Ellis- Character Interveiw

Hey guys! Having a good Monday! Hope you enjoy this! 

Me: Hi Ellis!

E: Oh hi. Um do you have food. I forgot to eat breakfast and I’m really hungry.

Me: of course. I always have waffles cooking just in case. Amanda can bring them. Amanda! *my assistant walks in and hands me a plate of waffles* Thank you!

E: These are really good. Thanks.

Me: Hey no problem. I’m glad someone else appreciates my waffles. Ok we should probably start on questions. *digs through papers and finds the right one* Umm, do you have any family?

E: *shifts uncomfortably* Um no. I don’t. At least, I don’t think so.

Me: Oh. I’m so sorry that was kind of a bad question to start with… *cringes a little* Uh how bout, what do you think of Camo?

E: She’s interesting. I know she’s had a hard life and she copes with it the best she can. She’s really fun to hang out with though. And she knows all the secret parts of the base. We’ve honestly gotten really close since Ive came to the Whispering Stars.

Me: Cool! She sounds like a cool person. Oh that’s my next question, why did you join the Whispering Stars?

E: I was accused of something that I’m not totally sure I did. But um I’m being hunted for it so I have to run. I’m haunted by my past so I’m going to run to the future.

Me: Ok, thanks for answering these. What do you think of Phoenix?

E: Oh man where do I start? I mean I like hanging out with him but sometimes he’s pain. He acts like he’s above everything sometimes. And when I get worked up about something he always finds it really funny. But he’s a good guy.

Me: Ok last two questions, what’s your favorite color and favorite marvel character?

E: Favorite color has to be Black for sure. And super hero? Um maybe Scarlet witch…? Or Antman…? I’m not sure.

Me: Yay Scarlet Witch! And black is a pretty solid color. Oh I have one more question. Sorry I lied. What do you think your nickname is going to be?

E: Um honestly I have no idea. A lot of the people see me differently then I see myself so I haven’t the slightest clue.

Me: Ok that should be all for today. Take some waffles if you want! Or hot chocolate! Thank you so much for coming!


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