Chapter 40~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

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“What?” I lick my lips, “What’s so amazing?”

“They need me on the front!” He grins and I sit back down with a thud.

“They need you… They need you one the front?” I feel despair trying to push me under. “They need you to fight? I thought I thought you hated fighting?”

“No, I’m fighting for the right cause now, we’re the good guys, we’re going to bring justice to the land and peace to the people.”

“Wow man, did you get that from a poster?” Jethen smirks and I try not to let anyone to see my fear. My fear of losing Koda. “Good job man, for getting back in the whole fighting thing. I really don’t feel like doing that.”

“Really you seem like such a war guy to me… And no I got it from the little brochure they pass out at training.” He smiles a little and I snap.

“No. No. NO! You’re not leaving, you can’t leave me. You just can’t!” I jump up from my seat and yell, making the whole room stare. “We just got here and if you leave I’m going to be alone and- and.”

And I make a total fool of my self by breaking in tears. I sit back down, trying to control myself.

“Poppy, I have to do this.” He says, sitting next to me, “You don’t know what it means to me.”

“I thought I meant something to you.” I whisper. “I need you to stay. You’re all I have left.”

“I’m going to come back. You know that, we just have to win and then I can come back.”

“You know what? Whatever. Have fun. Make sure you don’t forget about me, I’ll be here. Probably making bandages just in case you blow off your leg or something! See ya later! Go be a super hero!” Bitterness surges through me, anger follows and soon I’m shaking with rage.

“No. Poppy, it’s not like that.” He looks hurt. Good. I want him to know that he’s making me bleed inside, that while he’s gone I will probably die without him. “I need to do this. You wouldn’t get it, you’re a girl.”

This is where he makes his fatal mistake.

“Right. Just a girl…Just a girl.”  I muter. I walk away, my whole world has fallen apart in the course of five minutes, I just lost the most important person in the world to me. I storm into the room that me and Koda were sharing I grab all his stuff and throw it into a back. By the time I’m done someone’s at the door. “Come in.”

“Hey. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. I swear.” Koda stands in the door, an apology on his face.

“Sure you did. I’m just a girl, it was dumb to think I meant anything else to you.” I hand him the overstuffed bag. “Here’s all your stuff, have fun. Goodbye.”

Then I close the door in his face. Tears spilling down my face, I still love him, I don’t want him to go. I sit with my back against the door, sobbing. Remi was right, I suck with this whole relationship thing.


It’s late in the afternoon, Koda’s leaving. I walk outside, pretending that I’m going for a walk, that I don’t care. But I really do, I really care quite a lot. Maybe I’m being selfish? But I something’s holding me back from saying sorry. I don’t know what though. So I act like I don’t care, I’ll get over it soon. Koda runs up to me before I can get to the tree line. We’re at a different doorway than the one we found when we first got here.

“Look I already said I’m sorry. And I still love you. And you’re not just some girl. And I’m sorry I hurt you. But if you can’t forgive me, then fine. I can’t ask that of you. I just want to give you this.” He hands me an old blue pencil, it’s dented and dull and really small. “I gave it to my sister to remind her of me. Just don’t forget me. That’s all I ask. And your still my flower, and you were right. You look a lot prettier when you don’t look like an animal.” 

Before I have time answer, he runs off and hops into the truck with the buddies he’s going to war with, I clutch the pencil with my hands. I had bathed after getting to camp and I guess he did notice. I feel tears coming again so I walk into the tree line, where I watch the truck leave with the soldiers. I watch the truck leave with my world. pretty-girl-with-very-sad-facial-expression-wide


Captain America~ Civil War~ Review~

So, I finally went and saw Civil war, took me long enough. Anyway, I figured I should do a review. Spoiler free of course. 😉

I was surprised because usually I’m kind of a nonfeeling rock compared to my friend (who cried most of the time) but this did actually make me almost cry. (I was really close guys, this how good it was!) I really liked this movie because it wasn’t just bad guy against good guy. It had a complex plot line building up to the teams and both of them had fairly good motives. I went into the movie totally rooting for Captain America and in the end I was on the fence.

