Chapter 39~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

Hey everyone! Having a good day? I sure hope so! Anyway, I have to apologize for what’s coming up in the next couple of posts, but I swear it’ll get better! Ok, enjoy! First time here? Read, Chapter One to begin.

“Hey, did you see my brother?” Jethen asks me as soon as I appear in the dining room.

“Yea. Update, he’s still a jerk.” I say trying to not sound to mad.

“Oh ok.” Jethen smiles a little then starts to talk about something to Solstice. I smile at them, they’re really cute together. Solstice’s calculating personality would usually seem to clash with Jethen’s sloppy one but instead they are perfect together.

“Hey Flower.” A voice whispers in my eye. I turn quickly and Koda kisses me.

“Hey. We should get a room.” I say, pulling away a little.

“Yea, that wouldn’t be terrible.” I roll my eyes and walk over to get food. “You know your sister’s pretty cute with Jethen.”

“Yea. A match made in heaven. I would say the same about us.”

“Ugh go away. You need to get a hobby.” I mock annoyance.

“Hmm, so helping save the world doesn’t count?” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Not at all. Now go find something to do.” I kiss him one more time and he walks away, probably saving the world like he said. I sigh, slightly sad to see him go but I need to think.

“Hey Poppy.” Remi says as I set my tray on the table. Why is it when I need to be alone is when every one wants to be besties with me?

“Hello.” I say, masking my annoyance. She sits next to me, playing with her food. “You ok?”

“Um. Yes. Totally. I am totally fine.” She’s lying.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. What’s wrong?” I say, throwing my annoyance into my mashed potatoes.

“Soon what would you do if Koda fell in love with someone else? And they were like perfect for each other? And you still loved him? What would you do?” She pause the adds quickly, “Not that, that’s happening me or anything.”

“Um. I don’t know.” I pause, losing Koda to someone else, knowing that he doesn’t love me anymore, that would tear me apart. “Probably die.”

“Yea that’s real helpful.” She says sighing. She starts to get up but I stop her.

“Sorry. Do you want to tell me what’s going on, then I might understand more.” I bite my lip, what can I do to help?

“I falling in love with…” She pauses, “Swear you won’t jude me or anything?”

“No. You have to remember I fell in love with someone who was going to kill everyone I knew. Although in my defense he was lying to me.” I smile a little, “No, I won’t”

“Ok. I’m falling in love with- with Jethen.” She runs her hands through her hair, spiking it.

“What?” The word slips out. “Sorry.”

“Yea. You have any advice?” She looks so worried.

“Well, you might want to just not… get attached… until… ok yea, I have nothing. You just might want to stop loving him. Is that possible?”

“You suck at this.” She laughs a little.

“I’ll work on it. But him and Solstice are kinda perfect together… No offense.” I give her a helpless work and she looks so heart broken that I want to take it back.

“Poppy! Poppy! I have the greatest news!” And suddenly Koda’s back with news that may or may not be the greatest.

Ok, what’s the news, good for Koda bad for Poppy? We’ll see, a like gets you a bunch at Chase and a comment gets you a ride with Koda on Champ. 


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