High On Adrenaline~ Short Story~

Hey guys! I wrote this as a practice… Um, yea enjoy!


“Stop!” Ryker yelled at me. “You just need to listen!”

“No, I need to stop talking to you.” I say, raising my nose a little bit.

“Just listen! You can’t do this; you’ll get in trouble or something worse. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He grabs my hand, holding it tight. “Do not do it.”

“I’m going to. And afterwards you’re going to tell me how cool it is.” I pull my hand away, even though the touch is comforting. I get up, pushing my golden hair over my shoulder. “So stop trying to stop me.”

“But- But- But, your mom is so going to kill me…” He covers his face in his hands, he starts to run his hands through his brown hair. That’s when I know that he’s really nervous. He only messes with his hair unless he’s nervous. I almost feel bad. He’s been trying to keep me out of trouble since I was six. He’s mostly been successful too. Even my mom couldn’t keep me from trouble. I don’t go looking for trouble, I just accidentally become friends with it. “Then she’s going to kill you.”

“This is important to me; why don’t you understand that?” I sigh, “Look I need to go. You can come with though, if you want?”

“No. But I’m going to stop you.” Ryker looks at me with such seriousness that it almost hurts. He needs calm down a little.

“Um, you can try.” I walk out of his room. I really shouldn’t have told him anyway. I knew he was going to freak out, I just wanted him to act interested. I wanted him to join me. I wanted him to care about it. Instead he just cared about me. I almost smile, I’m such a drama queen.

“Lily!” I turn, my brown eyes grow wide with interest.

“Yes…?” I ask. I’m in hallway, Ryker’s barely poking his head out from behind his door.

“Please don’t go?” He gives me a pleading look.

“Look, I know you don’t want me to go but I want to do this. This is something I really, really want to do. And you won’t stop me. Now drop it.”

“Ok, be careful though?” He asks.

“Gosh, I swear you’re the most overprotective friend I have.” I roll my eyes.

“You mean the only friend you have?” He smirks then goes back in his room.

“Whatever.” I mutter but, he is right. I have no friends, he’s the only person who would tolerate me. Sort of sad, that I only have one friend. I walk out of the house then take a deep breath. This will be fun, I tell myself. It can’t end too badly right?

I pull out my phone, checking the time. Time to go. I sigh, it would be so boss if Ryker could come. He usually is game for this kind of thing. But maybe I’m going too far with this one… It is a little extreme… But it’ll be fun. Hopefully. I stop at my house and grab all the things I need. Swimsuit in case I get wet. Bungee cord I ordered online. Towel in case I get super wet. And other random necessary items. Then I drive my car to the waterfall.  The waterfall is the only landmark in our small town. It’s beautiful. And big. So it’s obvious why I picked it. My car can only drive part way so I hike the rest of the way up. It’s an easy climb with informational signs all the way up. I practically run to the top of the trail until I’m at the bridge. The bridge is the perfect spot. It hangs directly over the river in which the waterfall falls into.

I begin to assemble my things. I tie the bungee cord to the bridge. I get on the swimsuit. I inhale deeply. I’m ready. I’m about to bungee cord over the bridge. The cord was easy to find online. I haven’t really tested anything so that’s the big risk. I tie the bungee cord to my foot and mentally prepare myself for it. I’m terrified. My breath is coming out in little gasps and I’m sweating. My heart pounds inside my head and my eyes are wide. I guess I’m what you call an adrenaline junkie. I love this feel. This kind of fear.

“Let’s go Lily.” I tell myself. I step over the railing of the bridge, my toes hanging off the edge. I let go of the railing with my arms and jump off. Adrenaline surges through me as I fall. My heart pumps louder and I yell with delight. I straighten out my body into a streamline and feel the wind whip through my hair. Droplets of water collect on my face from the falling water.

A sudden jerk pulls me up and soon I’m flying upward. I’m flying back towards the bridge. Now everything’s in reverse. My hair falls towards the water and the water rolls off my face. Then I start to fall again. I fall back toward the water. But instead of feeling the jerk of the rope I keep falling. I look up. The cord is falling toward me. It’s not connected to the bridge.


Oh crap.

Holy crap.

I’m going to die.

I suck in a breath. I curl into a ball as I hit the water. My skin grows goose bumps as the water swallows me. I don’t hit any rocks, praise the heavens. But the water is rough and pushes me down. I start to run out of air as the water pushes me around. For a second I rise to the surface, I try to suck in air but get water instead. I start to cough. My lungs burn and I close my eyes. I should’ve just listened to Ryker. I open my eyes one last time and take in the water. I’m so dead. My vision starts to fade and everything goes black. Goodbye world.