Agh, this is hard without spoilers… Ok umm. I really loved Antman because, well you know, he’s Antman. He’s hilarious. And Spiderman was great, I have to say I’m starting to like Tom Holland after seeing him in The Heart of the Sea and in Civil War. (Tell me if you want me to do a review on The Heart Of the Sea.) Spiderman has kind of always been one of my favorites even though I haven’t seen all the movies… I’m really really sorry, your allowed to hit me with pillows. And Hawkeye was pretty great too. Hawkeye has always been one of my favorites (more than spider man) And I want a movie for him…. Maybe one with him and Black Widow? Please? … And Falcon and Bucky we’re cool too…  Pretty good stuff. (I’m really trying not to give anything away) And while I’m not usually a fan of Vision, I kinda liked him in this movie.  OK guys, I’ll be honest, I loved the whole stinking movie! ❤


Isn’t that awesome?!?


Another thing I thought was pretty cool was how Wanda wasn’t the damsel in distress. While yes the boys protected her in some of the fighting, I noticed she was usually protecting them. And I like her too… Gosh guys, why is every person in this movie fairly likable? Ok, really likable?


Ok, last couple things, I got a little excited when Martin Freeman was in it because I’m a Sherlock fan and it’s always fun to see an actor you know. I also loved how realistic the setting were, in some movies I feel like we’re on a stage but in Civil War I actually felt like I was there.

So overall, I give this movie like a 9.9… Mostly because I don’t think I’m allowed to give it a 10… You know, if I’m trying to act professional… XD It has inspired many fan fictions that I write for you guys and stuff. Hope you enjoyed this! See you later!


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Chapter 41~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I help Remi with her job, guarding the door, to get my mind off Koda. Not that it works or anything. He’s still on my mind every second that I’m awake and while I’m asleep. If I do sleep, usually I’m up all night thinking about how stupid I am. I stop coming out of my room. I don’t eat, I just think about how I could’ve just said sorry and he would’ve forgiven me in less than two seconds.
“Hey. Poppy?” It’s Remi, “I have food for you. You’ve been in here a while, you coming out any time soon?”

“No.” I say, my voice hoarse from not using it,

“Gosh, I’m never going to fall in love. It seems way too risky. Good thing I took your advice.” I hear the relief in her voice, “Oh. I mean, anything I can do to help?”

“No.” I answer.

“Is that all your saying now?” She sighs.

“No.” I reply.

“Can you at least let me in?” She sounds exasperated so I open the door. “Thanks. Here’s your dinner. So, you at least want to try to be helpful around here. You could help with cooking, it would make these mashed potatoes way better. Why is it always mashed potatoes? That’s what we have every meal!”

“I’m no good at cooking.” I say sitting on my bed, playing with the blue pencil in my hand. Rubbing the dented spots, trying to wish a genie out of it.

“And she can talk!” Remi sits next to me, “Sorry, I kinda suck at this friend thing.”

“Nah, you just picked the wrong person to be friends with. And the wrong time.” I sigh.

“Well, tell me if I can help. I’ll still bring you food, whether you like it or not.” She walks out and I half heartedly say goodbye.


I sit up in my bed with an idea. I need to go to the front. I fling open the door and run down the hall, my boot clamping on the floor. I know exactly where I’m going. I walk down the halls until I find the Captain’s quarters, at least that’s what they’re called. Of course it’s not an actual captain, I guess you could call her the President of the Revolution but I dunno. I rap on the door quickly. I hear rustling then the door opens, here stand Miss Lilling, the person who basically runs the revolution. She looks at me with interest, not annoyance like I expected.

“Can I help you Poppy?” Her voice is smooth and her words carefully chosen.

“Send me to the front. Where Koda is.” My voice is firm and my words stern.

