Chapter 34~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~


Hey guys, sorry this post is late. I was working at a ranch today and didn’t have time to post until now. Anyway, enjoy!

“Is he still alive?” I ask Koda, glancing at Chase. He hangs limp in the saddle and is only staying on because on the ropes tied to the saddle.

“Hm?” He looks so handsome, even with the bruises and scars all over his face. “Oh you mean Chase?”

“Yeah. He hasn’t moved since we put him on Gold.” I play with Champ’s mane and watch as Jethen clears a trail through the forest. It’s been harder to get the horses over the fallen trees, through the snow and between the rocks. The forest is getting denser but Koda tells me that this is the right way to go.

“Who’s Gold?” Koda gives me a look of amusement.

“You named that old nag?” Jethen calls out.

“Jethen, stop ease dropping!” I smile and speed Champ up until he’s standing next to Jethen. As the white horse trots past Jethen I grab his beanie then hand it to Koda.

“You know, it says not to steal.” He rolls his eyes, giving us the you’re-so-imature look.

“Yea it also says to mind your own business.” Gold stamps her hoof in the crunchy snow and sighs, I smile. The loose snow tumbles down the steep cliff edge that we have been walking on for some time. “And she wants to go.”

“Whatever. And I don’t really care about my brother right now, let’s just get to this stupid camp. They better have good food. Can I have my hat back?”

“Oh. Koda, guess what?” My smile is way too big for any of this but I feel so happy.

“What?” I turn and find Koda’s smile is just as big.

“WE have a grumpy pants in our midst. Wanna know what we do to people who are grumpy?”

“Oh yes very much so.” Koda laughs a little. I reach up and grab a pine cone, then I throw it at Jethen, barely missing him. His horse spooks a little and starts walking quickly.

“Oh my gosh stop!” Jethen says as we pelt him with pinecones.

“You know for such a trained soldier you aren’t very good at protecting your self.” I say as Jethen ducks to avoid a well thrown pine cone.

“You know what? Fine.” Jethen grabs a pine cone and pitches at me. I duck and suddenly Champ steps sideways. Which would’ve been fine except, we’re on a cliff and I wasn’t really holding on. I tumble down the cliff face as Koda yells after me. I roll and roll and hit the bottom.

“Poppy!” I hear Koda’s frantic voice. “Poppy can you hear me? Don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.”

“Yea. I can hear you. I’m not dead!” I can’t see his face from down here.

“What’s it like down there?” He yells.

“Ummm…” I look around and realize something. “There’s no snow, none at all. Just grasses.”

“Ok we’re coming down.” Koda yells.


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