Chapter 41~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I help Remi with her job, guarding the door, to get my mind off Koda. Not that it works or anything. He’s still on my mind every second that I’m awake and while I’m asleep. If I do sleep, usually I’m up all night thinking about how stupid I am. I stop coming out of my room. I don’t eat, I just think about how I could’ve just said sorry and he would’ve forgiven me in less than two seconds.
“Hey. Poppy?” It’s Remi, “I have food for you. You’ve been in here a while, you coming out any time soon?”

“No.” I say, my voice hoarse from not using it,

“Gosh, I’m never going to fall in love. It seems way too risky. Good thing I took your advice.” I hear the relief in her voice, “Oh. I mean, anything I can do to help?”

“No.” I answer.

“Is that all your saying now?” She sighs.

“No.” I reply.

“Can you at least let me in?” She sounds exasperated so I open the door. “Thanks. Here’s your dinner. So, you at least want to try to be helpful around here. You could help with cooking, it would make these mashed potatoes way better. Why is it always mashed potatoes? That’s what we have every meal!”

“I’m no good at cooking.” I say sitting on my bed, playing with the blue pencil in my hand. Rubbing the dented spots, trying to wish a genie out of it.

“And she can talk!” Remi sits next to me, “Sorry, I kinda suck at this friend thing.”

“Nah, you just picked the wrong person to be friends with. And the wrong time.” I sigh.

“Well, tell me if I can help. I’ll still bring you food, whether you like it or not.” She walks out and I half heartedly say goodbye.


I sit up in my bed with an idea. I need to go to the front. I fling open the door and run down the hall, my boot clamping on the floor. I know exactly where I’m going. I walk down the halls until I find the Captain’s quarters, at least that’s what they’re called. Of course it’s not an actual captain, I guess you could call her the President of the Revolution but I dunno. I rap on the door quickly. I hear rustling then the door opens, here stand Miss Lilling, the person who basically runs the revolution. She looks at me with interest, not annoyance like I expected.

“Can I help you Poppy?” Her voice is smooth and her words carefully chosen.

“Send me to the front. Where Koda is.” My voice is firm and my words stern.

“No.” She says.

“Why not? I’ll fight. I just need to make up with Koda, it’s important.” Her mouth is in a thin line.

“Poppy, you’re going to die out there. You’re not built for war, you’ll be of more use here. Good night.” She closes the door before I can protest. I lick my lips and start to knock again but I pause. I know something better I can do. I go to that room Koda showed me, the armory. I grab a dart gun and a bunch of knives, avoiding the gaurds. Then I grab my clothes and shove them in a bag. Then I steal some food from the kitchen, then I creep into the stables. I sigh, the stable is one of the most guarded areas because it has a escape route. I grab the dart gun and blow it at the two front guards before they see me. They crumle to the floor and I smile in victory. The darts only knock them out for a few minutes. I need to move. I take out a few more as I go, never missing, never stopping. I work my way to Champ’s stall. He perks his ears when he sees me. I kiss him on the nose then we escape through the small tunnel that leads outwards. The truck that Koda was on left tracks in the snow and they are still there. I make The Champion of Troy goes his fastest and he does. We cover ground quickly. I’m getting closer to getting my world back.


Ok, a like gets you a poppy flower, a comment gets you a blue pencil… I’m running out of things… SO I attempted at making a collage, it’s kinda boring mostly because I still have to figure out some stuff but it’s a start. 


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