Chapter 21~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

I try to clean Koda’s wounds with water but the screams he lets out make my phiscally ill. He looks at me with pleading eyes. I nod. I take his hand and massage it over and over again, trying to calm him and myself at the same time. I don’t know how to help him, I feel useless. I try to will the tears away, trying not to think. Trying to not give up at the same time.

“Tell me a story.” Koda’s hoarse voice makes me jump, it’s the first noise in a long time.

“About what?” I shake my head. My voice is higher pitched than usual.

“Tell me how you got here.” Then he groans before he bites his tougue to stop.

“Um… Well.” Then I tell him everything, about Tesla, about Chase and Champ and every little thing I can think about. I even tell him about my life before I joined his group, he just closed his eyes and listened. His breaths becoming sharper by the minute, the pain’s getting worse. I don’t know what to do. My own wounds still sting but it’s dull and I can ignore it. My eyes have adjusted to the dark, I can make out most shapes, I can see the awful marks from the whips. I shudder, massaging his hand faster and faster. I haven’t heard anyone else in the other cells so I’m assuming we’re alone. I sit and try not to cry, trying not to give into despair. I rock myself and grip Koda’s hand, tighter and tighter.

A loud sound resounds through the cell. I let out a yelp and turn toward the sound. The door has been opened and someone is stepping through. I recongize him as the male my age, Jethen. I think that’s what his name was. His long reddish blonde hair hangs in his blue eyes. His upper lip is twisted into a smirk, he reminds me of Chase. Same smirk, similar features.

“Geez, are all you guys this stupid?” He says, “You really need to stay quiet if I’m gonna help you out.”

“Help us out?” Koda voice is so raspy, so pain filled.

“Get out.” I mumur. “Get out now!”

“Hey, girly. I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s that same voice. Same mocking voice. Chase’s voice. I hate it.

“We don’t need your help. Get out!” I growl as I stand up and lean on the cell bars. My amber eyes flashing. “Just leave. Please.”

“Poppy,” I turn back to Koda. “We need his help, we can’t do this on our own.”

“He’s right.” Jethen nods, still smirking and I still hate it.

“Shut up…” A sudden realization hits me. “Wait. Do you happen to know someone named Chase? Blonde hair, green eyes, kinda looks like you?”

A flicker of pain crosses Jethen’s face.

“Maybe. Why?” The smirk returns as if nothing happens.

“Tell me and I’ll let you help us.” I grip the rusty bars tighter and tighter. My knuckles turn white.

“Fine. Chase is my brother.” And with those four words he sends me into utter confusion.



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