Chapter 43~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

OK guys, I wrote a part for you! Enjoy! 


Koda wakes  a few hours after I came. He wakes up screaming. His eyes are wide and scared. I do my best to comfort him. I hold his hand tightly as he tries to get up. The nurse hurry in and starts to insert a needle in his hand but I stop her.

“Don’t drug him. I’ll quiet him.” I say, my voice weak. I used to think I was a strong independent female but after everything that keeps happening, I’m still just a scared  little girl. The nurse nods and I smile weakly. Once she leaves I whisper gentle words into his ear, I tell him it’ll be fine. I tell him he should’ve listen to me. I tell him I need him. I tell him I’m sorry. Sorry for being stubborn. Sorry for everything.

Soon, he starts to calm down. He looks into my eyes.

“Poppy. You came,” He smiles and I grin back.

“Good thing too. You should’ve listened to be you big stupid.” Suddenly we’re kissing again but he pulls away suddenly. His eyes are big and fearful again. “What? What is it?”

“Sorry. Nothing.” He shakes his head. I grab his hand again.

“It’ll be ok. We’ll get your knee fixed up and then you can go back to fighting. You knows, maybe I’ll join you?” That last part surprises me, but maybe I will join him. I’m not sure yet.

“No.” He suddenly stiffens.


“You can’t go. I can’t go.” He whispers. I frown.

“How about we talk about this later, hm?” I smile. “Let’s get all this blood of you?”

“Ok. Sure.” He nods slowly, his mind on something else. I find a cleaner rag and dip it in some water. I wipe the blood off him and look at the back of his head. There’s a cut there that’s loosely bandaged. I think it’s where all the blood came from. I call the nurse in and she tells me to wait a few minutes. She finishes up her patient and comes into the room. She puts a cast on his knee and asks Koda a few questions. But he doesn’t really answer, he’s so distant, why?

“Koda? What’s wrong?” I whisper.

“Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.” He shakes his head, like he’s trying to get rid of the memory. “It’s just- just.”


“Stop talking. I need you to stop talking.” He words aren’t harsh, but they still hurt. I nod and sit back in the chair next to the bed. I just need to help him through this. Then we can figure out what to do next.

“Baby steps.” I say under my breath, “Baby steps.”


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