Chapter 29~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees


“Do we even know where we’re going?” I ask aloud after hourse of riding.

“OF course.” Jethen rolls his eyes. “I always know where I’m going.”

“Koda. Do you know where we’re going?”Jethen throws up his arms in surrender and I smirk. I still don’t trust him but I act like I do, I have to talk to Koda first.

“Fox camp.” The horses just walk. I told Jethen they wouldn’t be able gallop all day like in the stories. “There we’ll find the rest of our group.”

“Woah. Woah, woah woah. No. I heard nothing about a group. I don’t do ‘groups.’ Heck I’ve never even done a double date.” Jethen gives us an eyebrow raise.

“Yea,  that’s because you’ve probably never even been on a date. Well, after I was on to front I ran. Then I became a leader of this band of other run aways. We have to go back and check on them. And Poppy and I are staying there.” I want to scream, wy is Koda giving Jethen this information? He doesn’t know Poppy, you haven’t told him. I remind myself over and over again.

“Oh really? Just to let you know, I’ve been on a ton of dates. A ton. AND You forgot one little detail, Poppy’s going to elope with me.” He smirks.

“Poppy? You didn’t tell me I had competition!” I sigh and shrug as if I forgot but truly, this is the first I’ve heard of Jethen and me as a thing. And I don’t want it to be a thing, not with a triator.

“It must have slipped my mind.” I smile a little. “Are you guys hungry or is it just me?”

“Starving. I’ll see what I have.” We stop the horse and get down, then Jethen gives  us each a can of food. “That’s food for the rest of the day so no complaining.”

“Us complain? Never.” Koda is at such ease with Jethen. I’m barely able to talk to him, he’s going to betray us. Maybe I shouldn’t tell Koda, maybe I can deal with this on my own. Afterall, if Koda knows, he’ll wary too. Then Jethen will realize something’s up. So I won’t tell, it’ll be a scereat.

“Hardy har. Har. You guys are always complaining. Always telling me how you guys aren’t comforntable and what not.” We eat quickly and get back on the horses.

“Um. I think that’s you.” It’s my time to smirk now. We get back on our horses and continue to walk through the forest. The forest is beautiful, the snow makes it look peacful, sweet. But I know the truth, the snow is like a wolf. A wolf that looks graceful but is truly dangerous, it’s fatal.


“As if!” Jethen throws up his hands in mock frustration.  We talk like this for hours, me pretending nothing’s wrong, Koda not knowing. When it grows dark, we stop to rest. Laying the tarp down, burrowing in blankets. I wake again, in the middle of the night. I find Jethen gone again. This time I do something. I get up out of the blankets without waking Koda and quietly follow the voices. I find Jethen talking to Chase. Chase’s face is different now, I once thought it handsome but now, because of the scars, it’s ugly. Something else shadows his face, haunting his eyes and making his mouth bend into a frown. It’s revenge, the thrist for it. The need for it. Suddenly his hungry eyes turn in my direction and  stare right at me.



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