Chapter 33~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~


Chase starts hitting Koda, kicking him, yelling at him. He try to make Koda tell him where the base is, Koda doesn’t say anything, doesn’t even react. I scream at Chase, telling him to stop, just please stop!
“Just tell m- Wait” Chase stops suddenly, anger burning in his eyes. He turns towards me. “”I know how to make you talk.”
Chase grabs me and soon has a knife to my throat. Koda eyes fill with fear, with pure fear.
“Tell me. Or she dies, and trust me I’ll kill her, really slowly. SO slowly that she’ll feel every bit of pain and you will have to sit there. So make your choice.”
Koda sits there for a second, struggling with the decision. I can see the war going on inside, me or his group. Me or his group.
“C’mon, hurry up,” Chase pushes the knife further into my neck. I’m too scared to swallow, too scared to breathe.
“Let her go. Then I’ll tell you.” Koda has bruises forming and blood trickling down his face and he’s breathing hard, but he still look strong, he’s still my hero in a sense.
“Fine.” Chase rolls his eyes, nods to Jethen and the ropes are gone. I start to run, regret clouding my head. I don’t want to leave Koda. But I need to warn the group. I run until the can’t see me then I stop. I can still hear their voices.
“Alright where is it?” Chase asks. I start to head back, my footsteps silent in the snow. I’m right behind them, hiding behind a tree. Koda’s still not giving him the map, my hopes soar. I smash them down. Hoping this will work. I get closer and closer, then I make my move. Chase has his knife above Koda, about to swing it down. I jump on him, grab the knife and bring it to his throat. I’m not sure how it happens, it just does. Jethen doesn’t stop me. Koda looks at me, surprised.
“Miss me?” I ask with a smile, Chase doesn’t move, I have the knife on his throat, very close to cutting off his life. But something’s stopping me, I can’t kill him, I don’t think I could love with myself if I were to kill him. I look at Jethen, he bites his lips. “Help me out? Get him untied.”
“Ok.” Jethen looks so sad, so hurt. I don’t have the faintest idea of what’s going on in his head. He unties Koda and helps me tie Chase up. Chase scowls the whole time. GIving death glares to everyone, they get scarier by the second.
“Let’s get him on the horse.” We get him on Gold and tie him onto her. Then we get on our horses. I’m grinning ridiculously so I force my mouth into a straight line. We walk for a while, usually silent.
“Where did you learn to do that?” Koda asks. I turn and suddenly we’re kissing. I pull away after a second, smiling too much to be kissing, I need to work on that.
“Battle school. It comes in use every once and while.” I shrug and he leans into another kiss.
“Will you guys stop?!” Jethen yells, “I’m getting tired of this romantic drama.”
“Well, at least he’s back to himself” Koda whispers and I smile.


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