I snap open my eyes. Then I close them again. It’s way too bright in here. I slowly open one eye, wincing at the amount light that floods in.

“Holy crap.” I murmur. I open both of my eyes, waiting for them to adjust. A noise hits my ears and it’s almost painful to hear. It sounds like the scooting of a chair. The room I’m in is so white and it takes me a minute to realize I’m in a hospital. “Holy crap I’m alive.”

“Lily?” I hear a voice. I look in its direction. There’s a break in the otherwise white landscape. Two blue eyes, two eyes the color of robin eggs.

“Ryker.” I murmur.

“Oh my gosh. You’re awake.” His eyes are filled with relief as he grabs my hand. “You’re finally awake.”

“How am I alive?” I ask, my voice is hoarse and croaky.

“I followed you. I figured something like this would happen.” I start to sit up but it makes spots dance in front of my eyes. I sit back down and smile a little.

“What?” He asks.

“You were right. I should’ve listen to you.”


Chapter 44~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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Koda, has changed. Something’s off about him. Every time he wakes up, he wakes up screaming. Then he becomes distant, asking me not to talk, asking me to leave the room. I always obey, hoping it’ll help. I just don’t know how to deal with this. I send a message to Jethen. Maybe he’ll know how to fix this. I get a reply a couple days later, he’s going to come over. When Koda sleeps, it’s restless. He tosses and turns. Then he’ll yell out warnings to people. People I can’t see. He’s been able to get up and walk around, if he uses crutches, but he often stops and stares off into space and doesn’t realize I’m still there until hours later. I try to help him but everything has fallen apart. I’m starting to fall apart too.


“Hello? Flower?” Jethen walks in, I smile when I see him. It’s good to see a similar face. “I’m here.”

“Thank you.” I walk up to him and he wraps me in a hug.

“No problem. Just hang in there, ok?” He pats me on the shoulder. I’m honestly surprised with Jethen, he’s taking something seriously. “Oh, and I brought you some presents.”

“Really?” I ask, doubtful. Two people walk in the room. Remi and Solstice. They wave. I smile. Solstice looks over at Koda, her face falls.

“What happened?” She asks, voice a whisper.

“I don’t know. But it was something bad. He’s a different person.” I rub my arms, trying to create some warmth in them. Koda’s asleep right now, I’m not sure when he’ll awake, probably soon though. This is the longest he’s slept peacefully. Remi walks up and gives my hand a squeeze. She gives me a sad smile. “He doesn’t even talk to me anymore.”

“Oh. Well. We’ll figure how to fix him.” Solstice’s bottom lip quivers, I walk up to her. She grabs my hand. She squeezes it, not a comforting squeeze but a ‘help me’ strangle. She’s trying not to cry. “I just got him back.”

Her words are raw, her voice cracking, she’s breaking on the inside. On the outside, her face doesn’t show any emotion, only the smallest quiver of her bottom lip. I look at Jethen, he’s in pain to. Remi hangs in the back, she never got to know Koda very well. Jethen wraps Solstice up in a hug, his strong arms covering her.

This is going to be hard on us. We’re going to suffer together.

Mental Noise~

My mind screamed at its self.

Why was I being such a drama queen?

No one cared.

No one wanted to hear me ramble about how hard I had.

Why couldn’t I get that through my thick head?

Why couldn’t  I understand the fact that no one is here to listen?

‘No one cares. Be quiet.’ My brain told me, ‘Keep your head down. Write it on paper. The paper will listen.’

I fight the urge to yell at people. For one reason I want someone to hear.

And there is someone. But he seems far away. Distant.

For some reason I didn’t feel as close as I used too.

But now, now things are different.

I don’t tell people what they don’t care about hearing.

I know where to find him when I need to talk.

I know how to control the mental noise.

Little Friends~

Hey guys! So I have this idea of a short story and figured I would put it in here… It’s kinda weird, just warning you but give it chance? Anyway, I hope you like it. Here goes…

Mr. Washington was old, old to the point where he couldn’t do much. He still lived alone, which he was proud of, and he could take care of himself. But he was lonely. He had never had much of a family and never married. So he had no one to talk to. At least that what everyone thought.

Not very many people saw him so to speak. Of course he still went to the store to get food and what not but no one really paid mind to him there. The only people who really noticed him were his neighbors, who saw him as he got his mail or when he tended to his grass. But no one knew what went in his house. And that was the part worth knowing.

