Chapter 24~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hello guys, I do want to tell you. There will be a special short story coming up. I’ll leave you in supense for what it’s about but I will tell you that it’s about Koda. Enjoy this post and if you’re new check out part one here ––> As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~Chapter One~ Oh and also I would love it so much if you could comment below, it means a lot. 

I reach down and kiss Koda. My lips touching his. He kisses me back. I close my eyes and enjoy the moment until I hear a noise. The door is opening. I jerk upwards and open my eyes. I scowl when I see who it is.

“Hey, guys. Am I interuppting anything?.” Jethen. Amused even more than now.

“Yes, very much leave.” Koda says. Then he frowns. “I know you.”

“Oh yes and I know the president who started this whole war.” He slups against the wall, looking uncomfrontable. The president, the man who started the whole war, he started abusing his citizens and then he started a war against them. This is why the dumb war is going on.

“No. I swear I do. What did you say your name was again. Julie?” I snort. Jethen frowns. Koda must have overheard me when he was drugged, he must’ve not realized I was joking.

“No,  it’s Jethen.” His blue eyes are narrowed and his hands are running through his blonde hair.

“Wait…” Koda groans, “What was it? Where do I know you from?”

“I don’t know. And I I don’t care.” He starts to leave.

“Solstice.” Koda whispers. Jethen whips around, fury in his eyes. The way Koda says Soltice’s name makes me squirm. He sounds like… Like he loves her.”You were that boy. The one who watched over Solstice for me.”

“Yea, ok I was. Now leave me alone.” Jethen starts to leave again.

“Have you heard from her. I haven’t seen her in so long.” The pain in Koda’s voice makes me mad. Who is this Solsitce girl?

“If I had heard from her do you think I would still be here? No, of course you would, you always thought no one else could care for her. You always thought that I was just being nice. You never thought for a second that I would take care of her. That I loved her. that she was my friend.” The Jethen said these things are as if he was spitting poison. Then he looks at his wrist even though there is no watch there. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”

Then he’s gone. The door banging behind him.

“Who’s Solstice?” I ask, right after the door slams closed.

“My sister.” Even though Koda’s voice is filled with sadness. I’m relived. Happy almost. “My sister who most likely died.”

I sit in one of the corners of the cell. Sipping on the water that Jethen had brought earlier. I need to figure out an escape plan. Jethen probably knows the insides of this camp but Koda probably knows the way to the camp. I look over at Koda, whose eyes are closed again, his face still filled with pain. I need to figure out why he’s here and if the rest of his group is here. I need to find a way out.


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