Chapter 35~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey guys, sorry for not posting Wednesday. I was super busy then and today and that’s why there’s a late post. I’ll make it up to you, I swear, look for a surprise this week. Oh well. I hope you enjoy the cliff hanger!  *smiles evilly* 

I feel the grass under my hands, its soft and it smells of bread. And it’s not cold, which is almost strange. I check myself and make sure nothing’s broken. Only a few cuts and bruises, nothing horrible. I get up and walk towards Koda and Jethen. Koda’s leading all three horses down (including Gold who’s having trouble with Chase on her back), trying not to fall and Jethen’s practically running ahead, doing nothing.

“Oh man, this better be it!” Jethen smiles, excitement spreading on his face. “I can’t want to have some real food, sorry Flower the squirrel you made doesn’t cut it. Oh and shower, and it’ll be nice to you, talk to people who aren’t too busy kissing.”

“My name isn’t Flower, and we’re not always kissing.” I remind him for the millionth time. He waves me off and runs ahead. I grab one of the horses from Koda nd look at Chase, he still looks dead. Whatever, I like him better that way. We walk further and further into the sunny canyon. “Is this it?”

“Yep. We’re here.” Koda smiles with relief. I grab his hand and lean in and kiss him on the cheek, ok maybe we are always kissing. “They have a shield that keeps out the snow and lets the sun in. That’s how you find it, you have to look for the right things though.

“Good job, super hero.” He looks over and we kinda just look at each other a moment.

“Thanks Flower.” He winks as I elbow him and roll my eyes. We walk for a while and Jethen starts to get grumpy.

“I thought you said we were here.” He pouts.

“No, you’re the one who said that.” Koda says, “And why are you acting like a two-year old?”

“I am not!” Jethen scowls.

“You really are, now help us with the horses.” I give him his horse’s reigns and he slows down. After walking for another thirty minutes we run into the door. Literally. It’s transparent. Koda finds something on the door and presses it. A wall appears in front of us with a door on it. Koda knocks on it loudly. Then he murmurs something and the door opens, just like that. I nod, pleased and we walk in. There’s someone there in an instant. A girl with spiky brown hair and hazel eyes is standing in front of us.

“State your name.” She says, almost sounding bored.

“Um, Koda, this Poppy and Jethen and the dead looking guy is Chase. What’s your name?”

“Uh, I ask questions.” She rolls her eyes, “War numbers? My name’s Remi.”

“I’m 202, and Poppy’s 509, I don’t know what Jethen is?” He looks at Jethen, who is frowning at the girl.

“I’m 304.” The girls grabs Gold’s reigns and starts walking down the hall.

“304 and the dead looking one will come with me and Solstice will show you two where to go.”

“What?” Koda’s eyes widen. “What. Did. You. Just. Say?”

“Um. I said Solstice will show you to where you need to go.” Then Livy appears almost out of no where and Koda almost collapses in my arms.



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