Little Friends~

Hey guys! So I have this idea of a short story and figured I would put it in here… It’s kinda weird, just warning you but give it chance? Anyway, I hope you like it. Here goes…

Mr. Washington was old, old to the point where he couldn’t do much. He still lived alone, which he was proud of, and he could take care of himself. But he was lonely. He had never had much of a family and never married. So he had no one to talk to. At least that what everyone thought.

Not very many people saw him so to speak. Of course he still went to the store to get food and what not but no one really paid mind to him there. The only people who really noticed him were his neighbors, who saw him as he got his mail or when he tended to his grass. But no one knew what went in his house. And that was the part worth knowing.

Mr. Washington had a secret. It wasn’t a world-changing secret. But a life changing one. He had little creatures living in his house. They would help him make tea or try to steal his biscuits. They would give him something that people didn’t spend the time to give him. Company.

But there was something curious about these creatures. They were little skeletons, skeletons of humans. But small. It was strange, Mr. Washington never bothered figuring out what they really were so he didn’t know where they came from or what they were going in his house. They never went further than his front door but sometimes they went into his backyard. They would follow him around the house. They were like small dogs but they were smarter in a sense. They knew how to do things or they would learn. They didn’t “serve” the man per say but they loved him. They were probably about ten or so of them.

They all had different personalities. One of them was a fickle creature and often started fights with the others. Another stopped the fights. One liked to hide things then pretend to find them so that Washington would praise him for finding it. Two of them liked to read all day, turning the pages were hard for them but they figured it out. They all were different in some way or another. It’s hard to describe what they were because they were nothing like we have on the world, or at least, nothing we have seen.

Sometimes, a new one would show up and the man would find it a home. He would think of someone who had showed him kindness before, maybe a child or a younger person. And he would send the small creature to them, because he felt maybe it would belong more there. He never sent them to adults though, adults wouldn’t really help them belong, not most of them anyway.

Mr. Washington had a secret. Not a world-changing secret. But maybe a life changing one.

I guess that was more of a character profile than a short story but I hoped you liked it none the less. I know it was strange but I’m a writer, I’m going to be a little strange I guess. I might use these little guys if I write a fantasy but I’m not sure. If you like it I will have a sekleton visit, a comment will get you one to keep. I will see you all later! 


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  1. This was so funny and cute! ❤ I would love a little skeleton of my own to follow me around. XD Nice work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It was a little bit different from what I usually do but I kinda liked it. *shrugs*

      Liked by 1 person

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