A Crazy Notion


Ty Harven is so done with her parents. And they’re done with her. And lucky her, her parents found a way to send her away. They send her to a summer camp, a horse one. AND they buy her a horse. Now, she loves her horse, Shadow’s Echo, BUT her parents are only doing this because they don’t want her there for the divorce.  She also thinks there’s something else going on, something big. She can’t figure it out but it follows her as she goes to camp. A nagging feeling, a haunting feeling.

Ty’s supposed to be staying a camp all summer but on the second day, she already has problems. Everyone hates her, just like that. And she hasn’t even done anything. Except for one boy, his name is Bear. And he has this crazy idea. A crazy idea that matches up with her haunting feeling. So she works with Bear to prove this idea true. And it won’t be easy.

So that’s the basic idea. I’ve had it for a little while and it’s been nagging at my, I want to write it but I have like zero time. Comment below and tell me what you think, is it something you would read or no? 



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