I’m Back!


Ok so I was on like a really long trip in Colorado and now I’m back! Did you miss me? Well even if you didn’t I missed you! So I’ve been thinking about what to post on here but I have no lue what to do right now. I will be posting a short story post tomorrow, do not worry. And I’ll be continuing As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees very soon I swear. I know, I’m a bad person for leaving you here.



Ok so. Since I don’t know what to post on her I guess I’ll just do like a random update thingy. OK let us begin.

What I’m reading: 

Les Miserables~ 


Ok I’m going to be honest, this is the biggest book I’ve probably ever read. I mean… dang it’s long. It’s about 13 thousand pages. Like what even? Victor Hugo should be very proud of himself for writing that many pages. I’m not like super far into and I have feeling I will be reading this for a while. Mostly because I’m reading a ton of other things right now.

At first I thought this would be a harder read but it’s not difficult for me at all. It’s a beautiful book and I have very high standards for the movie…

The Help~

This book is good! I started it like yesterday so I’m only a 100 pages in but still… THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. I’m in love. I’m madly in love.


I won’t tell you any more about this book, you need to go AND READ THIS BOOK NOW! NOW! GO DO IT! *bounces up and down with happiness*


What I’m Watching~

So I have come to a very important stage in life. I have finally figured out who my favorite superhero are. And yes I have figured out which order.

Spider-man! XD


Because he’s so amazingly awesome. And he’s like still a kid and he’s funny and stuff. And if you met me in real life you would be scared off by how much I love him. I have only seen him The Amazing Spider Man 1 and 2 and in Civil War though… I haven’t seen the older ones just quite yet. So I’m going to move onto the next person… 🙂

Scarlet Witch!


(I won’t ramble for you guys anymore. 😐  )



And finally Quicksilver!


OK so what does this have to do with what I’m watching? I’ve been watching Spiderman over and over again. That’s what. Also I’ve been watching Agents of Shield. (Agent Hunter is the best)

Ok moving onnn…

What I’ve been listening to:

Ok I’ve been listening to the Spiderman sound track and you should look it up if you like to listen to music while writing.

What I’ve been writing:

So I have this really cool story idea that involves, government experiments, siblings, secret bases, New York alleys and super cool stuff like that. I’m thinking about publishing it but I should probably write it out first… 🙂

So yea that wraps up my whole life at the moment… So I’ll see you guys tomorrow, or talk or whatever. Have some ice cream! And pop corn! And whatever you want because I’m sure I have it somewhere! Bye!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nice to see you again! 🙂
    Agh, I love all those superheroes too! *dances* Spiderman is SO hilarious and awesome. And Quicksilver is the best. 😉
    Ooh, that story you’re writing sounds interesting. It would be cool if you could get it published. ❤
    And if you're looking for more ideas, I actually really liked this update type thing. Just throwing that out there. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s nice to be here!
      Haha yes! They are all my baby muffins! *happy fan girl grin* XD
      I hope so too. It would be my first story to be published so it would be really cool.
      Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. They’re honestly a little easier than story posts too. I’m glad you like it!

      Liked by 1 person

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