Chapter 38~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

Hey my favorite readers. (Which is all of you) How ya doing? hopefully good. I’m posting this now because I’m going to be really busy tomorrow and didn’t want to disappoint you guys. Please enjoy! First time here?, read ~Chapter One~

I blink, then realize what’s this woman is saying.

“You want me to come?” Koda asks.

“No, I’m good.” I say, acting casual and calm, covering up my fear.”I’ll be right back.”

“Ok. Give him punch for me.” I nod and follow the woman back out.

“So did you figure out what was wrong with him?” I ask. The woman walks quickly and everything she does seems filled with purpose.

“Yes. He had something in him that made him ‘dead’ in a sense, anyway, he was going to stay like that until someone said a certain word. We figured out the word was and said it. And now he’s awake and he wanted to talk to you. Maybe you can get something out of him.”

“Oh. Alright.” I bite my lip, thinking. Why is he asking for me? We walk until we get to the jail cells. It’s really similar to the ones me and Koda were locked in.There are many other prisoners other than Chase, most of them young boys, caught and now POWs. They all glare at us with hatred and I understand. Half of them probably didn’t want to fight in this awful war and now, they have to stay in these cells. Chase is in the very last cell. When he sees me he smirks.

“Ah. Poppy, we meet again.” His voice is amused and I feel an anger flare inside me.

“Unfortunately so.” I murmur, trying to not let my anger show.

“Tell me, how’s my horse?” Chase acts like actually cares about that amazing animal.

“He’s not yours.” I say, loudly.

“I’m sure.” He winks, making me even more angry. He walks up to the front of the cell and I watch his every move.

“Why’d you ask for me?” I say, wanting to leave.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know. You may think you’re safe now. You may think that you and your lover can ride off into the sunset. And you may live happily ever for a little bit. But soon your going to forget about me. And then I’ll come back and burn everything you’ve ever cared about. That includes anyone you’ve ever though of as a friend. You will never be safe after that. Keep that in mind as you go marry your super hero.” He smiles as my temper breaks. I grab him my his throat.

“You, are never going to hurt Koda. Or anybody else. OK? I will make sure you killed before you can hurt anyone else. I will make sure.” It starts out as a scream then ends in a growl. His face doesn’t show any fear or lack of air. I squeeze harder and harder, letting my anger out. A hand on my shoulder makes me jump and I let go of Chase’s throat, he falls on the floor gasping. I turn and I find Solstice looking at me with pity.

“You ready for dinner?” She asks. She acts so much different from the girl I knew. She’s not Livy in any way. She’s a different person.

“Um. Yea, let’s go.” I say, panting a little bit.

“Don’t worry, my brother can take of himself.” She says as she leads me back to the dining room hall.

“I guess I’ll just have to be his insurance then.”

Not as much as a cliffhanger as Wednesday, I must say. Ok, a like will get you a day exploring the base. A comment will let you spend the day with your choice of any of the characters.  


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