Phoenix~ Character Interveiws 

Hullo! So is everyone ready for another one? Haha we’ll see how long I can keep this up! Enjoy! 
Me: You must be Phoenix.

P: What gave it away?

Me: Probably the fact that we made a set time to meet today.

P: Oh. That’s probably it. I have to apologize in advance, I’m not very good at talking.

Me: That’s ok. I’ll do my best with questions. First one, is Phoenix your code name?

P: No. It’s not, that’s my name. I just recently joined the Whispering Stars so I don’t have a code name quite yet.

Me: Cool! I like that name. Do you have a favorite Marvel super hero?

P: Spider-Man of course. He’s pretty cool. But there are way too many actors for him. They need to just pick one. And probably also Ironman. He’s cool too.

Me: Spider-Man is my favorite too! Ok down to the more personal questions, do you have any family?

P: Um yea. I have a little sister who is probably 12 now. Her name is Legend. We were really close. We used to paint things together. But I haven’t seen her in a while. She got put in the foster system after my parents died. Everyday I try to find a way to get her back I but never do. I miss her a ton.

Me: Oh. I’m so sorry man.

P: Not your fault. Only mine. Do you have another question?

Me: Of course! What do you do in your free time?

P: Spray paint. I draw whatever I feel like on a wall no ones using. I like to think it’s not vandalism because it’s art but it probably still is.

Me: Wow. That’s cool. I can’t draw to save my life. Do you have a favorite color?

P: Um maybe a dark blue or a soft orange. I don’t know why but those colors calm me.

Me: Well I have one last question but I’m slightly scared to ask it.

P: Go ahead.

Me: Why did you go to the Whispering Stars?

P: It’s a long story but I have a past to hide from and Coryn said this was the way to do it. I’m trusting him to help Ellis and I. If this doesn’t work then we’re going to be wanted criminals.

Me: Well I hope it works out. You don’t seem like a criminal to me. See you later!


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