Legend- Character Interveiws 

Ok guys! I have one more character for you! And shes my little baby. Here goes…

Me: So it’s Legend right?

L: Yea it’s a fun name. What’s your name?

Me: Oh it’s just Winter. Can I ask you some questions?

L: Sure. It’s not like I have anywhere to be.

Me: So are you a part of the Whispering Stars?

L: Um I don’t know what that is so I’m guessing no…

Me: Oh sorry. I have the wrong paper. Sorry… *grabs the right paper* Ok real question, um do you have any siblings?

L: Yea. Well not anymore. At least I don’t think so. I had a brother named Phoenix but he disappeared. I know the government involved but I don’t know how or why. I figure if he’s still alive then he’ll come back for me sooner or later.

Me: *covers mouth trying not to give anything away* I’m so sorry. I’m sure he’ll come back. Who do you live with right now?

L: Um I live with a foster family. They’re the best I’ve had but I’m worried they won’t be able to keep me. The systems been weird with me and I keep having to move with no reason. Most of the family’s like me and I like them. So I don’t know why I keep getting moved.

Me: Man that must be tough. Um on a lighter note, what your favorite color and marvel superhero?

L: Um favorite color is probably silver. And favorite super hero…? Definitely Black Widow or Hawk Eye. Not sure.

Me: ok last question. Can I hug you!?

K: Um sure…?

Me: *hugs tightly* Ok bye! See you later!


Coryn- Character interviews

Hello guys! I have another one for you! I’m running out of characters…😬 I hope you like him.

Me: So do you want me to call you Coryn or Catch?
C: Eh, I don’t really care. Both is find.

Me: Well that leads to our first question. Why do they call you Catch?

C: Um I was really into sports before I came here and I think that’s where it came from.

Me: Really? What sports?

C: Um mostly everything but mostly hockey and football.

Me: Cool! Um how long have you been with the Whispering Stars?

C: Uh probably a couple years… Let’s see, I came when I was 14 and I’m 18 now so almost five years now.

Me: Ok so you’ve been there a while now. Um do you know Ellis and Phoenix? If so what do you think of them?

C: Uh Ellis is interesting. I don’t know what to think of her to be quite honest. One second she’s speaking nonsense and the next she’s like telling us some crazy deep stuff. I like Phoenix though. He’s like a ninja. That’s how quiet he is. I’m actually thinking of making that his code name. It would be funny. But they’re both good kids.

Me: Well good. Glad you like them. Um do you have any family?

C: Yea I have a mom and dad but I haven’t seen them in years. They didn’t really like me anyway. When I started training for a career in sports they told me that I shouldn’t and we basically didn’t talk to each other for like a year. It was bad. But we made up. Kinda. Anyway, I do have something to go to soon so do you have any more questions?

Me: Oh yea! Two more. Favorite color and favorite superhero. Preferably marvel.

C: Um favorite color is probably… Sky blue. And my favorite super hero is superman and but marvel is probably Captain America.

Me: Ok bye thanks so much!!

Ellis- Character Interveiw

Hey guys! Having a good Monday! Hope you enjoy this! 

Me: Hi Ellis!

E: Oh hi. Um do you have food. I forgot to eat breakfast and I’m really hungry.

Me: of course. I always have waffles cooking just in case. Amanda can bring them. Amanda! *my assistant walks in and hands me a plate of waffles* Thank you!

E: These are really good. Thanks.

Me: Hey no problem. I’m glad someone else appreciates my waffles. Ok we should probably start on questions. *digs through papers and finds the right one* Umm, do you have any family?

E: *shifts uncomfortably* Um no. I don’t. At least, I don’t think so.

Me: Oh. I’m so sorry that was kind of a bad question to start with… *cringes a little* Uh how bout, what do you think of Camo?

E: She’s interesting. I know she’s had a hard life and she copes with it the best she can. She’s really fun to hang out with though. And she knows all the secret parts of the base. We’ve honestly gotten really close since Ive came to the Whispering Stars.

Me: Cool! She sounds like a cool person. Oh that’s my next question, why did you join the Whispering Stars?

E: I was accused of something that I’m not totally sure I did. But um I’m being hunted for it so I have to run. I’m haunted by my past so I’m going to run to the future.

Me: Ok, thanks for answering these. What do you think of Phoenix?

E: Oh man where do I start? I mean I like hanging out with him but sometimes he’s pain. He acts like he’s above everything sometimes. And when I get worked up about something he always finds it really funny. But he’s a good guy.