“No.” She says.

“Why not? I’ll fight. I just need to make up with Koda, it’s important.” Her mouth is in a thin line.

“Poppy, you’re going to die out there. You’re not built for war, you’ll be of more use here. Good night.” She closes the door before I can protest. I lick my lips and start to knock again but I pause. I know something better I can do. I go to that room Koda showed me, the armory. I grab a dart gun and a bunch of knives, avoiding the gaurds. Then I grab my clothes and shove them in a bag. Then I steal some food from the kitchen, then I creep into the stables. I sigh, the stable is one of the most guarded areas because it has a escape route. I grab the dart gun and blow it at the two front guards before they see me. They crumle to the floor and I smile in victory. The darts only knock them out for a few minutes. I need to move. I take out a few more as I go, never missing, never stopping. I work my way to Champ’s stall. He perks his ears when he sees me. I kiss him on the nose then we escape through the small tunnel that leads outwards. The truck that Koda was on left tracks in the snow and they are still there. I make The Champion of Troy goes his fastest and he does. We cover ground quickly. I’m getting closer to getting my world back.


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Chapter 39~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

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“Hey, did you see my brother?” Jethen asks me as soon as I appear in the dining room.

“Yea. Update, he’s still a jerk.” I say trying to not sound to mad.

“Oh ok.” Jethen smiles a little then starts to talk about something to Solstice. I smile at them, they’re really cute together. Solstice’s calculating personality would usually seem to clash with Jethen’s sloppy one but instead they are perfect together.

“Hey Flower.” A voice whispers in my eye. I turn quickly and Koda kisses me.

“Hey. We should get a room.” I say, pulling away a little.

“Yea, that wouldn’t be terrible.” I roll my eyes and walk over to get food. “You know your sister’s pretty cute with Jethen.”

“Yea. A match made in heaven. I would say the same about us.”

“Ugh go away. You need to get a hobby.” I mock annoyance.

“Hmm, so helping save the world doesn’t count?” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Not at all. Now go find something to do.” I kiss him one more time and he walks away, probably saving the world like he said. I sigh, slightly sad to see him go but I need to think.

“Hey Poppy.” Remi says as I set my tray on the table. Why is it when I need to be alone is when every one wants to be besties with me?

“Hello.” I say, masking my annoyance. She sits next to me, playing with her food. “You ok?”

“Um. Yes. Totally. I am totally fine.” She’s lying.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. What’s wrong?” I say, throwing my annoyance into my mashed potatoes.

“Soon what would you do if Koda fell in love with someone else? And they were like perfect for each other? And you still loved him? What would you do?” She pause the adds quickly, “Not that, that’s happening me or anything.”

“Um. I don’t know.” I pause, losing Koda to someone else, knowing that he doesn’t love me anymore, that would tear me apart. “Probably die.”

“Yea that’s real helpful.” She says sighing. She starts to get up but I stop her.

“Sorry. Do you want to tell me what’s going on, then I might understand more.” I bite my lip, what can I do to help?

“I falling in love with…” She pauses, “Swear you won’t jude me or anything?”

“No. You have to remember I fell in love with someone who was going to kill everyone I knew. Although in my defense he was lying to me.” I smile a little, “No, I won’t”

“Ok. I’m falling in love with- with Jethen.” She runs her hands through her hair, spiking it.

“What?” The word slips out. “Sorry.”

“Yea. You have any advice?” She looks so worried.

“Well, you might want to just not… get attached… until… ok yea, I have nothing. You just might want to stop loving him. Is that possible?”

“You suck at this.” She laughs a little.

“I’ll work on it. But him and Solstice are kinda perfect together… No offense.” I give her a helpless work and she looks so heart broken that I want to take it back.

“Poppy! Poppy! I have the greatest news!” And suddenly Koda’s back with news that may or may not be the greatest.

