”

“Yea, sure.” Another voice, also male bur quieter. I struggle as hands grab me roughly but I’m still groggy and slow so they pick me up no problem. My eyes finally adjust and I see everything that’s going on. Four men are carrying me through another hallway  and another man leading them through the hall ways. I reconize the man, one of the men whipping Koda. I feel a growl build up in my throat like a dog. I want to kill him, just like he tried to kill Koda. They carry, correction, they drag me further down the hall. Two men hold my arms and two stand on the sides. Soon we come to our apparent destination. A door that leads to a flight of stairs. They lead me down them and into the dark that meets us. The area is filled with cells, most of them empty. The same male voice that had spoken before whispers in my ear, “We’ll put you right with your boyfriend, don’t want you to be lonely.”

“How many times do I have to tell you not to talk to the prisoners Jethen?” The commander barks. The man rolls his eyes. Jethen is younger than most of the poeple I’ve seen here, maybe slightly older than me, maybe younger? I file this away in my mind. We stop in front of a cell and they unlock and throw me in. I wait till they leave to call out quietly.

“Koda?” I whisper, feeling around the hard floor. I hear a groan, a weak groan. I feel arond until, in the back of the cell. I find a body. I find Koda. My eyes are starting to adjust and I can see how messed up his body is. I feel like crying but I steel myself and try to think of something to do. “Do you know if there is water anyway?”

“Over there.” He rasps, “Use it to clean your wounds.”

“Mine? No, I need to take care of you.” I feel around my pockets and find a paper. The map. But I also find something else, a needle and thread. And I know what I have to do.


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