Coryn- Character interviews

Hello guys! I have another one for you! I’m running out of characters…😬 I hope you like him.

Me: So do you want me to call you Coryn or Catch?
C: Eh, I don’t really care. Both is find.

Me: Well that leads to our first question. Why do they call you Catch?

C: Um I was really into sports before I came here and I think that’s where it came from.

Me: Really? What sports?

C: Um mostly everything but mostly hockey and football.

Me: Cool! Um how long have you been with the Whispering Stars?

C: Uh probably a couple years… Let’s see, I came when I was 14 and I’m 18 now so almost five years now.

Me: Ok so you’ve been there a while now. Um do you know Ellis and Phoenix? If so what do you think of them?

C: Uh Ellis is interesting. I don’t know what to think of her to be quite honest. One second she’s speaking nonsense and the next she’s like telling us some crazy deep stuff. I like Phoenix though. He’s like a ninja. That’s how quiet he is. I’m actually thinking of making that his code name. It would be funny. But they’re both good kids.

Me: Well good. Glad you like them. Um do you have any family?

C: Yea I have a mom and dad but I haven’t seen them in years. They didn’t really like me anyway. When I started training for a career in sports they told me that I shouldn’t and we basically didn’t talk to each other for like a year. It was bad. But we made up. Kinda. Anyway, I do have something to go to soon so do you have any more questions?

Me: Oh yea! Two more. Favorite color and favorite superhero. Preferably marvel.

C: Um favorite color is probably… Sky blue. And my favorite super hero is superman and but marvel is probably Captain America.

Me: Ok bye thanks so much!!


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