Chapter 32~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~


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“Where’s the map?” I whisper to Koda. We’re resting for the night, the horses tied to a tree, tightly. We’re tied together, also tightly. Chase and Jethen sleep further away, not tied at all.

“I tore it apart, I have it memorized.” His eyes stare at me, I wonder if he’s looking at my eyes. My amberish eyes that are nothing close to his amazing chocolate ones. I wonder what he thinks of them.

“That’s good. Now they’ll just be wandering aimlessly. We need to figure something out.” I pause, thinking, “Are you’re cuts ok?”

“We do. My cuts are fine, just annoying scabs.” His face changes in the slightest, something someone would usually not notice. But I notice, his face changes from worry to anger.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” He shakes his head then closes his eyes as if to shut out an image.

“It does to me.” My voice is softer than I could have ever imagined, I care too much. If Koda were to ever be taken away from me I wouldn’t be able to cope.

“I’m just mad. First my sister was taken and soon, you will be too. I can’t let that happen, I just can’t.” His voice is soft too but it’s a different kind of soft. It is a dangerous soft, he is going to snap soon, his anger was going to be let out. And he’s going to hurt himself.

“Hey, remember when you told me to chill?” I murmur with a small smile.

“Yea, that was what? An hour ago?” He strokes his hands through my hair, my matted ginger hair.

“Exactly. We’ll figure it out AND we’ll stick together in the process. It’ll be like a win, win.” I reach in to kiss him. He doesn’t kiss be back at first, I pause watching his furrowed brows. Then he closes the gap and kisses me back. And all the happiness in the world swarms in my heart.

“Wakey, Wakey.” Chase says, I blink my eyes open. I don’t remember falling asleep. “We have work to do.”

“Do we have to do this now Chase?” Jethen asks, he voice filled with desperation.

“Shut up and watch how it’s done little brother.” He winks at Jethen.

“If everyone winked as much as you did, the world would be a scary place.” Koda states, Chase just grunts.

“If everyone made as many comments as you the world would be an awful place.” Chase rolls his eyes, “Where’s the map?”

“The world already sucks. The map to what?” Koda gives him a bored look, his anger covered beneath a thick mask.

“Oh please.” Chase scowls. “Fine. If you don’t want to talk. I can make you.”

“NO- Don’t Chase. Please!” I beg him, already knowing what he’s going to do.

“Oh my word! Just shut up!” Chase gives Jethen a look and the blue eyed boy sighs. He grabs me and unties me from Koda. I lunge at him, he pushes me into the snow and while I’m down he ties me down. I feel like an animal, trapped. Just wanting to be free. Chase and Jethen tie Koda to a tree. His face still maksed, except for his eyes. His eyes show pure hatred.


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