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Koda~ Part 2

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My parents are rich, so rich that my father lives in another house where he takes care of business. Most children are taken when they are babies; we are being taken late only because my father supplied a tutor. So that we learned war but didn’t have to go to a base.

The three of us step into the plane and find three other children sitting there. But these children already look like soldiers; they are already stiff and uncaring. Solstice takes her seat and she becomes a soldier, becomes stone. I do not; I keep my normal posture. I roll the pencil over and over in my hand. I look at its color, a brilliant light blue. It’s my only connection to my home. I feel a tear drip onto my cheek and wipe it away quickly before anyone can see. Or at least I think no one sees.

“Stop embarrassing me.” Solstice hisses, I nod. I have to be strong, for her. So that she does not look weak.


It is now the third week of training. I am not doing well; my stomach is not upset at the idea of killing anymore. But my grades are slipping; a couple points here and there start to drop off. I start not understanding the strategies, and the weapons they have me using are foreign objects, only lumps of twisted metal that I don’t know how to use. I’m beaten by the better students when I fail and when I do well they leave me alone. Solstice does just fine; she is in the top three in the whole base. Everyone else treats her with respect. I do everything I can for her, looking for ways to make sure she’s taken care of. She doesn’t thank me and I understand. I’m her brother, her brother who’s failing and she doesn’t want to look pathetic. She’s playing the teacher’s game; she’s learning how to survive this slice of hell. You aren’t allowed to be human; you aren’t allowed to care. You have to be distant. I do not how to do this, therefore I’m slipping through the ranks and soon I will only be someone that everyone else spits upon. And this is only the third week.

My 10-year-old sister moves ahead of me. She moves into a higher class than I. At first I panic, how will I make sure she’s ok? How will I watch over her? But then I realize what I can do. During meals is the only time the students are allowed to talk to each other. I find a boy in Solstice’s class and I approach him. He has hair that is yellow like sunshine and blue eyes that look like little droplets of rain. He’s handsome, but he looks cocky and rude.

“Jethen, I’m Koda.” I say, holding out my hand. He doesn’t take it. His posture is sloppy and he looks carefree. I’m not sure how he’s in the higher class; someone like this would likely be in the lowest rank.

“Yes, you’re like the omega. Aren’t you?” He twirls his fork in his hand and then lets it clatter to the table.

“I guess you could say that. You could say that.” I bite my lip and reach into my uniform pocket. I find the dull blue pencil and squeeze it tightly. “You know of my sister right? Solstice? Her number is 203?”

War numbers are given to everyone. You aren’t supposed to use real names but most everyone still does. The numbers keep us organized. The names keep us human.

“Uh yes. She’s pretty, but I’m sure you know that already. Why do you ask?”  He leans back on the table; I wish I could stay as relaxed as him.

“Do you think you could watch for her for me? Could you just tell me if she needs help or anything?” He squints at me. I pray for him to say yes.

“Yes. I could, but only if I’m paid.” I pause, thinking. How could I pay this boy? I have nothing to give. Nothing to offer.

“I could give you some of my food?” This is the only thing I can think of.

“Pssh. No, food’s overrated. You can help me with my gambling. I play card games, mostly poker. And while I’m extremely good at it. I could use some insurance. The insurance being you.” He smirks. I nod.

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Ok. Meet me tonight, after curfew. This table, I’ll show you how it’s done.” Then he cocks his head, “Why are you doing this for her? All she ever does for you is talk trash about you.”

“Because she’s family. I can’t abandoned her, even if she doesn’t love me.” Then Jethen gets up and walks away, he looks slightly angry and I can’t imagine why.

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Chapter 38~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I blink, then realize what’s this woman is saying.

“You want me to come?” Koda asks.

“No, I’m good.” I say, acting casual and calm, covering up my fear.”I’ll be right back.”

“Ok. Give him punch for me.” I nod and follow the woman back out.

“So did you figure out what was wrong with him?” I ask. The woman walks quickly and everything she does seems filled with purpose.