Me: Ok last two questions, what’s your favorite color and favorite marvel character?

E: Favorite color has to be Black for sure. And super hero? Um maybe Scarlet witch…? Or Antman…? I’m not sure.

Me: Yay Scarlet Witch! And black is a pretty solid color. Oh I have one more question. Sorry I lied. What do you think your nickname is going to be?

E: Um honestly I have no idea. A lot of the people see me differently then I see myself so I haven’t the slightest clue.

Me: Ok that should be all for today. Take some waffles if you want! Or hot chocolate! Thank you so much for coming!

Phoenix~ Character Interveiws 

Hullo! So is everyone ready for another one? Haha we’ll see how long I can keep this up! Enjoy! 
Me: You must be Phoenix.

P: What gave it away?

Me: Probably the fact that we made a set time to meet today.

P: Oh. That’s probably it. I have to apologize in advance, I’m not very good at talking.

Me: That’s ok. I’ll do my best with questions. First one, is Phoenix your code name?

P: No. It’s not, that’s my name. I just recently joined the Whispering Stars so I don’t have a code name quite yet.

Me: Cool! I like that name. Do you have a favorite Marvel super hero?

P: Spider-Man of course. He’s pretty cool. But there are way too many actors for him. They need to just pick one. And probably also Ironman. He’s cool too.

Me: Spider-Man is my favorite too! Ok down to the more personal questions, do you have any family?

P: Um yea. I have a little sister who is probably 12 now. Her name is Legend. We were really close. We used to paint things together. But I haven’t seen her in a while. She got put in the foster system after my parents died. Everyday I try to find a way to get her back I but never do. I miss her a ton.

Me: Oh. I’m so sorry man.

P: Not your fault. Only mine. Do you have another question?

Me: Of course! What do you do in your free time?

P: Spray paint. I draw whatever I feel like on a wall no ones using. I like to think it’s not vandalism because it’s art but it probably still is.

Me: Wow. That’s cool. I can’t draw to save my life. Do you have a favorite color?

P: Um maybe a dark blue or a soft orange. I don’t know why but those colors calm me.

Me: Well I have one last question but I’m slightly scared to ask it.

P: Go ahead.

Me: Why did you go to the Whispering Stars?

P: It’s a long story but I have a past to hide from and Coryn said this was the way to do it. I’m trusting him to help Ellis and I. If this doesn’t work then we’re going to be wanted criminals.

Me: Well I hope it works out. You don’t seem like a criminal to me. See you later!

Camo: Character Interveiw

Hey guys! How are you today? Hopefully good. Anyway I have an interesting character for you today from a new story of mine that I’ve been working on. Hopefully you like her! Her name is Camo. *drum roll*
Me: Hi Camo, how are you today?

C: Mixed.

Me: Mixed, as in mixed feelings? About what?

C: What? No, silly, my colors were mixed which means I couldn’t do my make up or my hair this week. Tiger promised me news ones but, ugh that rude boy hasn’t gotten me them yet.

Me: What are your colors?

C: Your obviously new here. Every week I chose a color to die my hair and do my make up with. It’s a way of standing out. Because I don’t do that already. *smiles strangely*

Me: Ookay. You um, mentioned a guy named Tiger. Who’s he?

C: Oh he’s the leader of the Whispering Stars. We’re a group of teens that live on our own in a big city I would tell you about but you might find us. He’s the one who came up with the nick names.

Me: Nick names?

C: You know nothing. Oh well. I’ll tell, oh haha. I’m a poet and didn’t even know it! *giggles* Anyway, Tiger started the whole group. It began as a group of friends but has now become a sort of safe heaven for people who have do bad things that they didn’t mean to do and now they need to hide from the government. It’s a tricky concept. I’m sure you wouldn’t get it. Anyway, nick names are given almost as new identities. That’s all. Mine’s Camo because of my colors. *waves a hand slowly for no reason*

Me: Ok cool. A few last questions?

C: Course. Make it a little faster though.

Me: Favorite color?

C: Oh that’s easy. Pink and gold. What else?

Me: Do people call you crazy? Ever?

C: Allll the time. *scoffs* But I’m not. I just listen to the voices in my head sometimes. *grins*

Me: Ok well, Camo. I have one last question.

C: Let me guess? Your gonna ask me what my real name is? Can’t tell you. Sorry. *shrugs*

Me: Oh ok. Well then have a good day!

Climbing Rocks, Bears, Flowers 

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve kinda left you hanging with the short story but I’m on vacation so it’s been harder to write without a lap top. I’m in Colorado and it’s so pretty! So I wrote a couple short poems for guys so here it is. 

