Captain America~ Civil War~ Review~

So, I finally went and saw Civil war, took me long enough. Anyway, I figured I should do a review. Spoiler free of course. 😉

I was surprised because usually I’m kind of a nonfeeling rock compared to my friend (who cried most of the time) but this did actually make me almost cry. (I was really close guys, this how good it was!) I really liked this movie because it wasn’t just bad guy against good guy. It had a complex plot line building up to the teams and both of them had fairly good motives. I went into the movie totally rooting for Captain America and in the end I was on the fence.

Agh, this is hard without spoilers… Ok umm. I really loved Antman because, well you know, he’s Antman. He’s hilarious. And Spiderman was great, I have to say I’m starting to like Tom Holland after seeing him in The Heart of the Sea and in Civil War. (Tell me if you want me to do a review on The Heart Of the Sea.) Spiderman has kind of always been one of my favorites even though I haven’t seen all the movies… I’m really really sorry, your allowed to hit me with pillows. And Hawkeye was pretty great too. Hawkeye has always been one of my favorites (more than spider man) And I want a movie for him…. Maybe one with him and Black Widow? Please? … And Falcon and Bucky we’re cool too…  Pretty good stuff. (I’m really trying not to give anything away) And while I’m not usually a fan of Vision, I kinda liked him in this movie.  OK guys, I’ll be honest, I loved the whole stinking movie! ❤

Isn’t that awesome?!?


Another thing I thought was pretty cool was how Wanda wasn’t the damsel in distress. While yes the boys protected her in some of the fighting, I noticed she was usually protecting them. And I like her too… Gosh guys, why is every person in this movie fairly likable? Ok, really likable?


Ok, last couple things, I got a little excited when Martin Freeman was in it because I’m a Sherlock fan and it’s always fun to see an actor you know. I also loved how realistic the setting were, in some movies I feel like we’re on a stage but in Civil War I actually felt like I was there.

So overall, I give this movie like a 9.9… Mostly because I don’t think I’m allowed to give it a 10… You know, if I’m trying to act professional… XD It has inspired many fan fictions that I write for you guys and stuff. Hope you enjoyed this! See you later!


~Winter Woods~

(Oh and make sure before you leave, have some super cool Civil War cake, that I totally made myself. Ok yea, my sister did make it, how did you guess? But I made the Hot chocolate… Secret recipe. Hot and chocolate.)



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    And yes, it’s really hard to review this movie without spoilers… XD

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    1. Right? I had like this really cool long review and I had to delete all of it because of spoilers…😐 who’s you favorite character?

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      1. Favorite? Can I pick all of them? XD No, but I really like Bucky, he’s possibly my favorite. 🙂

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      2. Right. I have so many favorites…😂 Bucky’s pretty cool, a good choice.

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