Flame’s Ash~ Character and Clip!


How you guys tell when I have lots of extra time, you see how often I write. Since I’m homeschooled lots of my work has been lightning up as I near summer, therefore I’m writing a lot. Anyway… I shall give you a character and a short part of the story idea! Yay! Ok here we go.

Me: Ookay. You’re Ash right?

A: Of course. I mean who else has this kind of face. *smiles dramatically*

Me: *epic sigh* Yea, sure. Let’s get this over with. What’s you’re full name?

A: My racing name is Flame’s Ash. My full name, Flame’s Charming Handsome Ash

Me: I’m not going to believe that, ever.

A: That’s a little rude.

Me: You’ll live. Um, next question, I’m slightly sacred to ask this but, whatdomostpeoplethinkofyou? *takes breath*

A: Well, I’ve been called many things, handsome, pretty, perfect, charming, wonderful, freak, and a million other good things that I can’t list here because there’s so many.

Me: *arches eyebrow* How bout I give you a new adjective?

A: Sure.

Me: Cocky much?

A: Me? Never?

Me: Whatever, so you’re a runner right?

A: One of the best

Me: Right… Can you explain the races for us?

A: Um, well they’re ok, I guess. I mean, you get to dress up and stuff. And there’s the running part, which is fun. But, honestly, they’re awful. So far, I haven’t e found a difference between racer and owner. We’re the same except they think they’re better and have the power to enslave us. But yea, otherwise they’re ok.

Me: OK thanks, I have one more question. What do you think of Wy?

A: She’s cool, quiet, but when she’s running, dang she looks good. But I don’t know, she doesn’t ever fight back. I think I’m rubbing off now though.

Me: You’re free to go. Have a nice day.

A: See ya. Call me when you want a second date.

Me: This wasn’t a da- *doors slams and cuts off*


Ok guys. Whatcha think? OK here’s the beginning of the story:

A Race Well Run~

Wynter’s Opposite. One of the best runners there were so far. She was built for it, she had strong lungs that could fill her muscles with strength, she had long legs that could cover group quickly, sure feet that could conquer any type of earth. And she has the need for victory, the greed for adrenaline. She always had to cross the line first. This is why she was so fast, this is why so many people bet on her. Because she always won. 

“Alrighty my little Wy.” The man grunts as he heards the girl into a pen. She stands with her head low and her eyes darting about, she keeps jumping away when the man gets too close. You can tell she is frightened and ready to run. “Good job. You ran fast, as always, maybe I’ll get you some extra feed, I certainly can afford it with how you win every time.”
The girl doesn’t respond just goes into the pen and walks to a corner. In the dim light, the white splotches on her tan skin looks almost like dappled sunlight. Her almost transparent eyes seem to glow and her brown hair with white streaks seem to shine. Yet she still looks similar to a trapped animal, it’s the way she holds her self, the way she hunches over and trys to look small. Wynter’s Opposite does not act like this while in the races, in the races she looks like a race horse. Which she was, in a sense, she was apart of the lower class and therefore she was put in races and treated like an animal. She never has questioned it or thought that it should be any different, that was the way it was and she didn’t try to change it.  She sits down in the slushy ground and watches the other runners, most just eat the meager meals their owners give them. Others stretch out their sore muscles or massage sore spots. Her owner came back and hands her a large bag loaded with food. She eats quickly and shares what she didn’t want with the eager eyes of the runners that didn’t place that day. No one talks, no one ever talks. Wy can’t even remember what her voice sounded like. Talking seems like it belonged to the owners and the audience, talking seems for people who were higher.Runners can talk, they just don’t.
The gate clanks open and Wy looks up quickly with interest, another runner is loaded into the pen. A male, someone who also looks built for running. Something’s different about this one, Wy thinks as the runner steps in. He holds his head high and his eyes shine, he looks proud and he didn’t even run today. She realizes what’s different, he’s smiling. After the owner leaves the runner surprises everyone. He starts to talk.
“Hey. I’m Flame’s Ash.”

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