Remi~ Character

So you guys have met Remi and will be getting to know her a little bit, I’ve decided to do a thing on her, hope you like it!

M:  Hi Remi, right?

R: Yup, look I have time but not a lot. I mean, I can’t waste all my time on little wanna be writers who ask too many questions. I’m a very busy woman.

M: Ouch, I’ll make it fast.

R: Good.

M: OOOkay, what’s your job at the fox base.

R: I’m a guard, I watch the door.

M: OH! *Mocks surprise* Really? So when you mean your busy, you really meant that your job is just sitting on your butt all day?

R: I’m leaving. *Starts to get up*

M: Sorry, that was out of hand. Just a few questions please?

R: Fine. But drop the attitude.

M: Um sure, do you have a family?

R: Yes. Two sisters who probably became army doctors because of how nice they were. And a brother, who was my twin.

M: So they weren’t like you?

R: Nope, they weren’t. But my brother was.

M: Can you tell me about them?

R: Um, there was my older sister whose name was Lily. She was super bossy and really her only purpose was to please other people. Then there was my younger sister, Misty, she was strange, pretty much a doormat, worse than Lily. And my brother, we were super close, once I cut my hair, no one could tell us apart, I loved him, my sisters not so much. *shrugs*

M: Wow, you hold them very high in your mind.

R: Can I ask you a question?

M: Um. Yes.

R: Have you ever been in love with someone who is falling for someone else?

M: *blinks in surprise* Um, well, in a sense yes. Why?

R: Should I tell the person how I feel? Or wait? Or just get over it?

M: You should tell him! *Starts to fangirl a tiny tiny bit*

R: Sorry, weird question. Any more questions? *shifts in seat*

M: Um, yes, what’s your favorite food and color?

R: Food, chocolate, I love chocolate. And color? Probably purple or something.

M: Ok have a nice day! And MAKE SURE YOU TELL HIM!



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