Flint~ The Thundering Sky~

Hey guys! This a character for an idea I’ll be writing up a little later. Flint is one of the main characters and he’s kinda of my baby, just a little. 🙂

Me: So, uh, you must be Flint.

Flint: Yea, I guess I am.

Me: Sooo what do you do for a living?

Flint: Um. I don’t know I’m 15, I’m barely allowed to do anything.

Me: I know, I meant, do you have any hobbies or anything?

Flint: Well I recently saved the world, and also I practice magic.

Me: Really how long have you been doing that?

Flint: Um well it all started when Skylar-

Me: NO! Do. Not. Say. Any. Thing. We can’t have spoilers… Tell us about magic.

Flint: Oh… Ok. Well, I can morph into a wolf, which is kinda special. And when I was born my parents gave me to this guy who’s taught me magic. I’m kinda bad at it but it comes in handy every once in a while

Me: Cool. How do you describe yourself?

Flint: Hmmm… I don’t know. I like helping people and try always be just with my actions. Otherwise I’m kinda boring

ME: I find that last part debatable. And how do your friends describe you?

Flint: Um, Skylar usually calls me a dork and at first she hated me, although I don’t know why… Anyway, she likes me now, I think. I don’t know. Marc thinks I’m cool, most other people think of me as a freak so, I don’t have a lot of friends.

Me: Alrighty, thank you! Have a nice day!

Flint: You too. Um, see you later.

Soooo, what do you guys think? Anyway, I couldn’t find a picture or him so you can use you imagination. (He just might have black hair and redish eyes) 😉


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