Climbing Rocks

When you climb up. It’s easy.
Climbing down is confusing. You wonder how you got up there.

On the ground it makes sense again.

A Black Bear

Bears. Well. Just one bear.

Black, just wandering.

Letting people enjoy him.

Until he’s had enough and retreats.

Into the safety of the bushes


Millions of white flowers

Sprinkled all over the grass

Little yellow middles

Green stems tethering them to the floor.

Surrounded by trees

Broken~ Part 3

So, I hope you love Marvel, and I hope you don’t hate me after this because… Well. You just might. New? Click here


Cole’s eyes are filled with fear as I remember, begging me to keep the secret safe. Except now I know the secret. I remember it.


My mind uncovers it, in a memory that is not my own. Cole, standing above me while I sleep, whispering words I don’t know the meaning to. I see the memories through Cole’s eyes, he’s implanting secrets in my mind so the group he talks about won’t find out. I’m in a sleeping bag, in the woods, next to a fire. Weird, I don’t usually like camping. The secrets I remember:


  • He’s not apart of this group, he’s just trying to save me.
  • My brother’s not going to die, Cole’s going to save him.
  • In your pocket, there’s a flash drive, it contains where your brother is, only you can open it.
  • The man in the white suit and red is going to hurt me, don’t talk, no matter what.


I blink a couple times, relived. Cole’s not apart of this group, but why was he trying to save me? My brother’s not dead, I’ll be able to find him. If I get out. I still might have the flash drive.


Now with the current problem, I have to get Cole out of here. And me, it would be nice if I got out of here too. Three incisions have been made in Cole’s skin, three trails of blood drip down his arm. Blood man has only done Cole’s left arm, and he’s starting a forth cut. Cole’s face is starting to show pain; I give him a reassuring look. I’m going to figure this out. I test the chains on more time and find that one of the links on my right wrist is weak. We’re only as strong as our weakest link. I tug on it, trying not to draw to much attention to myself.


“Please, please, don’t cut him any more! I don’t know anything!” I say, putting on my best act. I did a theater class once, I use that. “Please. You can hurt me, just don’t hurt him!”


“No, that’s not how it works.” He says, making another cut, this time. Cole flinches, he won’t be able to do this for much longer. I continue to beg, making a lot of noise, covering up the noise of the chain shaking.

Oh yes! Yes! It’s broken now! As blood man makes another cut, I loosen my other hand. It’s not very secure, I just need a hand to unlock it. Which I have. Then I go to my feet, unlocking them way quicker than my hands. I pull the clips off my eyes and jump on the man. Grabbing his throat, pushing down as hard as I can, pushing all my hate into him, in seconds. He’s passed out. I move to Cole, unlocking him from the chair. Then I kiss him. Really quick because, you know, we’re in a life or death situation. Then we get up and run. Cole stops and grabs something from Blood man. He shows it to the door and we’re a go. I feel my pockets and find the flash drive. And I break into a smile as we run through the halls. We’re going to be ok. We’re going to get out off this.


“Do you trust me, Sloan?” Cole asks, his golden eyes watching me.


“Of course.” I say, a hundred percent sure. He nods, then pulls out a gun and shoots me in the neck. It’s an icer, I feel the enterotoxin go into my blood stream and I pass out.



I wake up with a jolt. We’re outside. I feel a soft breeze flow through my hair and I feel grass under my skin.


“You’re really heavy, you know that right?” Cole asks I sit up and frown at him.


“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. And why in the heck did you shoot me!?” My voice rises at that part.


“Sorry, I had to get us out of here and you suck at being

quiet. And I pretended I was going out to shoot you. Sometimes they believe that.”


“It’s so good to have you back. How’s your arm?” I say,

grabbing his wrist, looking at the cuts, there are five in all. One from the cell, two from interrogation.


“It’s fine,” He says yanking it back. “How are you?”


“Kinda confused, yet kinda happy that you’re not apart of that group.” I shrug. I watch the clouds float across the blue sky.


“Yea, well. I was sent in to kill you and then, I dunno. You saved me like that, even though it was all a set up to earn your trust and stuff. But when you saved me, I guess I fell in love with you.” He lays down on the grass, watching the sky.


“That was all a set up! I hate you!” I smile, my mood has changed quite a bit. I went from hating him to loving him, it’s werid how one memory can do that. “Can I ask you a question?”


“Sure,” He says.


“What is the group called, that your apart of?” I ask.


“Shield. It’s called Shield.”