Chapter 25~ As the Sun Peeks through the Trees

When Koda’s eye finally open, I have so many questions.

“Wait before you ask me how I got here, give me a second to get comfrontable.” He smirks, not an annoying one like Jethen’s, a sweet one. A Koda smirk. He knows me to well already. He props himself up and asks me for the oniment. I hand him some and he puts it on the cuts. It’s almost like magic, how fast the cuts are healing. There have already scabbed and seem to grow smaller everytime I look at them. And Koda’s not constantly groaning either, that’s good too. “Ok, I came back to find you, once I got the rest of the group to the fox camp. It took forever to get there but I couldn’t just leave them. I’m sor-”

“No, don’t be sorry, it’s was the right thing to do.” I nod, begging him to go on.

“Anyway, a soldier found me and brought me here. Then they tried to torture me information out of me. Want to know what allowed me to keep going?” He asks, head slightly cocked. His hair is slightly longer now and it hangs in his eyes. I sweep it away with my dirty fingers.

“Hmm. Maybe it was the thought of how you wouldn’t be awarded a hero if you didn’t make it back?” I say with a smile.

“No. I don’t think so. I just kept thinking of you and how you were still out there. That kept me going.” He smiles back as I help him apply the oniment.

“You know. It’s getting really annoying how romantic you are. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match it.”

“I know. I’m trying. I wouldn’t want anybody else to steal you.” He strokes his hand through my dirty tangled hair. “You’re so pretty, you know that right.”

“If you think I’m pretty now, you should see me when I don’ look like a animal.” I reach in to kiss him, just a little one. He returns it and I can’t help but smile. Which ruins the whole kissing thing.

“I think you might want to work on that kiss there.” He does that little smirk again and my heart starts to pound.

“I would but I’m kinda running away from the government and what not.” A little laugh eacapes my lips.

“Really, me too?” He pauses, “Funny how small the world is.”

“Yea, ok real funny but we have to go.” I whip my head around to find Jethen, panting in the doorway. “Like right now.”

“I thought you were off doing super cool stuff somewhere else?” I say as I help Koda up. Jethen unlocks the door ushers us out of the cell.

“Yea… Well I go us in a little bit of trouble so we have to go now.” He checks the make sure it’s all clear. Then we’re running, Koda falling behind quickly. I stop and wait for him. “C’mon we have to go, go, go! I really don’t want to die today.”

Hey guys. Something happened with the posts and the placements are off, please make sure you look at the numbers before you read the chapter. Thanks so much!


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