Chapter 31~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~


“You guys are ridicluos.” Chase smiles at Koda and I. Our hands are tied and we’re on top of a horse, of course we look dumb, you try balencing on a barrel shaped stomach whithout using your hands. Chase has switched out Champ for a old, slow mare. She has scars all over her and she stumbles every two steps. We ride the mare and he rides his war horse. The horse is terrifyed of him, I realize this now. Champion of Troy, the best horse I’ve ever ridden (OK well, I haven’t ridden very many horse but he’s a great horse) is horrible working with Chase. I think the horse is used to my gentle urging but now he has to readjust himself to the harsh cues given by Chase. Chase told me the horse is named Methuselah. For some reason I doubt that. In my head, her name is Blossoming Gold. In my head, I need to figure out a way to escape.

“At least we still-” I get cut off as Gold trips again and I fall on top of Koda. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry. Just don’t fall off or we both will.” He’s right, we’re tied together. I almost start growling at Chase, I’m just so angry. “You need to chill a little.”

“I’m sorry what? Chill? I was thinking a lot of things just then and chilling was not even close.” My voice is an angry whisper. Koda smiles at little at my frustation.  “Why are you smiling? He’s going to kill you.”

“We can’t let him get to us. Pretend we’re having fun, pretend we don’t care. Then he’ll get angry and we can use it against him.”

“Oh, ok, that makes sense.” I plaster an amused smile on my face, “We’ll beat him at his own game.”

“Right. You can do it. I believe in you.”

“Do you know why Jethen is following Chase blindly? It’s doesn’t look like he wants to.” Koda glances at Jethen realizing what I mean. Jethen looks sad, scared and most of all angry. And I’m not sure why.

“Chase is bribing him. I might know what.” I furrow my brows at this, how does he know?

“What?” I pretend like I’m having fun, I nudge him and laugh a little. “Tell me!”

“I think it my be my sister. At the training base, Jethen and her were really close.” He bites his lip, “I think Chase knows where she is, or has her somewhere.”

“Solstice? What was she like?” I ask, my voice soft. I’m not pretending anymore.

“She was beautiful, but not a pretty as you. I swear.” He blushes slightly there and I love him for it. “She had these blue eyes and long black hair. She was an amazing soldier and spent a while hating me because I wasn’t a good student there. But we made up, right before I went to war. I thought she died. I loved her.”

“Sorry. For making you bring up memories.” I remember Zellie, how she was taken from me. My only friend was stolen. I hug Koda a little tighter. I hold him tighter because, war rips everything apart and I want us to stay together.


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