Mr. Washington had a secret. It wasn’t a world-changing secret. But a life changing one. He had little creatures living in his house. They would help him make tea or try to steal his biscuits. They would give him something that people didn’t spend the time to give him. Company.

But there was something curious about these creatures. They were little skeletons, skeletons of humans. But small. It was strange, Mr. Washington never bothered figuring out what they really were so he didn’t know where they came from or what they were going in his house. They never went further than his front door but sometimes they went into his backyard. They would follow him around the house. They were like small dogs but they were smarter in a sense. They knew how to do things or they would learn. They didn’t “serve” the man per say but they loved him. They were probably about ten or so of them.

They all had different personalities. One of them was a fickle creature and often started fights with the others. Another stopped the fights. One liked to hide things then pretend to find them so that Washington would praise him for finding it. Two of them liked to read all day, turning the pages were hard for them but they figured it out. They all were different in some way or another. It’s hard to describe what they were because they were nothing like we have on the world, or at least, nothing we have seen.

Sometimes, a new one would show up and the man would find it a home. He would think of someone who had showed him kindness before, maybe a child or a younger person. And he would send the small creature to them, because he felt maybe it would belong more there. He never sent them to adults though, adults wouldn’t really help them belong, not most of them anyway.

Mr. Washington had a secret. Not a world-changing secret. But maybe a life changing one.

I guess that was more of a character profile than a short story but I hoped you liked it none the less. I know it was strange but I’m a writer, I’m going to be a little strange I guess. I might use these little guys if I write a fantasy but I’m not sure. If you like it I will have a sekleton visit, a comment will get you one to keep. I will see you all later! 


I shouldn’t feel alone.

I have God with me.

But why is it when I’m with people do I feel like I’m choking on loneliness?

I’m lost in a sea of people.

People who don’t know me.

People who think they know me but when I act like myself, they get scared.

Because I’m different.

Because people are afraid of what they don’t understand.

And they don’t understand me.

Dark, Light~

Some people are dark.

Some people are light.

Some people are a strange mix.

Some people seem dark but are light.

Some people seem light but are dark.

Some people you can’t tell.

Some people are content the way the they are.

Some people strive to change.

Some people have someone to help them to change.

Some people are alone.


Chapter 43~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

OK guys, I wrote a part for you! Enjoy! 


Koda wakes  a few hours after I came. He wakes up screaming. His eyes are wide and scared. I do my best to comfort him. I hold his hand tightly as he tries to get up. The nurse hurry in and starts to insert a needle in his hand but I stop her.

“Don’t drug him. I’ll quiet him.” I say, my voice weak. I used to think I was a strong independent female but after everything that keeps happening, I’m still just a scared  little girl. The nurse nods and I smile weakly. Once she leaves I whisper gentle words into his ear, I tell him it’ll be fine. I tell him he should’ve listen to me. I tell him I need him. I tell him I’m sorry. Sorry for being stubborn. Sorry for everything.

Soon, he starts to calm down. He looks into my eyes.

“Poppy. You came,” He smiles and I grin back.

“Good thing too. You should’ve listened to be you big stupid.” Suddenly we’re kissing again but he pulls away suddenly. His eyes are big and fearful again. “What? What is it?”

“Sorry. Nothing.” He shakes his head. I grab his hand again.

“It’ll be ok. We’ll get your knee fixed up and then you can go back to fighting. You knows, maybe I’ll join you?” That last part surprises me, but maybe I will join him. I’m not sure yet.

“No.” He suddenly stiffens.


“You can’t go. I can’t go.” He whispers. I frown.

“How about we talk about this later, hm?” I smile. “Let’s get all this blood of you?”

“Ok. Sure.” He nods slowly, his mind on something else. I find a cleaner rag and dip it in some water. I wipe the blood off him and look at the back of his head. There’s a cut there that’s loosely bandaged. I think it’s where all the blood came from. I call the nurse in and she tells me to wait a few minutes. She finishes up her patient and comes into the room. She puts a cast on his knee and asks Koda a few questions. But he doesn’t really answer, he’s so distant, why?

“Koda? What’s wrong?” I whisper.

“Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.” He shakes his head, like he’s trying to get rid of the memory. “It’s just- just.”


“Stop talking. I need you to stop talking.” He words aren’t harsh, but they still hurt. I nod and sit back in the chair next to the bed. I just need to help him through this. Then we can figure out what to do next.

“Baby steps.” I say under my breath, “Baby steps.”