“Yes. He had something in him that made him ‘dead’ in a sense, anyway, he was going to stay like that until someone said a certain word. We figured out the word was and said it. And now he’s awake and he wanted to talk to you. Maybe you can get something out of him.”

“Oh. Alright.” I bite my lip, thinking. Why is he asking for me? We walk until we get to the jail cells. It’s really similar to the ones me and Koda were locked in.There are many other prisoners other than Chase, most of them young boys, caught and now POWs. They all glare at us with hatred and I understand. Half of them probably didn’t want to fight in this awful war and now, they have to stay in these cells. Chase is in the very last cell. When he sees me he smirks.

“Ah. Poppy, we meet again.” His voice is amused and I feel an anger flare inside me.

“Unfortunately so.” I murmur, trying to not let my anger show.

“Tell me, how’s my horse?” Chase acts like actually cares about that amazing animal.

“He’s not yours.” I say, loudly.

“I’m sure.” He winks, making me even more angry. He walks up to the front of the cell and I watch his every move.

“Why’d you ask for me?” I say, wanting to leave.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know. You may think you’re safe now. You may think that you and your lover can ride off into the sunset. And you may live happily ever for a little bit. But soon your going to forget about me. And then I’ll come back and burn everything you’ve ever cared about. That includes anyone you’ve ever though of as a friend. You will never be safe after that. Keep that in mind as you go marry your super hero.” He smiles as my temper breaks. I grab him my his throat.

“You, are never going to hurt Koda. Or anybody else. OK? I will make sure you killed before you can hurt anyone else. I will make sure.” It starts out as a scream then ends in a growl. His face doesn’t show any fear or lack of air. I squeeze harder and harder, letting my anger out. A hand on my shoulder makes me jump and I let go of Chase’s throat, he falls on the floor gasping. I turn and I find Solstice looking at me with pity.

“You ready for dinner?” She asks. She acts so much different from the girl I knew. She’s not Livy in any way. She’s a different person.

“Um. Yea, let’s go.” I say, panting a little bit.

“Don’t worry, my brother can take of himself.” She says as she leads me back to the dining room hall.

“I guess I’ll just have to be his insurance then.”

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Chapter 37~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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Koda leads me through a hall his hand holding mine. I relish the fact that he’s mine, that I’m his, that we belong together. That nothing will pull us apart ever. I smile a little as he looks back at me with those amazing brown eyes. Those eyes that I’m so in love with.

“What?” He asks with a smile.

“Nothing. You’re just so perfect.” I try to make the smile go away but it comes back larger.

“You too.” He smiles back and my heart melts. When did I become so sappy? “Come on.”

We come to a door and Koda types in a password and the door promptly disappears. We walk through it and come into a weapons room.

“Isn’t this great?” He asks.

“Um. What is all this?” I try not to disappoint him.

“It’s a armory, all of these are for the war. And there are at least 20 other rooms like this. We’re going to win.” I feel a fear rise up in me.

“You’re going back into war again aren’t you?” I murmur, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Well yea, aren’t you?” He looks at me with question.

“Um, I was hoping we could just, you know. Let the foxes do that.” I shrug. The thing is, I can’t go back into war. Because now I have even more people I care about. I mean, there’s Livy or Solstice or whatever, we’re friends. And Jethen, yes he’s annoying but I still care about him. And Remi, she seems like someone I would like to get to know. Ad there’s all those people from Koda’s group, we’re close. And Koda. I can’t even think about it if something happened to him. If I went into war, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it if I lost them. I just recently got over Zellie, I can’t lose anymore people I care about.

“We are Foxes now Poppy.” He says with something like passion in his voice. “We need to fight back or else will be in hiding our wholes lives. We need to reach this country so that this won’t happen again. We need to do something. I can’t just sit here anymore. Cn’t you see that?”

Before I can answer a woman sticks her head in the door.

“Poppy, Chase is awake and he’s asking for you.”

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