Chapter 30~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

My breath catches as Chase smiles. The scars from Tesla’s teeth are horrid, I’m glad I’m not good at sewing. Jethen’s face turns into horror and fear when he realizes who I am.

“Poppy.” Chase’s voice cruls around my name like a snake. “It’s been a while. But I’m glad we can meet again.”

“If only the feeling was mutal.” I mutter, “What do you want Chase?”

“I need a map.” He smiles, his lips turning in a sick way. “One that you have.”

“I don’t have it anymore.” I’m not lying, I gave the scrap of paper to Koda. I feel a jolt of fear when I remember Koda, still sleeping, still unaware. I don’t call out to him, Chase may not know about him. I never told Chase about him. I remember the knife tucked into my belt, Jethen had a couple extras and I stole one from him. I slowly reach back to grab it but Chase notices. He’s on me in a second and pulls the knife rom my belt.

“Jethen, hold her for me.” Chase commands, Jethen doesn’t move, “Do it! You know what’s at stake.”

“Jethen, don’t we can beat him, if we both go against he won’t stand a chance.” I whisper as Jethen grabs me. He holds my arms behind me loosely,as if he’s scared of touching me.

“I’m sorry Poppy. But you don’t understand.” His voice is filled with such pain that I barely recongize it.

“You’re right,” I go with a often used line, “I don’t.”

“I’ll be right back.” Chase flips the knife in his hand then disappears in the trees. I feel panic swarm me.

“Koda! Koda wake up. He’s coming for you! Wake-” Jethen clamps his hand over my mouth. I clamp my teeth down on his skin and try to tear it away, blood fills my mouth. He doesn’t even flinch. I struggle, trying to escape his grip. But it tightens and I can’t get away. I wait, the silence defeaning. I strain my ears, listening for anything. All I find is a head ache. Then, a sound, boots tramping on the snow. My hopes soar when I hear two sets of feet, Koda’s ok. Most likley. Chase appears a second later and my hopes crash when I see what he has. Koda, his throat at the end of a knife. A thin line of blood trailing from the point of the knife. His brown eyes are strangly calm, his shoulders relaxed but his jaw is slightly clenched. I’ve only known him for a short time andyet I know him so well. I can read him like a book. I try to tell him everything with just my eyes, I try to explain everything I can with just my two eyes. If he understands, he doesn’t show it. Jethen takes his hand off my mouth and shakes the blood off it, as if it was nothing. It makes me angrier than anything.

“So now that I have a chips to bargain I hope you’ll reconsider.” Chase winks at me as if we’re sharing a joke. I spit directly into his open eye, I have very good aim. His face twitches then he wipes it away. Koda gives me a look, a look that tells me to tred carefully. “You’ll show me the way or I kill your lover. Clear?”

“Fine.” I mutter.

“Ah, come on. Give me a little more engery.” He pushes the knife deeper into Koda’s neck.

“OK! OK! I’ll do it!” My voice fills with desperation that I didn’t mean in put there. I hate Chase, so much I’m choking on it. He knows how to make me do thing, he knows my pressure points. “Just don’t hurt him. Please.”

“Thought so.” Chase smirks as Koda gives me an angry look. He wanted me to not say anything. But I know I would say anything for him. I will always choose him.


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