Chapter 26~ As the Sun Peeks Through~


“Why are we running?” I ask harshly. I’m practicly dragging Koda as Jethen bounds through the halls, stopping every five seconds to rush us on.

“Heh, funny story. I kinda maybe got a little drunk. Just a little. I swear. OK, yea, no I don’t swear. Anyway someone was asking me questions and I think I answered some of them correctly. Only afterward did I realize that the questions were about you. So yeah. That was little while ago and I decided the smartest thing was to get you out here. And get myself out too. Since that was my plan the whole time.” He’s pushing Koda now. Koda looks like he’s going to punch him. I want to punch him.

“Is that why you weren’t there. You were of drinking?” I bite my lip and wonder where everyone is. Why aren’t there gaurds or something. Then I ralize these halls look silghtly fimilar. “Are we going to the stables?”

“Yea. You can share a horse with your boyfriend right?” He opens the and looks through. “Crap it.”

“What?” I hold Koda up and he apoligizes for not being able to support himself.

“There’s people in there. Stay here, don’t move and don’t make anymore sappy jokes, ok?” He slides into the stables and I push Koda into a corner. Then I wait, hiding behind the door. In silence.

“Cool. Let’s go.” I jump when Jethen bring two horses out. They are already saddled up and I recongize the white one.

“Hey. It’s Champ.” I whisper.

“Yea well you can have him because he hates me.” He shows me his hands that has bite marks on it. I smirk.

“The horse just has good judgment.” Koda says. “Which horse do I get?”

“You share with me. We get Champ.” I get Champ to kneel and Koda and I get on. Jethen gets on his blue roan horse and we follow his lead. Even though we’re still inside we run. Jethen leads us through another set of halls and soon we’re in a room that has a large door on the far end.

“Ok what was the password again…” Jethen mumurs.

“You forgot the password! What is this amature hour?” I sigh.

“Oh yea. It was ‘Jethen is amazing at breakouts.’ How could I forget?” He smirks back at me.

“Oh my gosh just type the flipping password.” I sigh. He rolls his eyes as he types something in. It had nothing to do with his name. Then the door dissapears. Slowly, one small section at a time.

“Sorry. This techolgy’s old.” He shrugs.

“Yea no kidding, even the traing camp the doors didn’t take this long.” When it’s completely gone we race through. Koda holds on to me while I kick Champ with my bare heels. We’re outside. The cold hits me like a brick wall. The snow is up to Champ’s knees and it sprays into my face. It’s freezing. We ride and ride. I still don’t know where I’m going. And the person I have to trust is the person who got us into this whole mess.



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