Chapter 23~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees


Hello guys! Have a good read! For those who are newAs the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~Chapter One~

We wait in silence. Well, more like I  wait in silence. Koda’s still asleep. If you can call it sleeping. I would call it a drug induced haze. His eyelids occasinally flutter open but they always seem to stare into distance. Foucused on nothing. I still hold Koda’s hand but that alone does not keep the fear out. I whisper things to fill the silence, anything to keep the darkness at bay. Thoughts, dreams, anything. I wait and wait for what seems like an enternity. Finally the door clangs open. Jethen walks in, carrying a couple plates.

“Ok flower. That was your name right?” He’s still smiling, the corners of his mouth upturned in amusment. “How is your bethored?”

“Excuse me?” I’m starting to be done with this boy, he’s so immature and it’s getting to me.

“Geez. I’m only kidding. Lighten up a bit.” He opens the cell door and sets the plates down. “Eat up because I’m not going to be here tomorrow.”

“Why not?” I ask a little too quickly. I start eating, realizing how hungry I am. It’s not much and I save half of it for Koda.

“Super cool stuff.” He raises his eyebrows and I scowl, “Kidding. Again. I’m just busy. You do remember I’m a soldier right?”

“Yes. My memory is not half as bad as yours.” I try not to let it bug me, I need to show him I’m comfrontable. “What was your name again? Julie?”

“I’m so much better at these things than you are. Anyway, I won’t be here tomorrow so do the oniment yourself and I won’t be able to bring food.”

“Why are you helping us?” I ask. “what do you get out of it?”

“Well, while I’d love to tell you my super amazing escape plan but, I can’t tell you. In case you ruin it.” He hands me a couple more capsules of oniment and I hide in a corner. Hopefully out of sight. “But I can tell you this, you will help me escape.”

“Really?” He nods and I ask another question, “Where are you getting all this stuff?”

“You have no idea how easy it is to steal things. A apple here, a steak there and medicine somewhere else.” He closes the cell door and walks to the door. “Now I’m posted right outside the door so if you need anything start whisting ot someting normal.” He smirks again slides out the door. I’m left alone in the dark. I shiver and pace, as much as I can. Finally I sit next to Koda, holding his hand. I stroke his hair and feel the tears come, this time I let them fall. The spatter on the floor. I just let them fall and fall until there’s no more tears to cry. I turn towards Koda and find him staring at me. His big brown eyes so soft and sweet.

“I love you.” He mumbles. His voice usused and rough but still his voice, still caring and quiet.

“Oh gosh.” I say. The tears coming back as I siffle and wipe them away. “I love you too.”

“You know I missed you? I even went abck and looked for but you weren’t there and I thought you died. It was the most apinful thing I’ve ever felt. Even more painful than watching my sister be sent to war. You know that right? You know I love you?”

“I do now.” I smile and continue to cry. Bu these tears are different these are not tears of fear or tears of sadness. They’re tears of happiness, tears of joy.


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