Chapter 22~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey guys, I should’ve been doing this from the start. BUT, I keep forgetting so… Here’s a link to the first chapter, for those who are new~Chapter One~ And enjoy the extra post this week.

Jethen. Chase. Brothers? I guess it makes sense but… They are literally the same age… from my guess at least. Koda’s face suddenly turns into distaste. I have a feeling that he’s not so eager to trust Jethen now. Now that he’s realted to Chase. Jethen just stands there, in his slouchy, not caring stance. I wonder how he’s a soldier, soldiers are supposed to be at attention, not sloppy. I back up from the cell door and almost trip over Koda. This cell is too small for pacing… It bugs me. I bite my lip. Koda’s starting to fade out. His face is etched with pain and he keeps blinking as if he can’t see. I need to help him.

“Ok, maybe I’ll trust you but only after you help Koda to get better.” I walk back to the bars and feel the rust. “But you have to help Koda. Ok?”

“Perfect. I went through some medicial training so I know what to do with the cuts but you’re going to have help me since I can’t be here all the time.” He runs his hands through his hair, spiking it perfectly.

“One more question about your brother.” The pain comes back, that haunting pain returns to his face. He doesn’t even try to hide it this time. Then he shurgs.

“Sure, what?”

“Do you know where Chase is?” My voice is firm, solid. I fChase is still out there. I’m in trouble.

“Let me tell something about this army, family doesn’t matter. In any way, shape or form. Last I heard from Chase was when he was six and was sent to war.”

“Right, sorry.” I start to pace again, still doesn’t work. Still not enough room. “What do I need to do?”

“Mmk, I have pain killer that I’ll inject and you pretty much get to do the rest. Ok not really. But you can pretend you saved him. Wait. No, I’m changing my mind. I want all the credit.” He walks over to the cell and with a couple quick movments, he has it open.

“How did you do that?” I ask aloud. I really shoudn’t have, the look on his face tells me. This guy likes attention, I just gave him some.

“This super cool thing called a key.” His grin grows bigger as he shows me a key and slides it into his pocket. I roll my eyes. “Ok, mister. What’s his name again?”

“Koda.” I say, the name now more of a stab in the stomach than a comfornt. What if he dies? Then I’ll be alone. With Jethen. I shudder. I look at Koda, he looks dead. Or nearly dead, blood everywhere, his eyes closed. The only sign of him being alive is the swallow rise and fall of his bloody chest and they way his body stays rigid and tense. Jethen walks into the cell and shoos me away. I take Koda’s hand again as I watch Jethen tear off Koda’s shirt and look at each whip mark.

“Ok, so what I’m gonna do is, give him pain killer, a ton of it, so he won’t feel a thing. And then, I’ll put this fancy oniment that the army has on all the cuts. They only thing you’ll have to do is, reapply. Simple and easy. For you at least.” He takes a couple things out of his pockets, a bottle, syrigne and a bottle of oniment. “Oh and I’m sorry but the cuts will scar. Because we wouldn’t want anyone being prettier than me.” He winks and goes to work. He’s really starting to bug me. I don’t care about the scars, I just want Koda to heal. Jethen inserts the injection and when Koda seems to relax he shows me how to apply the oniment. It’s hard work. And gross. I have to make sure every part is covered and it’s hard to focus when Jethen is talking non-stop. “So I’ll see you two lovers tonight and if I don’t show up, two things probably happened, I either got couaght and hav been killed or I forgot. The second option is probably most likely, so count on it. “


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